Friday, August 9, 2013

Week Two/ I love the MTC

The MTC is a awesome place! I keep on going to bed at night totally just happy! For no reason! 

I know it's because I am at the right place, but wow. I just love it so much.

My companion is amazing, and super witty. Just the way I like them, but when we have to give a lesson or just talk she amazes me with the power she has! I just really lucked out. Elder L (The only Elder in my district) is pumped!!! He is a go getter. If he wants things done, we get 'em done! We have a tight unity and share the spirit well when we talk to our investigator. I love my district.... 
BUT I love our zone. There is so much personality and love for each other. It's just amazing when we are all in one room and how much different we all feel. Like we can achieve greater! Sometimes we group with the Slovaks because we are so tiny.

So we sing hymns in our different languages. It is my favorite thing! I can't tell you how much brighter a room gets when we sing at the MTC. So I just had to join choir! Sestra B and I always are singing hymns or humming something throughout the day. We should do a duet for you all when I get home!

Last Sunday I wore my old lady dress... The one that looks like those old fashioned drapes with the flowers. Yes. I wore it and felt totally Old lady-ish it was amazing! I can't thank you mom enough with how much time you helped me prepare and how much work you put in to get me where I am. I really can't wait to hug you.

Anyway, Sunday devotionals are great and the time just zips by. We try to write everything down and it's hard because everything is just what we need to hear! I went and saw characters of Christ. By Elder Bednar and it needs to be published in every newspaper, every news report... Everywhere. The message was beautiful and gives me a lot of perspective about what we really should be doing in our lives and our moving forward.. Onward. The success is all about being "turned out". Jesus Christ was never turned in. Always willing to give his time, his needs, his wants, even his own life and put them aside to help others in need. After he went to the Garden of Gethsamane... What did he do? He was gracious to his apostles who were just sleeping and helped a guard when his ear was cut off. We as Man are turned inwards and with that comes being selfish and thinking of what we need, what we want... How great would it be to be always looking outwards? How badly I do! Jesus Christ is an amazing example. The one I am wanting to strive to be like. It's by his grace we could be more. I want to be like that as a missionary. Helping others realize they are more. SO much more. If you are out and about, or simply at home. I want to encourage you look to your neighbors as friends... and help. Even just smile. Share the Gospel, because that is what makes us have the fullest joy. Don't we want to let everyone have just that? Share it. It's so worth it.

I will write more later. I love you so much... I will get on again and finish my thoughts. I just really love you. Don't forget. I think of you all and am filled with peace to know I have you forever. You are all so great I love you.

This past Sunday was fast Sunday and how amazing that was! There was one Elder who got up and said the most amazing thing ever! " Don't tell God how big your mountains are, tell the mountains how big your God is." That is so true! I love that with all the mountains we have to climb, all the obstacles in our life. It's nothing compared to Our loving Heavenly Father. That through him those mountains become tiny in comparsion. That we can always get through it. God is always on our side. How blessed are we?

I have to admit there can be no other way now to praying but only on your knees! Every time we pray here we get on our knees and it has a whole different feel to the meaning of prayer. It's something I should of always been doing but wasn't quite thinking about it. Like when we go to bed and lay in our beds and pray and fall asleep. But actually taking the time to put your knees on the floor and pray. Try it out. You will see and feel the difference!

I love the MTC! I can't say it enough. We, before our missions get all worked up and hear all these weird stories and just get scared. Let me help you out and say... The MTC is amazing. The Spirit is incredible and is always always here. The food is even good! Although I swear that food is giving everyone weird dreams, because since we have been eating it our whole district gets the most strangest dreams. I just feel like we should not be afraid of the newness. I was, but now I think how silly. Because here... Being on a mission it is overwhelming. It's an overwhelming love that you know life is good and we are doing the best work in the world! To help out God's children is such a blessing. The Book of Mormon has so many awesome passages that I can't get enough of! I love how we can pray anywhere we are and if we are ever feeling discouraged we can go have a little chat with Our Heavenly Father!

I am so grateful to have such a awesome zone, district, family, friends. You all are just so awesome. 
I can't get over the fact that we have an excessive amount of chocolate milk here and the Elders always ask if I had my daily drink. My teacher is fantastic when he speaks English (rare) my jaw drops and it's hard to believe that any one speaks English anymore. When I am trying to have a conversation with other missionaries I start talking in Slovene and have to stop myself because  I realized they are just staring at me all weird. Ya, it makes me smile. I can't believe I am a missionary! How awesome is the work? The teachings and the preparation is surreal and everyone is just the best. 
I was so excited to see the new missionaries get in on Wednesday! It was the best to see how prepared they were and to welcome them all. I have only been here for a week but still!

I saw Sister Hair right when I got out of gym and I was jogging to my apartment and I just jumped her! It was so amazing to see someone I knew! I welcomed her sisters and made sure they got some good eating that night. It was just so awesome to see so many missionaries coming to the MTC. I feel that all is well and I am super happy. I am so excited to serve out in Slovenia. Our older Elders and Sisters just got their flight plans. They were screaming the the class and jumping around us. It is so cool to be close with them! I just have loved everything and teaching the investigator has been amazing, and through the spirit I have said things and did things I never thought was possible.

We are here doing the Lord's work and he will help us thorough anything! I love my Heavenly Father. I love my Savior. The Spirit is so amazing and the Book of Mormon is the best book out there. I am so thankful that I have such an awesome family and that you are mine Forever. I love you SO much. Mom I love you a lot! Stay amazing.

Sestra Cuthbert

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