Friday, September 27, 2013

Week Nine / How Perfect is the Universe

This week has been crazy but good. It's hard to imagine that next week I will be on a plane and going to Slovenia. It will be nice to see the real world again and it's real Starbucks. No, no. the people here will be sorely missed. This MTC is the greatest. I can't believe the time has finally come!

On Tuesday, the Croatians and Slovenians mixed into a room and we had a guest speaker. Sister Madsen. She is the cutest old lady who has just served a mission in ours. She would weep and weep about the work what is happening there and showed us pictures. And wow... I never would have thought how much that got me pumped to see those pictures. To know that  I would soon be greeting these people. Then in the middle of it all Sister Madsen's phone went off. She looked and guess who was calling! President Rowe! All of us got so excited and wanted to talk to him but he called that cheating. So we have to play it safe and wait till Tuesday morning when we arrive. We heard some amazing stories about our president and wow. He is a fantastic President. I am so excited to serve under his guidance.

Our teachers this week have been going over all that we have learned and it's great to know that I know it. Well, at least I hope. The Slovene language sounds so beautiful and our teachers make it sound like gorgeous. It will be nice to talk with eloquence one day and not by barbaric slang.

My teachers are amazing. I really can't tell you how much I love each one. They have been there for me what seems like for years. In such a small time we have seen the good and the parts we need to work on, but an incredible experience to work together and arise for the occasion. This moment. This time. Is so great.

I heard that the members over there are amazing people and if you really need help with the language what better way than buddy up with one of the real Slovenians. Yea, you can probably guess what I am going to do. I really can't wait for next Sunday. I am going to say Zdravo to everyone. I might not know what to say back but I want the members of Slovenia and generally just the people there, so that I will come to know them and I will love them. I am so excited to see this progression in this gospel. To show the happiness and love it brings into our lives. I really can't wait.

It's crazy what Little miracles can happen if we just believe. Even with the tiniest amount of faith. If we act upon it and let come what may.  We will see miracles. You only need one moment to change peoples lives. Let those few meager moments be your miracle time.

I really truly believe that we should look at everyone as a child of God. Because they are. And we shouldn't think that other people have to get better for us to love them, that they have to fit our criteria to be anything to us. Love them for who they are and their growth, their love - will be inevitable.

Change is not a bad thing. It's a beautiful process. We are always striving to be better and what better way than God's way. It's amazing to find the glory in that, we can be transformed. That we aren't stuck in one place. We are allowed to move around to experience life itself and become the person who we exactly want to be. The Atonement can help us be who we want to be become. Atonement isn't just for the bad things but becoming better and better each day. It is our desires that will always come out, God will grant you your desires. So what doth thou desire?

Regardless of circumstances the gospel can help you. No matter who you are, where you been, where you will go. The gospel is and can be apart of every aspect of our lives. You just have to look to find it. Finding requires faith. I can't believe how many times I waited and waited for life to start picking up for me. Or something big would just happen all on it's on. That I would become this great person with a snap of the fingers. But, it's not like that at all. If you want change you have to be the change. You have to prove to God what you want by acting on it and if you do so even if you try your hardest and run short some days, God will make up for the rest. Oh, how I love the Savior and Our Heavenly Father. How humbled I am that they would make all the difference for all of us, for someone like me. We have a lot to thank. So go out and prove to Them that you love Them too by loving His children.

I can't tell you how much joy there is in the work. I get a little nervous, but when you start speaking about truth... this gospel everything begins to have a steadiness. The world gets more brighter and our purpose gets more clearer.

I love that.

And I love you all.

As the Slovenes and the Croatians we have been practicing our song for Sunday. It's great to listen to the words in our languages and feel the spirit so strongly. To walk around from day to day with a song stuck in my head and it be in Slovene! It's just amazing how far we have all come. How perfect is the universe?

Infield orientation was on Thursday and it was great. The talks and different segments really shed a ray... No the whole sun of how great is this work. It got everyone so excited and ready to spread this gospel. We had one speaker and he was a young French guy, just off his mission a few years ago. His accent was thick and he was hilarious. He told a story about how at a French wedding the bride and the groom didn't want to have to buy wine for everyone because it was way too expensive so they thought they were clever by asking each guest to bring a glass of wine with them. At the entrance there would be a big barrel and the guests would pour the wine in it and when the time came for wedding toasts they would pour everyone a glass from this barrel. When it was time they poured the first glass and to their surprise it was just water. How could the wine be water? (It's not some trick or some new testament story..  but that would be cool.) But rather everyone (every guest) had the same idea of hey everyone is bringing wine. I don't want to use my own or buy any so I will just bring a cup of water and no one will notice.

