Friday, September 20, 2013

Week Eight / A Super Hero without the Cape

Holly with her Slovene Book of Mormon
Oh, someone is playing opera in the room. I really can't get enough of it. Beautiful. Ahhh.

This week has been a lot of reflecting and realizing how much the Lord works through us. The MTC has been a incredible experience. It's not a bad place to kill a little time. Huh. It's crazy to think my time is almost up here. The days have been passing far too quickly. It's very weird to think I leave in less than a fortnight! Next next monday. It's great to look back and see all the blessings of being here! 

I love my teachers, can I just say?...and My teachers like to eat a lot. I always just bring my food in. It's not like a bribe or anything. But hey... I have a lot of food because I have a mother who simply feeds me far too well, my teachers would like to agree. So, every week our teachers interview us and get to talk about everything. When I was in mine, I began to confess my concern with the language. Am I good enough to do this work? My teacher began to bawl, and I seriously cried with him... He was telling me how much the Lord loves us... How much my teacher could feel the Lord's love pouring out towards me and that he could feel it. That if only we knew how much the Savior knows and loves us and that we are all so great and very much enough. We started laughing at us stuffing our faces with tissues because a few days earlier he told us that we would never see him cry and he even promised that. I can't tell you how much those words meant to me though. I don't get why we as humans are so hard on ourselves. We need to stop second guessing and let things run. Run wild. Be who we are. Yes, we have weaknesses, but through the Lord we can get passed them and make them our strengths. Don't give up...Ether 12:27 is a very heart touching verse for me. Weakness isn't a bad thing, weakness makes us realize we can't do it alone. Alone, we are not enough. Weakness brings us back to the Lord. Through weakness we learn what we must work on, because we are not perfect. The Lord's grace is sufficent and if we humble ourselves before Him, He will make us better than we ever were. than we could ever be alone. We are so lucky to have such a master who cares and loves us. That he is always walking by our side and carrying us when we struggle. Even with just a twig of faith, the Lord works with us. We must remember to have a strong foundation. That is what holds us together, but also hoists others up, sometimes we must be strong not only for ourselves but so others can lean on us. If we had to deal with things on our own and not work with others we would be living in individual worlds with one person for each. This is not the case at all. We are meant to seek out others, to love others. We live in a world full of people. Who need us. Who need a home. Who need us to be that home. We must be strong, we must have faith, and we must be that love. My parents were always my strong foundation I leaned upon many times. I am so grateful to them that when I couldn't stand on my own they always lent a hand, a hug... Their love got me through a lot. I can't get enough of you parents. I love you. Merci buckets, best friends. You did a lot for me. 

In choir this week we got to sing Joseph Smith's first prayer... It was incredible... At the part where it says "he saw God and the son" we say it quietly with reverence... and then a pause in that part of the song where it's so quiet in the room. At that pause the overwhelming warmth of the spirit rushed over the auditurioum. The love that was felt was incredible it came diving in and it was so strong. Joseph, this is my beloved son.... Hear him! oh how sweet the word! Joseph wasn't super human, he was a man... Walking out of that grove he was still that 14 year old boy, no cape... He was my hero though. I found him so amazing, so courageous. I invite you to read that song with ferevent prayer and then pause before Heavenly Father speaks. Take some time with those words. You will feel it. 

So the vaccums in the Elders dorms are all named after some Lord of the Rings charaters and it's awesome for such a nerd like me. They brought out a vaccum one day and it was the only one not working, they looked down at  the name of the vaccumm and the name was Boromir. Pretty great. Right?

Cafe Rio Salad....
Guess who has been craving Cafe Rio when she said she wouldn't at all on her mission? This girl. So, one night I walk out of my dorm to go wash my face and I come to find Sister M. sitting on the floor eating a Cafe Rio salad. That was a good night. And good eating. That pretty much made my week. On Wednesday we had to go contacting on the street. I seriously felt like the best two years Elder Calhoon with my broken Slovene. I couldn't help but laugh at myself, because I just stuck my hand out and said hello to those walking by. I had to do contacting with Elder Lyman as my target. And so we went to each other and I started singing that theme song where you run in slow motion towards each other. Ya, my teacher didn't think it was that funny. :)

Do you realize we always want to be where we are meant to be. You really can't lower your expectations... The spirit won't let us be comfortable where we are not meant to be. When you don't feel right about something. Change. Do something about it. Because there is something waiting for you. Sometimes to see the miracles, our greatness - sometimes we must walk to find it. 

In Moses, there was a line of how can God cry who has everything? God was crying for us. Do you realize how much are Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be happy? I notice that more and more each day. 

I wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to my handsome brother Parker. You are growing up too fast. Do you know how much you mean to me, how much I love you? I do. I do. You better eat a lot of steak and potatoes for me. Love you, Parker.

I didn't see Sister Burr... I have a feeling she is on west campus. In that case, I will look for her on Sunday

Grandma, thank you for the letters I will be sure to do that assignment you invited me to do. It's an honor. Truly. 

Okay, I must say. I am so blessed to have such a gracious loving family. I am so happy that Laurel's dreams have come true. I wish her the best and congrats. It made my day a 100% better when I recieved the letter that she was engaged! Perhaps Daniel should do TRC and bring his finacce along. I think that would be amazing.

So see more. Do more. Love more. Experience the bad, experience the good and love it all. Have a little faith, give a little more. Be happy. I love you all. I pray for you all. Be good. 

Sestra Cuthbert

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