Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 19 / Christmas is coming

Holly's new Peruvian Hats

I feel like the more and more I am here the more I want to be in comfy clothes. I keep passing hippie/gyspy clothes and fall in love. They know how to dress cool. Can I just say? They have bright colors and do-dads that I think is super awesome. Who knows, maybe when I come home I will just be some crazy haggard colorful Mormon hippie girl. That could be fun. Wow. Family. Do you know how much I love you. My sister is getting married. One of the most beautiful days of her life and I am missing those sweet moments. Man, I wish the best and I hope you know I will be loving and thinking of all of you. This December month is too good. I am excited to call Daniel my brother. Give him a hug for me. Mom, you better take a trip to tropical islands after. I bet you are working 110% You are the most loveliest mother and hardest working. How lucky we are to have such a sweet spirit as you.

The streets are unwrapping with lights and Christmas decorations. The lights lull me into the streets. Where there are night markets with little trinkets and hot coco. A lot of Santas and a lot of drunk Santas wondering about. I just really love this Christmas season. I keep thinking how great it was when family would gather, when service would become more abundant and love was being shared to the max. But most of all my thoughts turn to the Savior. The birth of our amazing brother Jesus Christ. I have been reading the stories Mom has sent me for each December day. I read it out loud so Sister P can hear the stories too. I get wrapped up in my blankets and tea and begin to read the pages. It is a good prep for the day. It helps me remember to look outward and remember of Jesus's b-day. I just read the story of a college student going into the fields in Jerusalem where he would see the now a day shepherds gathering their sheep. A young Shepherd boy let the college student hold a newly born lamb and it was then that he realized how Jesus knew the life of Shepherds. That they would hold the baby sheep close to them until the long dark nights had passed. That Jesus is our Shepherd and he too holds us till the long dark nights pass. I really liked that analogy.

Dancing around their formers
Our investigator has been really getting into the scriptures and talking on light and dark. The storms and winds that may come but how firm we shall be if we hold onto God. I love it. Everything shines when we have God in our lives. The storms may roll on down, but we will dance and wait for the sun to return. Or the Son. Either way. I really love looking at the hard and finding the beauty, Sister P is really good at that. I really love her and all she has done for me. She knows my facial expressions too well. She calls me Winnie the Pooh, or Teddy Bear. I just give her a disgusted face but laugh hard. She really takes care of me and finds good in all. I really look up to that. We go pretty crazy some days. We were working on our former investigators papers and getting the area book organized. We placed it all over the kitchen and I put on my long Peruvian hat and just danced around it. Sometimes. You need a break. It was fun, Sister P puts up with my weirdness. She is so good to me.

We went to zone conference and it was like always - incredible to hear the words of our zone leaders and AP's. Can't forget President Rowe and his words of pure wisdom. It was focused a lot on the Book of Mormon this time and it was really a powerful meeting. The Book of Mormon is why I am out here. It gives me purpose and guidance. I read it like "my how to do for dummies".  I find inspiration and see the blue prints within. When I have a struggle or just don't know how to get about things I go to it and the answer is there. With whatever we may be wondering. With whatever we are dealing with it is in this Gospel, this book. It's the answer. I am so grateful for the love and peace I feel through the Book of Mormon. I get so excited to read the words and find the beautiful details that can help others and to give them strength. This book changes people. It has changed me for the better. I am happy because of the knowledge I have, for the Gospel I get to be in. For my Savior Jesus Christ, For my Heavenly Father. You can't get better than this.
Zone Conference December 2013

After zone conference we were running late and trying to get to the train. We were carrying packages and Elder S started to carry others so he had like four piled high and we started running. We probably all looked hilarious running and freaking out! Elder  dropped his name tag and I picked it up like in those cool movies with in slow motion and getting stuff done while running full speed. No stopping us! I told him to go! And we booked it. By the time we got there we were sweating and we had missed the train. So we had a good laugh and started going through our packages to get some sweets. I got a package from my amazing ward and I was really happy and grateful for the sweet notes and goodies. Thank you my lovely ward back home, you are the best.

We have been hanging and teaching with the members and investigators and it's been a real treat having some amazing people to teach. We have a lady who is absolutely fantastic and her friend that got her involved with our church is super lovely. She was a Hare Krishna. Whatever that is called. She really enjoys life and when we got on the bus to go teach her friend we just boogied and sang all the way. She was a hit! One day we were walking by McDonald's and saw her in there with her son who is not a member so we ran in and got a bite so we could sit down with them and talk about the Gospel. Such a beautiful family.

This week has just been a lot of bearing testimony and getting ready for our Christmas Party. It's amazing how much comfort and spirit I get when testifying of Christ. When I say his name it's like warmth takes over the air and I feel at home. Testimonies are so important to share with others. not only to help others but to help ourselves in realizing what is truly important to us. And when we bear that testimony the Spirit gives us the boost and lets us recognizing our worth, that we are Children of God, a Heavenly Father, who loves us. It's super great.

We are getting a lot more teenagers and it's great to see all their hopeful faces and longing to know truth. We keep hanging with our youth in our branch, they are the sweetest cutest little missionaries I know. We are blessed to have those YW in our lives. I hug on them and when they get down I make sure they have my shoulder to lean on. I think of you mom when I do this. How much I feel like a mom to these kids, how much I want them to have the best. I just love my parents for being my shoulder to lean on so many times. I am so lucky

We found on our play list the Moses movie song "Look through Heaven's Eyes".  Best song ever. That's on repeat 24/7 at our house. We love it.

I feel like Bear Grills out here. We have to eat everything and anything to Survive! And sometimes people feed us... Well I don't know what! But to survive this winter cold we have to keep our proteins and a lot of Electrolytes! Ya, grub here is like everything from nature. Their desserts are like bird seed, and nuts with no sugar. It's like where is the BUTTER? Just kidding. I really love the organic and healthiness of Slovenia. It makes me feel better.

I want to know how the wedding goes. You all better boogie it up on the dance floor for me and have 2 slices of some cake. It's the only way. Wish the best luck to Laurel. I hope she is alright.
I love you all, remember to have tons of fun. To love with all you got and the be those amazing people I know and love. Have wonderful Christmas/ wedding holidays. Do go crazy and love it.

Sestra Cuthbert

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