Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 16 / I Won't Give Up

Love this Photo on the Hills of Solvenia.
Dear Mamasita, Dear Papa, My Siblings!

I love you dearly, I cannot wait to check my email every week and see the pictures and what is happening next. You always inspire me to see the beauty and happiness but realizing that life is real and there are hard things, but staying strong, breaking through it with love is the only way to live it. I really cannot wait to sit down on a couch and just snuggle up next to you. Mom, can I have a rain check for some Indian food with you? It will be our little date. They have some mean Indian guru food here. I live for those days we get it.

How is Papa doing? I hope he knows that every letter I get from him is inspired. There are situations that are happening with investigators and I do not know which way to turn. Dad's letters are always the answers.

What is also really amazing is I use songs to connect with people here. I am a walking juke box. I sing a lot, but in a lesson there is always a point that I feel I need to sing some tunes that really inspires me for the better. The people here in Slovenia love to sing. Usually when we hop on over to houses they bring out hymns, or like an amazing grace song. It not only touches them, but me. Because music... Is so... beautiful... It makes me the happiest even on the lowest days. One of our investigators was having a rough time with trust. She was asking why we do not just give up. That we are not enough. It touched me so hard that when I talked to her I began to cry because I knew how much God loves her. So many people here think they are alone. That God is not with them, that they turn hardened and distant. They get so scared. They want hope. It hurts because I know how it feels. We all know how it feels. We are so caught up in life and many times go through hardships where we feel so alone, that Christ is not walking with us. But what we do not realize is Christ is carrying us. Our burdens, our afflictions... He takes it away and gives us tender mercies of peaceful mindedness or calls to a friend to come cheer you up with a smile. We are so lucky, so privileged, and so worth it. So enough to God our Heavenly Father. I cannot tell you that enough. He won't give up on us, so never give up. I love absolutely love my investigators here.

I really cannot handle them having rough times and when they are down. I never thought I would hug so much. I love them and I want them to know how much God does too. It is truly a blessing to be out here and do that. To gather the children and care for them as our own. I am so lucky to have this gospel and to feel inner peace. I am so lucky that I have a family that never gives up on me, even when times get rough. I am so lucky that I have the best book to read and ponder on. That the Book of Mormon is my long life book that I will keep reading, keep scribbling in little revelations, little helpers that help me with each day. I am so lucky, so privileged to have my brother, my savior die for me, for us, so that we could receive the fullest joy and that here in this life we need to learn to be like him and love with all we got. I really liked what an elder said in his testimony. He said he was here....He was only existing because of families. It is true we are,  all of us families and we secure and help each other. We love each other. Well hopefully. Yes, we can be dumb... Yes we are not always our best. But we are working on it. We are trying and that is what counts. I am so lucky to call you all family. If you think about it, we are lucky for a lot of things... We have so many blessings. So many things to be thankful for. I know I do. And all of it is because of families. Heavenly and earthly. I hope you know how much gratitude I have for you.

We had transfers this week and Sestra P. and I are still together. Which is awesome I love her and she is like my mom. Always taking good good care of me. I owe her a lot. We work really well together and are on the same page. It is nice to know that God puts us with people, even across the world that is perfect for each other. It is too good. I have been a little sick but I keep strong and head out, we walk a ton and it is nice to have fresh air. Winter is coming so I drink a lot of herbal tea and am trying to stay as healthy as possible. But no worries. It is always looking up.

This week is exciting because we got one of our investigators on date for baptism! He is hilarious and I swear he is the most hyper-est 50 year old you will meet. He talks so fast, we had to like yell his name to get a word in but I love that guy. He is a really good man and gives his all. You can tell he just wants to be closer to the Savior. He told us he cannot cook and then this week he said he cooked for us. We went over and it was breaded so Sister P. couldn't eat it because she is gluten intolerant. So he told me I had to eat it all...Most interesting...Weirdest dish... I have no idea what I was eating, what I was tasting, but God blesses you. Truly even not to have taste buds and to have a hollow leg.

There has been a lot of rain. But it has been really good. A lot of wet clothes and shoes and we come home every night and just get warm clothes on to plan. Hot chocolate is a blessing and tea... Oh, their tea here is fantastic. Mom, I will make you try a lot when I take you back here.

One more quick story. The Holy Ghost is incredible. It is amazing how in tuned you get with it. Sestra P. and I have the same thoughts and are just on the same spiritual brain wave when it comes to teaching. Like exact. We have had a lot of incredible experiences with it. But one is where we were sitting at a bus stop and wanted to get on because it was so cold, there was a girl next to me and the spirit was just egging me on to talk to her. Sestra P. was feeling it too. Without telling each other or looking at one another we both walked up to her and began to talk. We gave the Book of Mormon and she was so excited and wants us to come over. We need more teens in this church!!! And it is really hard to talk to them here because they just do not want anything to do with it. But this particular teenager was intrigued. It is such a testimony to me that God prepares the people and prepares us to find them. I feel like Sherlock Holmes or a CSI detective when we are navigating out people and looking at where formers live and such. It is all fun but serious work- that I really love and my feet are still getting the hang of. We walk a lot... And run a lot.... my calves burn. SO I guess when I get back I will just have solid rock leg muscles. Eh? Eh? win. Win. Anyway love you. Cannot believe Laurel is about to get married, exciting stuff. I hope all is well. Love love you.

Sestra Cuthbert

P.S. I am so much at peace... I have not had that in a while... It is so good I just do not know what to do with myself.

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