Monday, October 14, 2013

Week Eleven / The Best Two Years


First off I want to apologize for the emails not being as detailed. There is so little time but I'll try my best and send letters tomorrow. I love you and want you to know how much I respect you and ya...

It's been crazy how much you think about your own family out here... Like what kind of mom I'll be and how I want the best and being the best mother and letting my kids grow up in this Gospel and hoping they understand and treasure these principles and understand how much the love of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for them. I hope I can be the best for them and you. 

This week has been crazy and full of little miracles! On Tuesday we were just walking and we were a little early going to a lesson so Sestra P. had turned down a different way to a park and we were talking and she stopped and she was saying "see all these people walking their dog or sitting on a bench. You are going to go talk to them. So which one is calling out to you?" I was a little nervous seeing that my Slovene is so caveman but I was looking around and never so much in my life I ever thought I would be living the Best Two years. If you ever wonder if a mission is like that movie... It totally is. A man with a dog was coming toward us and I was like freaking out.. Asking Sestra P.  if he was coming cause he kept stopping. But then he went the other way, we got nothing so we walked next down to the river and some cute old lady was sitting there, I rolled back my shoulders and took a gulp of the cold Slovenian air (seriously its so cold.... I love it!) and walked over and sat and talked to her.  It's funny when someone is talking to you and you just smile and nod your head then turn to your companion and ask what they just said. It's crazy how much I already understand though, I know the only reason I do though is because of the Holy Ghost.

We have family home evening here and it's so funny to see all the older people playing games and absolutely loving it! They like our American games. They just love that we are American and trying to learn their language.   We had our English lesson party and it was hilarious because we played mafia and they were taking it way to seriously. When they asked if they were the mafia.. Their faces were priceless... 

We are so lucky to have prayer can I just say? We were driving to our first lesson and it was like a 30 minute drive to it and we didn't realize that we had absolutely no gas. I kept praying for Sestra P and I to make it there safely and actually get there. We did and the lesson was absolutely amazing! We bore testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, we handed her the Book of Mormon and let her read some and she would not put it down she just wanted to keep reading! Sestra P. and I had the same feeling of we should ask her to be baptized... Ya first lesson right? But the spirit was so strong and we knew this woman could feel it too... So we did and she was like "yes, but I need to go slow!!"  We were so happy! I am so glad the Holy Ghost uses me for good and I can actually say the right things, but Sestra P... She is like amazing! She is truly just the sweetest most loving person ever, she takes care of me and makes sure I am learning and speaking out. It was her birthday on Sunday so we made her apple crisp. Crumble? It reminded me of you mommy so much! It was super great. We cook a lot here in Slovenia for members and just everyone... We are kind of in charge of Maribor and what goes into the activities and such since we don't have a bishop. But it's seriously so fun and gets you over the fear of talking because you have to talk a lot. I love it.

There is bakery's on every corner. We haven't gone out much to eat but I will have to go try it! We had roasted chestnuts which were crazy good it's like a specialty here. And they love like pumpkin oil here on every thing. It taste pretty funky but it's pretty rad!

We watched some general conference in Slovene with the members and it was hilarious to hear C snoring and waking him up,  C is like the most funniest German ever... He looks like Bane when he wears his sick mask around. He is crazy funny. 

I can't tell you how much I love these members. I really don't want to leave them!! It's really just a big family. We had a big district conference,  it was super awesome and getting us all pumped and ready to be better missionaries then we are!

In Slovenia, it's pretty awesome. 

They love these little slippers here that just feel like overnight mitts on your feet. I want some! But they walk around only with those in home. Side note but still.

It's so good to hear the wedding is coming along. I hope Laurel is having a good time! Not stressing cause she is beautiful and it will simply be the best.. And mom don't push yourself too hard you are way too good, the best really!! Always giving your all.

So Sestra P and I were hungry and thirsty and we went to a store and a bought a box of chocolate milk and chugged it right there. It was awesome and tasted amazing I was really happy... 

I want to bear testimony to the best book in the world. The Book of Mormon is my own little guide book to life. The small and simple teachings are profound and touch every aspect of life. I finally finished it the second time out on my mission and it never gets old we can always learn something new. The Holy Ghost sheds light through verses when I need comfort or need to know what to do. Because even on a mission we get lost and sometimes we need that extra reminder. I love how happy and how uplifted I feel when I read the scriptures. Every page is being scribbled with thoughts and things I have to remember. My book looks very much used but how much I love them. I was reading a little in the Doctrine & Covenants and 98% of it talks about how no many times we must always forgive. With all your heart forgive again and again. If God expects this of us don't you think he is also willing to do the same? God is always always having open arms no matter how much we fall or stumble or get lost... His love is unfailing and he forgives us again and again. We just need to remember how much our Savior and Heavenly Father love us and we are their sky, their stars and we must shine bright. Understand we all are in this together and we need to forgive ourselves. Again and again.

Remembering is a beautiful thing. I can't tell you how many times I forget how much we mean to Heavenly Father. Always pray for his love to surround you. To be a part of that movement and turn out and love back. Love everyone and find those in need. 

I love you so much and hope everything is great in good old Utah. Thanks for being the strings that hold my universe together. Always praying for you. Have a good week!

Love Sestra Cuthbert

...Also no one can say my name here... Ahaha

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