What I got out of this is the Word of Wisdom is still right on target but we can't just bring water in this life. We need to bring our own cup of wine. We can't think oh, maybe I will try later. Or I can just sneak in the cracks. No one will notice. this work is only sufficient if we try, if we try to progress. If we give are all. To love and be loved in return. We can't just sit at home and eat nutella and watch the football team. Although, that is nice. We must be seekers. Act. Help. and Invite.
This is a glorious life. Full of wonders and splendors. the mundane to great, and each moment is precious, each day is new. We must go out and give our all.

To believe we will have success. You truly make your own story ending. SO what will be your success story?

I invite you to ponder and think of what you want. What success story you want to own to have and act on it. Show your desire, your Faith. And you will see miracles.

Life is moving pretty fast if you don't stop and look around once in awhile you could miss it.

So start looking now.

I love and pray for you all. It's been amazing at the MTC. Amazing people and an amazing spirit. I hope to be the best missionary I can be. To be a servant to the lord. I love serving Him, and by so serving a mission. I am so pumped with the spirit I want to be my best and talk to everyone.

This is the true restored gospel. Jesus Christ is our living Savior. Our Redeemer. Our Hope, our only Chance. The Atonement works and has changed so many lives for the better. The happiness that comes from this is beyond compare. The Messiah is the ultimate healer. He is our Our Brother. Heavenly Father is our FATHER. He loves us, They both love us. God asks us one thing. To live like Christ did. Let us simply love back. Let us be greater than we are through His grace. Through the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon I know we can receive guidance and the strength to move onward. That Families are forever and that is my greatest joy. I love you all and hope your week is great!

Keep your head up.
Sestra Cuthbert

Friday, September 20, 2013

Week Eight / A Super Hero without the Cape

Holly with her Slovene Book of Mormon
Oh, someone is playing opera in the room. I really can't get enough of it. Beautiful. Ahhh.

This week has been a lot of reflecting and realizing how much the Lord works through us. The MTC has been a incredible experience. It's not a bad place to kill a little time. Huh. It's crazy to think my time is almost up here. The days have been passing far too quickly. It's very weird to think I leave in less than a fortnight! Next next monday. It's great to look back and see all the blessings of being here! 

I love my teachers, can I just say?...and My teachers like to eat a lot. I always just bring my food in. It's not like a bribe or anything. But hey... I have a lot of food because I have a mother who simply feeds me far too well, my teachers would like to agree. So, every week our teachers interview us and get to talk about everything. When I was in mine, I began to confess my concern with the language. Am I good enough to do this work? My teacher began to bawl, and I seriously cried with him... He was telling me how much the Lord loves us... How much my teacher could feel the Lord's love pouring out towards me and that he could feel it. That if only we knew how much the Savior knows and loves us and that we are all so great and very much enough. We started laughing at us stuffing our faces with tissues because a few days earlier he told us that we would never see him cry and he even promised that. I can't tell you how much those words meant to me though. I don't get why we as humans are so hard on ourselves. We need to stop second guessing and let things run. Run wild. Be who we are. Yes, we have weaknesses, but through the Lord we can get passed them and make them our strengths. Don't give up...Ether 12:27 is a very heart touching verse for me. Weakness isn't a bad thing, weakness makes us realize we can't do it alone. Alone, we are not enough. Weakness brings us back to the Lord. Through weakness we learn what we must work on, because we are not perfect. The Lord's grace is sufficent and if we humble ourselves before Him, He will make us better than we ever were. than we could ever be alone. We are so lucky to have such a master who cares and loves us. That he is always walking by our side and carrying us when we struggle. Even with just a twig of faith, the Lord works with us. We must remember to have a strong foundation. That is what holds us together, but also hoists others up, sometimes we must be strong not only for ourselves but so others can lean on us. If we had to deal with things on our own and not work with others we would be living in individual worlds with one person for each. This is not the case at all. We are meant to seek out others, to love others. We live in a world full of people. Who need us. Who need a home. Who need us to be that home. We must be strong, we must have faith, and we must be that love. My parents were always my strong foundation I leaned upon many times. I am so grateful to them that when I couldn't stand on my own they always lent a hand, a hug... Their love got me through a lot. I can't get enough of you parents. I love you. Merci buckets, best friends. You did a lot for me. 

