Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 15 / Love Fest

Draga Najlepsa Prijtelica, Ljuba Mama,

I love all the pictures you send me. All the little details and great stories that are happening back home. I love your words and what Parker, Ivy, and Laurel are up to. It makes me smile to know things chaos-ly go, but how great it all is. Tell the family I absolutely love them and their brilliance. Also, let the ward members know I have been receiving a few letters and it's been really the best to receive an abundance of love from around our neighborhood. Thank you. You all help me press onward.

I'll share a few quick things that happened this awesome week. A lot of thought process too. Vsem: The hot chocolate here is not what you think. It's divine, it's sure holy and it ain't watered down. No. Hot chocolate here is like a thick soup. We all went to get some on P-day after our hike to a church. We were all feeling very tubby afterwards. Fat but totally happy. Did I mention I eat like a hobbit here! I have my pre-breakfast, breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, supper, before bed time snack. The Slovenians feed us like kings... I can just see my future now... When I am getting off the plane and you all see me and stop clapping because I will just be slugging along being Jabba the Hut. Great times though. I really love the Celija Sisters and Elders. It's hard to see Sister L. go home because she is seriously the best, most funniest woman I know. I really loved going on exchanges and learning from her. She was very true to herself and honest. I absolutely love her. 

We had Zone conference this week and it was incredible how much the spirit was there. President Rowe is an inspired man. We talked a lot on how we can get the members involved. He also brought up the fact that we need to be persistent in our work. To never, ever give up. To love with all we got. That when we are down we have to pick our self up and dust ourselves off. Try again, and again. We talked about contacting and to never get discouraged. That we must replace fear with faith and trust in the Lord. Which I fully agree, you can't do anything with out Him. He also brought up what holds most value in this life... Throughout history it has been Gold, Oil, Coal, Diamonds, resources of this world... but also beliefs too. Beliefs held a lot of value and dictated a lot of how things were brought about. Religion... how it was and still changes history forever. This Gospel is worth more than gold. Our testimonies our worth more than anything. It holds our values, we can't just dust off the foundation of the old and call it good. But, we must grow and build on it. We can't just spout off words and expect it to hold someones attention as missionaries... But rather, we need to live it. Let it dig in our souls, thrive in our hearts, develop as our language and shine through our eyes. We have to, it is the only way. Great conference though. It really inspired and keeps us on our feet. 

When we were coming back from the meeting there was a man was sitting on the train near us... I felt very impressed to talk to him but he was reading and seemed like he didn't want to be bothered. We told him hello and such but I just didn't know how to start. I asked Sister P. for her Book of Mormon because mine was already given away earlier. She had a bunch of papers in it and I asked if I could take it out. I knew for some reason that this book was not going to be ours for very long. She asked for what and just leave it in. I told her "I feel it, Sister. I feel something huge is going to happen... And I won't take no for an answer." I said a quick prayer and then turned over towards him and began to ask if he knew of this book, which I was showing him. I told him it was a awesome book and began to bear my testimony. He took it and said he would look at it. He did and was trying to give it back but I knew I would not take it back. I wouldn't let it happen. I began to promise him that it will change his life, that it has changed mine and how happy I was because of it. Sister P. got in on it and helped out. And I showed him some verses and it seemed like the light just opened up in his face. He eventually and gladly thanked us for the Book of Mormon. We chatted a little more and after he got off... I could not wipe the smile off my face. Persistence... We have to be persistent, and do it with much love.

We did some contacting with the two young women we have in our branch. I love them both but the one that went with me is super feisty and I really do love her. So... we went on splits with these two lovely girls and We were contacting everyone and it was a challenge because well, Slovene is still coming. But it was fun. We got a lot of rejections but nevertheless we still kept our heads high. By the end we had just had so many no's that we sat on the bridge and the girl was feeling sad that she didn't get to place a Book of Mormon. Since it was just her and I, I told her that we've got this.. and that we should just pray... To let God guide us to someone. After we prayed we looked down under the bridge and noticed a very old lady needing help taking out her garbage. We both looked at each other and booked it down to her. I think we startled the old lady because we were running down the hill  so fast and grabbing her bags. It was quite funny and she was happy to stop and talk. We talked about the gospel and of the Book of Mormon and placed the Book of Mormon in her hands.  She and I were just smiling, as we walked away. Always be the first to rush and help, it totally pays off.

Our Elderly Couple are leaving and we had a party for them. It's hard to see them go because they were just very awesome but it's been really great to have them, they have been like our grandparents out here. We ate with them and they have been was absolutely incredible and funny. It's amazing how many others devote their life to God's work and it was cool to hear their stories and for them to hear ours.

We went to the Goat ladies house again she couldn't hear us knocking at her door so we were going all Romeo and Juliet on her from the window. She came out and told us to go visit her daughter in the barn. We sat on haystacks in a tight room with the biggest cows ever, which surrounded us as we taught a lesson. The cows were just licking us and trying to eat our clothes. I must have looked confused and distraught because the cows just kept pooping and I couldn't keep a straight face. We got home for lunch break and we laid on the floor trying to figure out what had just happened and laughed it off. It was Good day.

From my favorite artist, Jason Mraz... (but let me take it out of the context of the song and put it right here on this e-mail as something I feel and that we all need to hear as individuals, as His children) "God knows we're worth it" Do you know that? Sometimes it's even hard for me to believe. But it's true. We should always be reminded of that. So let me tell you how much you are. Especially to me. I love you all. I see us as music and at some points we can't hear the rhythm and with God we have harmony. Life is full of sound and tunes and that makes us rejoice, sing, dance. But when we fall or mess up in life... it just feels empty... The harmony breaks... and the music stops. You notice something is missing, we carry no tune, only the buzzing noise of pause on a boom box. Only when we live through God will our song be loud. Only when we have the courage to press the play button and let the music play on. The music is within us, we all have that light, and you all are making a symphony and making the best tunes around. Let us dance, let us sing, let us be happy.

I love you all. I realize we need to say it more. I've decided I will say it more.. Even here in Slovenia. We went to one of our investigators that is in the hospital and she is very old and the cutest thing. We sang "I am a child of God" and I told her that God loves His children that I love Him and that I love her, too. It's true though... We all our family. Might as well love. If we do: burdens will be lighter. Times will be easier and smiles will grow brighter. I truly believe that. And with all that in mind. I wish you all a happy love-saying-fest week. I love you. Be good.

Sestra Cuthbert

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