Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 18 / It's Christmas Time!

Dear Family,

It's CHRISTMAS TIME! I am so happy for this December month... I can't believe the time and how fast everything is going.

Monday (p-day) last week, Sestra P and I wanted to have a chill day. So we grabbed our mattresses and set them up in the dining room and watched some awesome little bible videos from the 80's. So cheesy but super good. We had like a sleep over that night on the floor and the next day we had to do exchanges with Sister J and Sister F for 2 days. I was taking rule over our city for the days while Sister P would be heading south to Zagreb. Sister P got me all prepped and pumped to be on my own and show Sestra F.

When I was with Sister F it was really fun. I got to practice my teaching and contacting skills and she showed me how it's done to get into apartments. She was really sweet and dedicated. I used a lot of faith those two days. We would want to go somewhere... and in my head I would think... Oh, yea... I don't know where that is. I would laugh out loud and pray very hard. Hoping we wouldn't get lost. Some how every time we were led the right way. Always making it, I would always have a big smile and yet every time my jaw would drop when we would turn the corner and make it to our destination without any hesitation. The Spirit is incredible and it just helps me realize we really need to keep in tune with the it. It is amazing how at home in Utah, I would get too caught up with the world and things going on... I would get lost. Now recognizing the Spirit in everyday thinking helps the day go far more better. I feel found, where ever I maybe. I do not feel alone. I know I am protected and I know that the spirit will guide me. So much of the time on the exchange I kept praying for guidance to be led to people who needed me. Sestra F and I got on a bus and I sat next to a cute old man with the best smile around. I talked to him about our church and how awesome it was. He noticed the Book of Mormon I had been practicing reading out of and he asked for me to come by his house so that he could learn more. He gave me his address right then and there. It still amazes me how I can understand people sometimes. The Spirit was really helping me when Sister P had to leave on exchanges. I noticed  I could communicate a lot better. I am just so grateful the Spirit helped me have guts for me to be courageous. Without it I would be just sitting in my apartment eating nutella. Oh, my goodness they love nutella here. Just hazelnut is in everything...

In our English class we have some pretty amazing people. I was teaching them the word RAD and AWESOME and acting out a few things for them. Kind of been really weird. But it helped them remember the words. and now when I ask them how they are, they always say "I am doing so radddd." I love it.

We had to make dessert for the Celje Thanksgiving last week and we wobbled our way over to the train station with all our dishes. It was great to see my ''mom'' again after exchanges, Sister P. We reunited in Celje and had a great Thanksgiving. We all prepped together the feast and ate like ravaging beasts. Elder B made some delicious pumpkin pie. I was seriously impressed with how good it was. I also got to say the Thanksgiving prayer and it was weird saying it in English for the Elderly Couple. I think I am sticking with Slovene when I come home. ;) But I am, more than anything thankful for my beautiful family. It is for sure at the top of my list.

We brought an investigator to a baptism in Ljubjana on Saturday and during the baptism I was praying so hard that he would feel something. After the actual baptism was done and testimonies were being given he turned to me and said he had the biggest chills. He was aching to find out more. Sestra P and I jumped on that because he seriously is a goldie when it comes to the church. He loves that we all act as a family and he really has the sincerest heart. I love teaching him.

We have got 2 people on date now for the "white christmas" and they are super excited. It was hard for both of them at first but the more we teach and see them the more they become strong and realize how badly they want this gospel. We went to one of our investigators that is on date and I found out he is a kick boxing teacher. I was asking how it is done and we began to draw our poses, me doing some karate pose and he pretended to hit me in the face. We sat down to do our lesson and he kept on pretending to hit me showing all this moves. So while we were teaching about church and baptism he kept pretending to punch my face and karate chop my leg. I couldn't stop laughing and I started making action noises after awhile. He is very great and sincere. We calmed down after a few minutes and had a great lesson. He wants to get baptized in a lake in the winter... We told him it would be way cold and he just said wear coats then (Poor Elders).

We hung out with another investigator and her family. I really love this family and their daughter is  so similar to me. It is really crazy weird. Every week they go up to the mountain forest to gather water from the stream to drink and sing. We went with them and it was beautifully peaceful. I can't believe how much I love these people. They are really amazing.

I saw Sestra Br...  and goodness I LOVE that women, I cannot wait to see her again on Tuesday/tomorrow for Zone conference. She is one tough woman, and I admire her a lot.

I realize to find happiness is in loving, even when it's the hardest thing to do. TO see God's love we have to show and give it to others. I really love to love. I can't get over it. If we fear, if we are scared, if we feel alone. God is there and His love over rules it all. I love 1 John 4.. It is a lot about love and one of the verses, 18 I believe, says there is no fear in love. But perfect love casteth out fear. We are but in the heart of God, and we have no need to fear. Hope you all love more and be the courageous lions that you are. I am excited to hear how the wedding goes.

I love you all so much. Tell dad he is sweet and I bet his testimony probably would of made me cry. Love you once again.
Sestra Cuthbert

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