Friday, August 23, 2013

Week Four / Kikirikijevo Maslo

Holly and her Sestra
Zdravo, This past Sunday, my dear Sestra had to give the devotional prayer at the big get together with the entire MTC. It was great and totally awesome. We even got to sit by the incredible speakers! But, I was directly in the view of the podium camera. So I was on the screen the whole time! I was trying to shift to the side, but nope! Everyone got to see me on the big screen. Afterwards, I got random comments of "hey I saw you! You are MTC famous!" The only reason why it was so awesome was because of it Elder Martin found out where I was in the auditorium and we saw each other!! It was the best to see such a familiar face! He is such a great inspiring missionary! 

Okay, it has been raining a lot. The thunder is the best sound in the world! One of the days this past week it just was pouring buckets so our teacher let us run outside and dance in it.We do a lot of our lessons outside which is great because I swear you get jungle fever staying in these buildings too long! We are getting to the point at our language where we know enough to just be really joking and we make the teacher laugh a lot with our broken-down Slovene. 
My favorite word from this week is kikirikijevo maso. Which means peanut butter! Can you believe it! You say it like super fast (kick-e-rick-e-yea-vo moss-low) Say that a billion times! I love it. I love this experience. I love the MTC and all the missionaries here. My Sestra and I when coming back from our classes at 9:30pm - always, always we get stopped by the German Frankfurt missionaries. They bear their testimony and I get chills just thinking about how amazing they are going to be. They are so ready! Plus, I totally understand everything they are saying. Makes me happy that I can still remember beautiful German. Apparently in Slovenia there is a lot of Germans so if Dad could send me how to say a prayer in German I would love to practice! The language is amazing and I am getting really good talking about the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus have for us that he sent his beloved son down to redeem us so we could return again. A lot of the loving parts in this gospel I pretty much know by heart. It's awesome to be teaching this to the investigator! The schedule is the same every week and yet new things are happening all the time. There is so much to look forward too in the next 5-6 weeks and the plenty more to come in the field but it's way fun! The older Slovenians left this week and it was so sad to see them go! I can't wait to reunite with them again in the future. I want the family to know I love them so much and that I think of you constantly. I want you all to be having fun. Go out and "treat yourself"! Go on vacation or something. Just know you are what makes me completely and utterly happy. I am so grateful for the support I have from you all. I love you bunches. Merci buckets! Hvala Lepa! 

What do we know? What do I know? For sure? I know I am a daughter of God and you are all His children. That He loves us. That Jesus is the Christ, our Savior, our Redeemer. He is our hope, our only chance. But He will come again. The Book of Mormon is true and changes lives.  I am so privileged to be with my family forever. How much beauty and hope in that is beyond me. The love and grace we receive is beyond me. His love is unfailing.
We should never go into a situation where you already believe you are going to fail. Always think you are going to have success, Elder Ian Harris told me that, and I believe it.  Joseph Smith, where would we be with out him. If he didn't listen to his heart or the promptings- what would of happened? At such a young age he believed there was an answer and he was going to find it. So young was he but so strong. The hardships he faced and the pains that afflicted him and his family are very great. He did it selflessly for us. How much I look to him. For I am young and am afraid at points. But how badly I want this gospel to be seen. How badly I want this to unfold. I want others to find this truth, this answer. The Book of Mormon is beautiful and expounds on the greatness of our loving Savior. The answers are in these pages. I can't thank my Joseph Smith enough. Because we have been given much we too must give. And if we try. If we act on that faith we will succeed. God will ever abide with us. He knows our names and He knows our needs. We are never alone. His works never end and His words never cease. 

What we need is just to begin... Begin to just comprehend the love Jesus Christ has for me and everyone. It's beyond me. Just seek to love yourself and your companion no matter how different they are. Things don't always go as wanted. They go as needed. Try to love... To love more. Your faith will influence others faith. Prove to Heavenly Father this is where your heart is and you will always... Always be doing what is right. You will always have success, it's inevitable. 

I love you, Mom and family. Thank you for being the miracles in my life. 

Sestra Holly Cuthbert

MTC Zone

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