In choir this week we got to sing Joseph Smith's first prayer... It was incredible... At the part where it says "he saw God and the son" we say it quietly with reverence... and then a pause in that part of the song where it's so quiet in the room. At that pause the overwhelming warmth of the spirit rushed over the auditurioum. The love that was felt was incredible it came diving in and it was so strong. Joseph, this is my beloved son.... Hear him! oh how sweet the word! Joseph wasn't super human, he was a man... Walking out of that grove he was still that 14 year old boy, no cape... He was my hero though. I found him so amazing, so courageous. I invite you to read that song with ferevent prayer and then pause before Heavenly Father speaks. Take some time with those words. You will feel it. 

So the vaccums in the Elders dorms are all named after some Lord of the Rings charaters and it's awesome for such a nerd like me. They brought out a vaccum one day and it was the only one not working, they looked down at  the name of the vaccumm and the name was Boromir. Pretty great. Right?

Cafe Rio Salad....
Guess who has been craving Cafe Rio when she said she wouldn't at all on her mission? This girl. So, one night I walk out of my dorm to go wash my face and I come to find Sister M. sitting on the floor eating a Cafe Rio salad. That was a good night. And good eating. That pretty much made my week. On Wednesday we had to go contacting on the street. I seriously felt like the best two years Elder Calhoon with my broken Slovene. I couldn't help but laugh at myself, because I just stuck my hand out and said hello to those walking by. I had to do contacting with Elder Lyman as my target. And so we went to each other and I started singing that theme song where you run in slow motion towards each other. Ya, my teacher didn't think it was that funny. :)

Do you realize we always want to be where we are meant to be. You really can't lower your expectations... The spirit won't let us be comfortable where we are not meant to be. When you don't feel right about something. Change. Do something about it. Because there is something waiting for you. Sometimes to see the miracles, our greatness - sometimes we must walk to find it. 

In Moses, there was a line of how can God cry who has everything? God was crying for us. Do you realize how much are Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be happy? I notice that more and more each day. 

I wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to my handsome brother Parker. You are growing up too fast. Do you know how much you mean to me, how much I love you? I do. I do. You better eat a lot of steak and potatoes for me. Love you, Parker.

I didn't see Sister Burr... I have a feeling she is on west campus. In that case, I will look for her on Sunday

Grandma, thank you for the letters I will be sure to do that assignment you invited me to do. It's an honor. Truly. 

Okay, I must say. I am so blessed to have such a gracious loving family. I am so happy that Laurel's dreams have come true. I wish her the best and congrats. It made my day a 100% better when I recieved the letter that she was engaged! Perhaps Daniel should do TRC and bring his finacce along. I think that would be amazing.

So see more. Do more. Love more. Experience the bad, experience the good and love it all. Have a little faith, give a little more. Be happy. I love you all. I pray for you all. Be good. 

Sestra Cuthbert

Friday, September 13, 2013

Week Seven / All is Well

Holly and the New Slovenian Sestra

Dear Beautiful Family,

I can''t express how much I love you and how grateful I am for you all. For all the prayers and all the letters of encouragement. I owe you big time.
I love you. I know you know that, but it needs to be said as often as possible.

Where to start? ....

  The Bulgarians, I love them so much. On Monday I thought I needed some good laughs so I walked into their class room sat down and was immediately entertained by the famous Elder A. and Sister M. They are just the funniest missionaries you will ever meet. I can't forget Elder H., he knows what's good for the soul. He always, always has chocolate. He and I call each other "fat buddies", because we live off his endless supply of Hersey kisses he has. Its Heaven? I think yes.

The Elders in our zone are getting really creative. They make us cool mixture of drinks. They found out how to make rainbow colored drinks and sunset ones. Mixing orange juice with passion fruit to cranberry and blue powerade. The elders also like to stack the Sister's trays and wobble over to the dishwashers. They are way too sweet and I love them a whole lot. Very gentlemanly, they take good care of us. The MTC visit is coming to a close... I will miss my zone! We really have become such a big family. 

