Monday, October 7, 2013

Week Ten / Holly in Slovenia

Dear Family,

It's so good to hear all that is going on. All the pictures were great! Everyone looks like they are having fun and just living the moment. I am so glad! I really love you. The letters are hilarious and inspirational... Give my love to each one of my siblings. I AM IN SLOVENIA!

The airplane trip was way awesome. Very tiring but we did hit up 5 airports, only because things were going down... But I should say rather UP  because we went to Frankfurt! People in the Paris France airport didn't really know English and a lady was trying to get help to use the pay phone. For some reason she picked me and I conjured up some random French... God is too kind to me. He blesses us with so many different people. I love how many people we got to talk to and experience, the airplane food and 8 hour flights. 

Okay, I have to tell you about this one. SO I get on the plane and sit next to a 19 year old guy from Romania and he was way sweet. I slapped down the Book of Mormon and read it up to my face so who ever passed would have to see it. Or who ever had to talk to me had to look at the book before they saw my face. I really wanted this kid next to me to look at this book. He began to say "hey, I have seen this book before." I showed him a few verses and gave him a pass along card. I told him to look at this pass along card of Jesus and to remember to always be like him. I didn't know he was going to take it so seriously. He just looked at me in awe and said that I was giving him a gift and now he had to give me one. I was taken back by that... We are giving a gift to people. The gift of this gospel is the greatest gift of them all and it's meant for everyone. I liked that. He was seriously the best.

It was awesome going through Frankfurt and everyone talking in German... I just went along and was smiling. The two other sisters I was with were way tired. We were all just a sleepy but happy happy mesh.

When we made it on the Croatian Plane everyone was speaking our languages and that really pumped us up. We really just were having the best time on the plane talking about the Gospel and Jesus Christ. Giving out our first Books of Mormon!

When we made it to Zagreb we saw President Rowe and got a warm welcome. It was so nice to get to go into their home and have amazing home made food and just meet the family. Sister Rowe was a sweet heart and the twins are absolutely adorable. We went to bed right after dinner because we got to Zagreb at 8ish.

We woke up to the most beautiful breakfast. Everything just tastes better here. I've missed it.
We then went to the Zagreb Church where we had a training meeting. Jet lag was making everyone loopy but we were just so happy to finally be where we were meant to be. Everyone was so welcoming and such a big family. All the missionaries here are just great and seem like the best... I am so excited to learn from all of them. I got my package and I know you said only read like one per day... But ya. I just got so excited I read all of them.

Sister Rowe gave such a good thought about the story of Peter coming on the water to walk to Jesus, he had to go pretty far out and when he got scared and started to sink into the sea Jesus came and helped him. And it kinda stops the story there but what it doesn't say is that what happened after that? Peter would have to walk back to the boat... But he would walk back with the Savior. And we can apply that to life how we may be faithful and strong but waves will come... We may get scared and fall but the Savior is always reaching for us, always helping us up and then once we allow him to help us, humble ourselves and entrust in him. We can walk forward with Jesus Christ back to the boat, back to our home. Awesome. I loved that. Aren't the scriptures glorious?

Okay, so I had an interview with President Rowe and he is amazing. The spirit is so strong with him and the love of Heavenly Father is there. he gave promises and guidance.... I seriously want to be my best here. This work is incredible. I got called to - of course, Slovenia. My companion is Sister P.  She is the best Trainer ever. I seriously look up to her. She has the best out look of everything. She just wants to have so much love for the people everyday... To let it grow. I found her astounding. She is just so bright and her love does show for the people. I am so lucky I get to work with her.
Holly and her Trainer

She got to drive us home which was like a two hour journey... The scenery was surreal and I was just aching to get out of the car and go teach. She told me I was her little Calhoon (The Best Two Years). I thought that was hilarious.

We made it to the senior couple home. They are so cute and made me feel right at home. Right when we walked in the door they made us banana splits. Yay!

We then walked with my luggage to the apartment which is across the bridge 30 minutes away. Yes, our area is big! The elders helped us and they are just.... Amazing. Elder H and Elder S are just fantastic missionaries and I just really love our district already.

We just say hi to everyone we pass. Apparently here you have to wear tights or they think you will get sick..They are really really big on being healthy here. They are hilarious. So we went to bed after planning and prep-ing for the next day and it was the best bed ever... I married that bed. The best sleep ever.

On my first day there, my first contact was with a drunk... Which was hilarious. I just talk to everyone and on the bus I don't sit next to my companion, I go sit with others, I just try to speak to everyone. It's really funny since I don't know a lot. But my companion really helps me. We had English class and we hang with the members a lot. There isn't a lot but they are the best people ever. There is a member who is like a Mr. Beans and is just hilarious... 

We also had a baptism and it was an amazing experience to see that and talk to the investigator and help her get ready for baptism. She was so sweet after her baptism she was just saying "I am back home." I will never forget her face. She was so happy.

Sister P says I have GOLDIE POWER because things that never happen are happening. Like we do church tours on Saturday and no one shows ever but someone did and we gave a Book of Mormon and taught the first lesson!

One night I was like I want ice cream! And then later on we were going home but a lady stopped us and asked why we were eating ice cream when it is cold outside... so we talked and she began to explain how curious she was about us and how she wanted us to come over. It was cool to see the spirit just guide people, us to each other. I love the holy ghost. I love the scriptures... I get so excited to read those glorious verses.

The grocery store!!"-best two years.
Ours was Ice Cream... The work is exciting and I keep thinking I want to do this forever.

I love this place. Maribor is just beautiful and I wish I always want to be this diligent in living the gospel. There is so much joy and a new fuller happiness. We are told to pray to have a vision of our mission or life what we want. What we desire. But I feel we should be praying for God's vision, for the vision he has for us. I want to look through God's spectacles and notice the beauty, the soul in everyone. These people have such beautiful testimonies. It was exciting on this last Fast Sunday to hear them. I love you all and hope you are well... Thank you for the support and the love. The letters are awesome reminders I have some awesome people back home. We can look back and think look at how great! But we must always look forward and realize we have great things to look ahead to.

Where are we willing to go? Saturday morning session
Because of His love, we can change.

I can change. I can become. We all can become. The transformation this Gospel brings is incredible. To believe in success and love these people in Slovenia is the greatest joy.

Love love love
Sestra Cuthbert

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