Friday, August 2, 2013

Week One / The MTC

 It's been a crazy first week, but I have loved every moment of it!

When I first jumped into the MTC I was running around trying to get my key to the dorm and my official badge... It's amazing to be wearing it. I must say  I love being a missionary! I have to admit I am having a hard time calling the Elders, Elders. I just see them and call them guys! Hopefully I will get over that.

But wow the Sisters and Elders are amazing- they are all spiritual giants. I love them. I love my zone, when I walked into my apartment all these sisters came rushing over to help with my bags. There was a lot of sisters from Spain and they are feisty and just full of love. I hugged them all right away. 
Anyway I went to my class and found my teacher. He is a red head that looks like he should be a part of the Weasley family from Harry Potter, but he is so cool and very talkative. All he speaks is Slovene to us. Which is a fantastic language. A lot of ZZZZZZZ words. Anyway, meeting the teacher means you get to also meet your companion at the same time. So he took me to her in some computer room and I was so happy to see her! We hugged immediately. We get along great. It is amazing how much the Lord knows us and puts us with people that are what we need. My companion, Sestra B. is fantastic... She is so spiritual and warm-hearted. She just wants to be on the go and get things done! Which is awesome and when we study she already has it down! So she helps me with the language a lot. We are starting to get down the prayer and the testimony. It's really weird to hear us speak a different language but we are trying to speak Slovene everywhere we go, so we can pick up the language faster.

We went to a meeting the first night and we sang Called to Serve. It was the best! I felt the spirit so strongly and I truly loved it. We also taught investigators with a huge crowd of missionaries which was very inspiring because a lot of the time the crowd of us just couldn't understand why we weren't getting to the investigator. What we learned is that we are not just missionaries trying to solve problems, but we are friends, brothers, and sisters loving and listening to others. That we have to open our eyes and not worry about ourselves but GODS children. I truly believe that we must be selfless if we want to get anywhere. That this is not about us, but the people. I love it. I feel like we get so caught up in thinking how can we fix them up rather than getting to know who we are teaching and think about what they really need. That we can't pray for baptisms or for spiritual miracles, but pray for those people you are helping get the miracles they need in their lives and what they need. I love it.

I have to say I didn't get much sleep that first night. I was up praying most of the night. I just kept on praying and I couldn't fall asleep. I want so badly to help others and there is so many things to pray about and to think about.

I have learned that if you ever want a take a shower here you should go at night. Sister Missionaries love long showers. I just go in there to brush my teeth and listen to all of them singing and laughing. My zone has a lot of random singers. Which is so cool! They are like my personal i-pod. I feel like the Elders in our zone are way awesome, too. Especially since there is only one Elder in my district, Elder L. Only three of us are going to Sloveina! But Elder L... Wow. He is just so strong and so amazing when he bears he testimony. We are all meant to be here doing this work. We just build each other up so much.

There are older missionaries that have been here for awhile. The Mother and Father Slovene Missionaries, they are so funny! They teach us the weirdest words and just cheer us on. Elder T. (Elder Father) is just the greatest guy ever. He really just befriends anyone. We did gym and my Sestra is working me hard! And I was totally breathless by the time when we were done, but I did it. And I feel like I really needed that, because I want to keep in shape. Sestra B was on track team and loves running so I hope to keep up with her. It's great actually to have such a motivated companion. She is lovely.

Wow.... I love being A MISSIONARY. We keep reading the scriptures and praying so much and can't get over the feeling of how much all of it feels right. But there is another feeling too- when I eat. I feel like they put an addictive chemical in the food that makes you crave it fortnightly-even if you don't want it! It's a funny feeling...  But other than that I have been keeping healthy and sticking to a lot of veg and fruit.

We met our Branch President and they are just cute oldies that I love way too much. They know exactly what to say to get us thinking. It was awesome though at that meet and greet how we all had to bear our testimonies as a zone and see how sweet and how strong we all are! My zone is so great. I can't express it enough. So today is Friday and I finally got my mail!!! It is so nice to see it come. Thank you all who sent me them. I truly can't thank you enough!

I keep thinking about what the Cuthbert's are doing though! I have to say I love you so much Mom. Thank you for always being here to support me and build me up. I love you so much. I can't believe I am a missionary. It's crazy that I am going out and I am serving a mission... But truly it's amazing. I hope you know that I am always thinking of you and I am so excited when I get to hug you all again. 
Tell the family I love them and that I really miss them but I know this work is great. That Jesus Christ is our Savior, that he died for us and gave up so much so that we could achieve greater. The Book of Mormon is awesome, it's so true and it's the best! Eternal families are the best. I love this Gospel because without it I would feel so hopeless. I am so thankful to know we have eternities and endless time. The plan of salvation and happiness truly blesses the lives of families and if you can go to the temple GO NOW! GO PRAY. GO READ THE SCRIPTURES OR GO HELP SOMEONE IN NEED.  Smile and know the world is amazing. That LOVE is the answer. That Our Heavenly Father is amazing and only wants the best for us and when we put him first everything else falls into place. I am so happy and so excited to serve out in Slovenia!! I am so excited for the other missionaries out in our ward! Tell them to not be nervous because really it's all.... Good. Seriously. I love it.

Love you,
Sestra Holly Cuthbert

P.S. Tell Ivy I love her. That I loved her letter. Tell Dad that I am so grateful for what he wrote and that it truly helped. Tell Parker I miss him. If you see Laurel tell her thanks!! And for you... Mom... I love you.... I really really love you. I can't get over that.

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