Speaking of people I love, on Wednesday I was walking up the stairs in our apartment to go to gym and these sisters were bringing down their heavy luggage. Of course I grabbed the sides and helped carrying it down the stairs. I was talking with them and welcoming them - but still heading out. I was about to leave when I realized... Wait... and asked "Are you Sister B.?" She said yes, and I ran down the stairs and hugged her! Finally our Slovenian Sister is here! It was so good to see her and finally get to meet her. She is so energetic and hard working. She already comes to us older Slovenians speakers to try and get down her testimony and prayers and it makes me feel like I actually know the language! Surprisingly!!! She has been here for two days and is like amazing. I really love her and am so glad she is here. She is seriously the best. I couldn't ask for anything else. I wish she was like in a trio with me and my companion!

So the new Croatians, Bulgarians, and Slovenians came this week and we welcomed and embraced them all. I am feeling so old here at the MTC now. But it's really nice to love on the "Goldies" and grow from them. During dinner we make sure to have a toast once in a while with our finest MTC crystal glasses. If that's even possible. Cough, Cough. During dinner I usually see an Elder or Sister I haven't talked to in a while from my zone and tell them to pull over a chair and talk to me. I like to get to know my zone personally. Surprisingly - they accept and I just ask them to tell me about their lives and the tender mercies they receive while here in the MTC. You know me and DETAILS, I have always got to have the Details.  It is amazing how really just taking the time to love someone and care for others helps my testimony expand. I grow so much from each missionary and their backgrounds and who they are - is just amazing. It's great to stop once in awhile and really look around and realize. We are all missionaries. We are all trying to be better and serve and there is so so many of us. It's nice to see the world has so many fantastic kids that want to serve missions. They are such a blessing to me and everyone.

I was reading talks last Sunday and came across one of my Grandpa Elder Derek Cuthbert's talks. I love the quote from him stating, "I feel at home wherever the Lord wants me to be."  I never met my Grandpa here on Earth, but I can't wait to meet him one day. I feel like what he said is so true. I am going to live by that. That we really should make anywhere home, because really as individuals we are the homes. Where ever we go make it home, because it's really up to us. Where ever the sunlight ray shines, make it your own. Be the home to those who stumble into your lives. Trust me. This week we have been focusing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ a lot. Our teacher asks us to explain it in our own words and than after he says "okay now put in in two sentences,.. Now one sentence... now, one word." He can always guess mine. The word that it always comes down to is LOVE. What made this all possible? Love. Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love us and simply just want us to learn how to love back. It's amazing to see the miracles this week and truly know that everything is okay. That we are not alone.  

I feel like the best way to show appreciation for what Jesus Christ did for us is by living a life like His. This Gospel is about change. Transformation. I love how in this church we are always growing always becoming more than we are. That we can always try and that we are all worth it. There is hope in this gospel and it brings me such peace. I don't know how many times I have been too hard on myself or haven't been the best I could of been and it gets to me... But how much our Heavenly Father watches over us and I can feel the love,  feel it in my soul. 

Soul.... We are all soul searching, don't you think? 

In Mosiah 2:8 the end part, " Hearken unto me, and open your ears that ye may hear, and your hearts that ye may understand, and your minds that the mysteries of God may be unfolded to your view.." something rings out to me in that whole entire verse... Taking it out of the context of the actually story of King Benjamin for a moment, not to diss on this great king... Because he truly was great, but what I perceive is this: the gospel: is a transformation. A change that if you give yourselves over to it with your all.... The mysteries of God become your view. Do you ever hear that phrase "my heart tells me one thing and my brain tells me other wise." I feel like when we are true to our soul. We become one. Both heart and mind.... Body and soul. But this life is really about finding "you", your true self, your true desires, true voice, true actions, what is your true heart?

Do you know your soul?

