Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 13 / Love at Home

My Dear Family, 
Today -  Holly and her Companion at the Celja Castle

"Yo' family, I'm not dead!"- quote from Sister P. (this was said because their email was so late in coming).
We had a chestnut picnic with all the members in Slovenia today, which consisted of eating a lot... and by that I mean a lot of meat. It was fun just chilling and talking in Slovene getting to know the members and snacking on roasted chestnuts. All the members are really sweet here. We ride a lot on trains and buses to our far away destinations and going to the picnic we had a hour to kill. So Sister P and I sat next to a teenager on the train. We pulled out our Books of Mormon and started reading from it. But you know how it goes. We made eye contact, kinda showed off the book, got all smiley and started making small talk. We found out she lived kind of by our church  and she said she would drop by for one of our activities for Halloween. Then we gave her the Book of Mormon. It was an awesome train ride. We brought one of our members with us on the train and he calls me his crazy child.  He was going all crazy because he thought he did not buy enough chocolate for the train ride for us. We just have a really great branch with some super amazing members that just stop people and say come to church with us! And when you go over to their houses you better have a hallow leg! They feed you like kings here. Slovenia is just very giving here, even if they don't have much. They give and it amazes me. I love them.

On the train ride over its really hard not to stare out and look at all the beauty of the countryside. It's so green here and the trees, the acquaint little homes, the sheep, and little farms. There is so much to take in, you really just get lost in it.

So remember when I got ice cream my second night being here and we met that lady that lives really close. Well we have been meeting with her and I absolutely adore her. We gave her the obnova lesson (church restoration) and I gave the first vision, it never fails to wrap us with the loving spirit. She is definitely an awesome lady. 

Yesterday we were trying to find a former member and we had no idea where they were in this huge apartment building - but first we had to get in. We just started walking and stopped, Sister P just stopped looked at a guy sitting on a bench and we felt prompted to say hello and talk. Once we did he asked if we were needing to get in the apartment. Then he went over and opened it for us. After we went in  I just felt  like it was a video game... You talk to certain people to get in certain places. Like Lara Croft... Or something. I think it's cool though, that the spirit always helps us out. But mind you it was later in the evening and it was super dark, and the insides of the apartment building was looking like a old hospital or jail. And.... the lights were sensitive - so they would turn off randomly. It reminded me of some zombie game building. I was kind of creeped out to be honest. But we knew we had to find these people. I notice if you feel good about doing something and then you start to doubt... Do it anyway. Every time Sister P and I felt good about doing something we started going for it and then stopped half way on the stairs and thought should we? And we stood there and I thought... Lets just do it, and when we made it to their door it was an awesome experience and we got asked to come back. So never doubt yourself! 

President Rowe showed up to our area for interviews and it was awesome for him to tell us stories and talk with us all. He has such a strong spirit, it's impossible not to feel good around him. He gave us some great advice on how to work with our city and grab people in. We will definitely start acting upon his words of wisdom. Incredible man. 

When there's love at home.... The story of my life. It's been brought up a lot this week: in church, in lessons, in the heart. It's been revolving round and round. I wrote last week about how love at home cannot just be in our own home, but has to be shared. We were at one of our investigator's homes this week. She is so spiritual and full of love. I walked in her house the first time and had the feeling of  "I never wanted to leave". I adored that lesson, she was such a cool cat about it all. To be honest we had been struggling on what to teach her beforehand, but as we stepped foot in that house and the spirit unwound, the words spilled. She also loved our church hymns so we asked if she wanted to sing any. And guess what song she wanted to sing. Love at Home! It was a great discussion and I tried to explain my scattered brain to her. Love at home is something I look more and more at. The more I'm out here, the more I realize I want to see the world. I mean I have the dream of being a mom, having a family, loving them bunches. I can't wait to meet them but I want my kids to know our family doesn't just stop at our home. That our family is also out there too in the world and we need to go find them. I want to meet the world, my big family. I never took that so literally before until I came out here - we are all brother and sisters. We are all growing together, working together, loving together. There are so many people out there waiting to have you be their friend, their family, their home. I want to be that home, to anyone I run into in my life. To love with all I've got whether they will only be in my life for a single day or a trillion years. I hope to be more and to love God's children - to become the very essence, to live it always, to be the original edition of love at home. Thank you family for being my start... For letting me grow up in a home that was such a example of love. I look up to you and love you dearly. Enjoy your week and what God has given you. The work is beautiful. I keep on thinking of Mom dancing her fingers across the piano playing For the Beauty of the Earth. One of my favorites. Slovenia truly lives that song. All is well in Slovenia. Hope you have the best week ever. Tell everyone Hi and I miss them! 

Love Sister Cuthbert

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