Friday, September 13, 2013

Week Seven / All is Well

Holly and the New Slovenian Sestra

Dear Beautiful Family,

I can''t express how much I love you and how grateful I am for you all. For all the prayers and all the letters of encouragement. I owe you big time.
I love you. I know you know that, but it needs to be said as often as possible.

Where to start? ....

  The Bulgarians, I love them so much. On Monday I thought I needed some good laughs so I walked into their class room sat down and was immediately entertained by the famous Elder A. and Sister M. They are just the funniest missionaries you will ever meet. I can't forget Elder H., he knows what's good for the soul. He always, always has chocolate. He and I call each other "fat buddies", because we live off his endless supply of Hersey kisses he has. Its Heaven? I think yes.

The Elders in our zone are getting really creative. They make us cool mixture of drinks. They found out how to make rainbow colored drinks and sunset ones. Mixing orange juice with passion fruit to cranberry and blue powerade. The elders also like to stack the Sister's trays and wobble over to the dishwashers. They are way too sweet and I love them a whole lot. Very gentlemanly, they take good care of us. The MTC visit is coming to a close... I will miss my zone! We really have become such a big family. 

Speaking of people I love, on Wednesday I was walking up the stairs in our apartment to go to gym and these sisters were bringing down their heavy luggage. Of course I grabbed the sides and helped carrying it down the stairs. I was talking with them and welcoming them - but still heading out. I was about to leave when I realized... Wait... and asked "Are you Sister B.?" She said yes, and I ran down the stairs and hugged her! Finally our Slovenian Sister is here! It was so good to see her and finally get to meet her. She is so energetic and hard working. She already comes to us older Slovenians speakers to try and get down her testimony and prayers and it makes me feel like I actually know the language! Surprisingly!!! She has been here for two days and is like amazing. I really love her and am so glad she is here. She is seriously the best. I couldn't ask for anything else. I wish she was like in a trio with me and my companion!

So the new Croatians, Bulgarians, and Slovenians came this week and we welcomed and embraced them all. I am feeling so old here at the MTC now. But it's really nice to love on the "Goldies" and grow from them. During dinner we make sure to have a toast once in a while with our finest MTC crystal glasses. If that's even possible. Cough, Cough. During dinner I usually see an Elder or Sister I haven't talked to in a while from my zone and tell them to pull over a chair and talk to me. I like to get to know my zone personally. Surprisingly - they accept and I just ask them to tell me about their lives and the tender mercies they receive while here in the MTC. You know me and DETAILS, I have always got to have the Details.  It is amazing how really just taking the time to love someone and care for others helps my testimony expand. I grow so much from each missionary and their backgrounds and who they are - is just amazing. It's great to stop once in awhile and really look around and realize. We are all missionaries. We are all trying to be better and serve and there is so so many of us. It's nice to see the world has so many fantastic kids that want to serve missions. They are such a blessing to me and everyone.

I was reading talks last Sunday and came across one of my Grandpa Elder Derek Cuthbert's talks. I love the quote from him stating, "I feel at home wherever the Lord wants me to be."  I never met my Grandpa here on Earth, but I can't wait to meet him one day. I feel like what he said is so true. I am going to live by that. That we really should make anywhere home, because really as individuals we are the homes. Where ever we go make it home, because it's really up to us. Where ever the sunlight ray shines, make it your own. Be the home to those who stumble into your lives. Trust me. This week we have been focusing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ a lot. Our teacher asks us to explain it in our own words and than after he says "okay now put in in two sentences,.. Now one sentence... now, one word." He can always guess mine. The word that it always comes down to is LOVE. What made this all possible? Love. Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love us and simply just want us to learn how to love back. It's amazing to see the miracles this week and truly know that everything is okay. That we are not alone.  

I feel like the best way to show appreciation for what Jesus Christ did for us is by living a life like His. This Gospel is about change. Transformation. I love how in this church we are always growing always becoming more than we are. That we can always try and that we are all worth it. There is hope in this gospel and it brings me such peace. I don't know how many times I have been too hard on myself or haven't been the best I could of been and it gets to me... But how much our Heavenly Father watches over us and I can feel the love,  feel it in my soul. 

Soul.... We are all soul searching, don't you think? 

In Mosiah 2:8 the end part, " Hearken unto me, and open your ears that ye may hear, and your hearts that ye may understand, and your minds that the mysteries of God may be unfolded to your view.." something rings out to me in that whole entire verse... Taking it out of the context of the actually story of King Benjamin for a moment, not to diss on this great king... Because he truly was great, but what I perceive is this: the gospel: is a transformation. A change that if you give yourselves over to it with your all.... The mysteries of God become your view. Do you ever hear that phrase "my heart tells me one thing and my brain tells me other wise." I feel like when we are true to our soul. We become one. Both heart and mind.... Body and soul. But this life is really about finding "you", your true self, your true desires, true voice, true actions, what is your true heart?

Do you know your soul?

I feel like when we try to understand our Soul - we will come to know our Savior and Heavenly Father a little more. I feel like our patriarchal blessings shows our true soul, and if we read it with care, and understanding in our hearts and then do as it directs we will see and be just that. I may be wrong but I believe we start out being what are patriarchal says. That is our soul. I feel like a Patriarchal blessing is not to help the soul but to make the soul become one with our bodies, our minds, our hearts. Letting our souls fill in the cracks that our imperfect bodies have. But it's not that easy. The natural man is in the way and we have free agency. It is up to us to seek what we desire. What do we truly want! We are all made from God thus meaning we all have a potential Good in us. Even Satan did. It is really agency and wrong doing that make the bad other wise. That being said - you have it in you!!! So choose Good. Choose happiness. Become one with your soul. Everyone says your mission changes you forever. IF YOU TRULY TRY!!! Truly work at it! Why does it change us? Because we are doing good we are becoming more and more like Christ. Following Christ, following what God intended us to be. Our Souls are ready... They are prepared, Remember that. We as Christs followers, as members of this glorious gospel are seeking the infinite in finite things. Well because we are infinite it is our nature.... Well soul nature!! Let it guide you. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to your final destiny, your final happiness. You must be true to yourselves. So what do you choose? Reading that Scripture I know what must be... I know where I stand and I know we must be true... Where I must go! Let us be doers of the word, not just hearers. We shall become one, our best selves. We shall see God's mysteries unfold, our eyes shall be opened and we will do great things!
I love you all....and I GOT SOUL!

I am excited to see Sister Burr come in this week. I can't wait to see her beautiful face. Forewarn, I will hunt her down and attack her. I feel so much peace this week as the time has been flying I have been soaring. I feel like I am way too at home here.

The other day during our computer time where you can search up talks and music my Sister and I listened to some songs and were lip syncing and getting the best faces from the Elders from our zone around us. By the end they were listening to the songs too and totally breaking out into full dancing. Best ever. Our teachers are way awesome. I think we are way too comfortable with the language in joke terms. We are always laughing so hard. Yesterday our teacher was literally on the floor crying with laughter. Our class is just getting better and better. 

Anyway, life is beautiful and I love and pray for you all. Be happy and Be love. God and the Savior love you.

Sestra Cuthbert

Go out soul searching this week... And no do not call ghost busters. Too much?

Holly and the two Sestra B's. Gotta love them.

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