I feel like when we try to understand our Soul - we will come to know our Savior and Heavenly Father a little more. I feel like our patriarchal blessings shows our true soul, and if we read it with care, and understanding in our hearts and then do as it directs we will see and be just that. I may be wrong but I believe we start out being what are patriarchal says. That is our soul. I feel like a Patriarchal blessing is not to help the soul but to make the soul become one with our bodies, our minds, our hearts. Letting our souls fill in the cracks that our imperfect bodies have. But it's not that easy. The natural man is in the way and we have free agency. It is up to us to seek what we desire. What do we truly want! We are all made from God thus meaning we all have a potential Good in us. Even Satan did. It is really agency and wrong doing that make the bad other wise. That being said - you have it in you!!! So choose Good. Choose happiness. Become one with your soul. Everyone says your mission changes you forever. IF YOU TRULY TRY!!! Truly work at it! Why does it change us? Because we are doing good we are becoming more and more like Christ. Following Christ, following what God intended us to be. Our Souls are ready... They are prepared, Remember that. We as Christs followers, as members of this glorious gospel are seeking the infinite in finite things. Well because we are infinite it is our nature.... Well soul nature!! Let it guide you. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to your final destiny, your final happiness. You must be true to yourselves. So what do you choose? Reading that Scripture I know what must be... I know where I stand and I know we must be true... Where I must go! Let us be doers of the word, not just hearers. We shall become one, our best selves. We shall see God's mysteries unfold, our eyes shall be opened and we will do great things!
I love you all....and I GOT SOUL!

I am excited to see Sister Burr come in this week. I can't wait to see her beautiful face. Forewarn, I will hunt her down and attack her. I feel so much peace this week as the time has been flying I have been soaring. I feel like I am way too at home here.

The other day during our computer time where you can search up talks and music my Sister and I listened to some songs and were lip syncing and getting the best faces from the Elders from our zone around us. By the end they were listening to the songs too and totally breaking out into full dancing. Best ever. Our teachers are way awesome. I think we are way too comfortable with the language in joke terms. We are always laughing so hard. Yesterday our teacher was literally on the floor crying with laughter. Our class is just getting better and better. 

Anyway, life is beautiful and I love and pray for you all. Be happy and Be love. God and the Savior love you.

Sestra Cuthbert

Go out soul searching this week... And no do not call ghost busters. Too much?

Holly and the two Sestra B's. Gotta love them.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Week Six / Living the Life

Dear Family Zoo,

I can't believe Parker is turning 17 in a couple of weeks. What is this?! So, Dad goes to the raddest places ever. He is so awesome and the pictures of Beijing are awesome! But, my favorite pictures are the weekly ones of you all. I love those faces. 
Okay, so here is the situation. At dinner this past week we have been sitting by different districts in our zone. The Slovaks are like our other halves. They are so great! We were eating and someone snaps out a Lord of the Rings quote and my head shot up. That was it. My day was 100 times better than it already was. Apparently the Slovaks re-enact scenes from Lord of the Rings and go through the whole story during their gym times. Ya, I know right... Why wasn't I invited? Well, we went all geek and started applying Lord of the Rings to the Gospel. I was impressed.. .To finish up supper we all sang Pippin's song.  "Home is behind, the world ahead, And there are many paths to tread, Through shadow, to the edge of night, Until the stars are all alight. Mist and shadow, Cloud and shade, All shall Fade, All shall fade...." THAT WAS A GOOD NIGHT.

Everyone wants my StarWars shirts. So mom... Thank you for sending me them. I was hesitant to put them on, but now that I have it's hard to get back to my dress clothes. It's nice to reconnect with these homey shirts. 

The new Polish group came in this week. It was so incredible to welcome them in and get to talk to them all. The Zone Leaders and I got to be alone with them and discussed just how great they are and will become as missionaries. They have a great spirit about them. The Goldies always do. Plus, there is one from England.  So we have a nice mixture of accents going around. 

Can I just say I love studying outside and hearing the BYU bell towers. It's like the best sound in the world... Or am I just deprived of music? No, on site for youth there are two songs... That are literally the best songs ever. They pump you up. You should check it out one is called "Glorious" and the other is "All times, all things, all places". So good. Check it out Mom.

I love our Branch Presidency especially the wives. They are so great and good to us. I told all the new Polish group that they need to just have open arms when they meet them, because they will give you plenty of hugs! Just what we need sometimes.

