Friday, September 27, 2013

Week Nine / How Perfect is the Universe

This week has been crazy but good. It's hard to imagine that next week I will be on a plane and going to Slovenia. It will be nice to see the real world again and it's real Starbucks. No, no. the people here will be sorely missed. This MTC is the greatest. I can't believe the time has finally come!

On Tuesday, the Croatians and Slovenians mixed into a room and we had a guest speaker. Sister Madsen. She is the cutest old lady who has just served a mission in ours. She would weep and weep about the work what is happening there and showed us pictures. And wow... I never would have thought how much that got me pumped to see those pictures. To know that  I would soon be greeting these people. Then in the middle of it all Sister Madsen's phone went off. She looked and guess who was calling! President Rowe! All of us got so excited and wanted to talk to him but he called that cheating. So we have to play it safe and wait till Tuesday morning when we arrive. We heard some amazing stories about our president and wow. He is a fantastic President. I am so excited to serve under his guidance.

Our teachers this week have been going over all that we have learned and it's great to know that I know it. Well, at least I hope. The Slovene language sounds so beautiful and our teachers make it sound like gorgeous. It will be nice to talk with eloquence one day and not by barbaric slang.

My teachers are amazing. I really can't tell you how much I love each one. They have been there for me what seems like for years. In such a small time we have seen the good and the parts we need to work on, but an incredible experience to work together and arise for the occasion. This moment. This time. Is so great.

I heard that the members over there are amazing people and if you really need help with the language what better way than buddy up with one of the real Slovenians. Yea, you can probably guess what I am going to do. I really can't wait for next Sunday. I am going to say Zdravo to everyone. I might not know what to say back but I want the members of Slovenia and generally just the people there, so that I will come to know them and I will love them. I am so excited to see this progression in this gospel. To show the happiness and love it brings into our lives. I really can't wait.

It's crazy what Little miracles can happen if we just believe. Even with the tiniest amount of faith. If we act upon it and let come what may.  We will see miracles. You only need one moment to change peoples lives. Let those few meager moments be your miracle time.

I really truly believe that we should look at everyone as a child of God. Because they are. And we shouldn't think that other people have to get better for us to love them, that they have to fit our criteria to be anything to us. Love them for who they are and their growth, their love - will be inevitable.

Change is not a bad thing. It's a beautiful process. We are always striving to be better and what better way than God's way. It's amazing to find the glory in that, we can be transformed. That we aren't stuck in one place. We are allowed to move around to experience life itself and become the person who we exactly want to be. The Atonement can help us be who we want to be become. Atonement isn't just for the bad things but becoming better and better each day. It is our desires that will always come out, God will grant you your desires. So what doth thou desire?

Regardless of circumstances the gospel can help you. No matter who you are, where you been, where you will go. The gospel is and can be apart of every aspect of our lives. You just have to look to find it. Finding requires faith. I can't believe how many times I waited and waited for life to start picking up for me. Or something big would just happen all on it's on. That I would become this great person with a snap of the fingers. But, it's not like that at all. If you want change you have to be the change. You have to prove to God what you want by acting on it and if you do so even if you try your hardest and run short some days, God will make up for the rest. Oh, how I love the Savior and Our Heavenly Father. How humbled I am that they would make all the difference for all of us, for someone like me. We have a lot to thank. So go out and prove to Them that you love Them too by loving His children.

I can't tell you how much joy there is in the work. I get a little nervous, but when you start speaking about truth... this gospel everything begins to have a steadiness. The world gets more brighter and our purpose gets more clearer.

I love that.

And I love you all.

As the Slovenes and the Croatians we have been practicing our song for Sunday. It's great to listen to the words in our languages and feel the spirit so strongly. To walk around from day to day with a song stuck in my head and it be in Slovene! It's just amazing how far we have all come. How perfect is the universe?

Infield orientation was on Thursday and it was great. The talks and different segments really shed a ray... No the whole sun of how great is this work. It got everyone so excited and ready to spread this gospel. We had one speaker and he was a young French guy, just off his mission a few years ago. His accent was thick and he was hilarious. He told a story about how at a French wedding the bride and the groom didn't want to have to buy wine for everyone because it was way too expensive so they thought they were clever by asking each guest to bring a glass of wine with them. At the entrance there would be a big barrel and the guests would pour the wine in it and when the time came for wedding toasts they would pour everyone a glass from this barrel. When it was time they poured the first glass and to their surprise it was just water. How could the wine be water? (It's not some trick or some new testament story..  but that would be cool.) But rather everyone (every guest) had the same idea of hey everyone is bringing wine. I don't want to use my own or buy any so I will just bring a cup of water and no one will notice.

What I got out of this is the Word of Wisdom is still right on target but we can't just bring water in this life. We need to bring our own cup of wine. We can't think oh, maybe I will try later. Or I can just sneak in the cracks. No one will notice. this work is only sufficient if we try, if we try to progress. If we give are all. To love and be loved in return. We can't just sit at home and eat nutella and watch the football team. Although, that is nice. We must be seekers. Act. Help. and Invite.
This is a glorious life. Full of wonders and splendors. the mundane to great, and each moment is precious, each day is new. We must go out and give our all.

To believe we will have success. You truly make your own story ending. SO what will be your success story?

I invite you to ponder and think of what you want. What success story you want to own to have and act on it. Show your desire, your Faith. And you will see miracles.

Life is moving pretty fast if you don't stop and look around once in awhile you could miss it.

So start looking now.

I love and pray for you all. It's been amazing at the MTC. Amazing people and an amazing spirit. I hope to be the best missionary I can be. To be a servant to the lord. I love serving Him, and by so serving a mission. I am so pumped with the spirit I want to be my best and talk to everyone.

This is the true restored gospel. Jesus Christ is our living Savior. Our Redeemer. Our Hope, our only Chance. The Atonement works and has changed so many lives for the better. The happiness that comes from this is beyond compare. The Messiah is the ultimate healer. He is our Our Brother. Heavenly Father is our FATHER. He loves us, They both love us. God asks us one thing. To live like Christ did. Let us simply love back. Let us be greater than we are through His grace. Through the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon I know we can receive guidance and the strength to move onward. That Families are forever and that is my greatest joy. I love you all and hope your week is great!

Keep your head up.
Sestra Cuthbert

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