My language is coming along! All the prayers are felt and I know I am being strengthened by the spirit. The language is coming so much easier. I am finally getting the hang of it. Yesterday, I thought. " Hey don't take in anything into your lesson except the BOM, no notes." Why would I tell myself that!!!!! But I did it.... I was speaking in Slovene paragraphs!! Like actually getting the sentences correct in form, cassings and conjugations. The spirit guided me and I could completely understand our investigator. I was so happy afterwards. It's such a realization though that our confidence and faith should be in Christ not in our selves, because we always put doubt into our own heads. We are so human and we can often think that we are less, but with Christ -  anything is possible. He is working in the vineyard with us and he ain't stopping! I seriously believe we have to lead with the faith we do have. Run with it. Let it grow. We will find out we have so much more success if we just have the spirit there. Let it guide you, let it take it's course. It kind of reminds me of this quote someone said from one of Elder Holland's talk this week...
"Come to the edge, he said... 
No, we will fall. 
Come to the edge, he said... 
No we will fall... 
Come to the edge, he said... 
So we came to the edge and he pushed us
... and we flew."
 I love that, because we (I am) are so scared, we are comfortable only within our boundaries and want to stick inside our bubble, we are scared  that we will fall, fail. Oh ye who have little faith! We must go to the edge. Man's excuses are God's abilities. You've got to go out there and go to work. Like my Mama always says. "Take that step off the edge.".... Make your-self known, be thy brothers keeper, search those to love, to bring to this gospel... and you will fly... 

I love how every time I pray now whether it's personal, companion, or in large gatherings... I say it in Slovene. It feels so right and the best to be speaking from the heart... and it be in Slovene. It gets me every time that I can actually do it. 

I can't remember what day but there was a girl in our building that was bawling her eyes out. She wasn't apart of our zone and so we didn't know if we should get involved because the Door was shut. But the spirit was prompting us that we should go over there. We found out she was very sick and couldn't walk. She was in so much pain. Her companion didn't know what to do. So Sister Merril (Amazing Sister I love her so much) Ran outside and grabbed some Elders and told them to get oil and come give this Sister a blessing immediately. They booked it! They came back with a bunch of Elders and they surrounded this sweet Sister. The Elder's (who gave the blessing) hands were shaking because he was so excited to use his Priesthood. When he started praying, it got so quiet. The spirit was so strong and the Sister stopped crying and she didn't hurt anymore. It was incredible to see all our faces when we looked up from the prayer and there was just this glow. I can't get over the fact that if we ever need a blessing. That every Elder... Every guy here can give us one. How blessed are we? And how excited they are, how worthy they are to hold that gift and want to share it. It's amazing how much power is in that. These elders here at the MTC... are so amazing. I can't tell you how many times they have brought the spirit into our lives and how great it is that the power of the priesthood isn't a power for them selves. But it's a power for everyone else. It's a Christ-like Attribute in and of its self. Christ always turns outward, while the natural man turns inward. By having this power, you get the power of God -  thus it's a power to turn outward. Incredible. 

The Germany Frankfurt missionaries left this week. My comp and I were getting so close to them!! They all had to bare there testimonies to us before they left. They loved chilling with us at devotionals and make jokes in German. It was so strange how much we all connected so fast. I guess I am meant to live somewhere that speaks German. And that is that. But seriously. 

Like I said before, my favorite miracle is the Change of someone and the Grace of our Savior. I can't tell you how many times it gets brought up, but it's amazing to me how much Heavenly Father and the Savior have for us. That we are not perfect and it's okay. That we must live happily. Find our balance. Find what we know to be true and stick with it. To grow each day. To know we are all beginners. Thus, meaning we can mess up and fall down as many times as we do... As long as we always get back up and try to be better the next time. God's Grace is sufficient. Jesus's Grace is sufficient. It is enough. It is all we need. Don't quit. keep trying. Don't look for excuses and escapes. Look for the Lord and His perfect strength. Seek for Christ and as you do, you will feel the enabling power and divine help we call His amazing grace. How true is that? I feel so much more full when I have my Savior in my life. The Spirit makes things just all around the best. 

I love Heavenly Father. I know he already knows that, but I just think we need to say that out loud a little more. Make it sink in... Make it get to you. I notice the more you say things the more you think and revolve your self around just that. Try it out. Make Heavenly Father... Jesus Christ a part of your life.

There will come a point in your life where you don't just do the commandments because you will be blessed, or because you want to just be obedient because someone said so. But if you keep striving to be happy to live this gospel to love with every fiber of your being, to turn outward, to be more like Him there will come a point where you love Him enough that you won't care if there is a reward. You will wake up one morning and want nothing more. "Life... Doesn't it go by in a blink."  So live it. Have no regrets. Become the person you want to become. Don't look back at the person you were because you keep yourself stuck in the past. Your future is bright. Go to work and have fun. Believe in success because it's inevitable. You are what makes my story a success.

I love you all. Now go out and astonish somebody!! (Mosiah 27:11-12)

Love Sestra Cuthbert