Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 20 / Love Love Love to you all

Hey, Hey!!!

I have been loving the stories you sent me for each day of December. In fact, I like them so much that I have been sharing some with my investigators and in-actives. I just want to let you know- Mom and Dad, you are inspired. Sestra P and I went to this man's house and we were having a good conversation about Christmas and everything but then it was time for me to start off the spiritual thought. I didn't know where I was going with this or that and the story was in English but I reached down for the little envelope from my bag and took out the story of the man going to Jerusalem and holding the baby lamb. As I spoke the words and tried to conger up what I could in Slovene the Spirit took hold and warmed the air. Holy Cow... It was such a strong over powering feeling when I told that story and how Jesus is our Shepherd. I was testifying of Christ and chills were going crazy on me. How much I love this gospel and how it makes me feel, but more importantly how great my joy is because I know Christ lives.

Our investigator is doing really well. We have been going over just about everything we can. We have been praying so hard. Having mighty prayers of just total and complete asking for help, that we may have the spirit and that our investigator will take the things we are teaching into her heart. When we go for the lessons she has already read things that fit right along with what we were going to teach her and commit her to. So, she is so obliging and she will be baptized this week! Although, this is the most amazing thing ever, we must keep working hard and make sure she gets our love and care everyday. Pray for her this week Mom and Dad, she needs it. She has been a little scared but she knows full-hearted she wants this. It is changing her and I can see it in her face how much it is. I always feel God's overwhelming love for her when I see her and I make sure she knows how much that is true. We had just taught the Word of Wisdom and the next time we saw her she had just gone to a party and said they were all drinking and such. Sestra P's and my face dropped. Thinking NOOO!!! But she went on to say how good she felt when she was just drinking her cup of water and that she felt so strong. We seriously beamed out how golden and awesome she is. She loves church and soaks in what everyone is saying. I will take pictures of her this week. I absolutely love her.

Our branch Christmas party was on Saturday and it involved us missionaries decorating and cooking a lot... This is when I got a glimpse of what a relief society president or someone over a ward party has to do... I bow down to you all. Wow. You do so much. I can't tell you how much being on a mission strengthens but helps us realize how much people put their love and effort in. We need to learn how to be helpful and grateful. Because ward members do a lot. A lot, a lot. So shout out to all my ward members back home. Thanks for all you do. So grateful... And Mom you're a babe. Such a hard worker. I want to be more like you.

Also for the Christmas party I made that famous frosting, the one you always make mom. The Death by Chocolate. Ohh yea, always hits the spot. The people love it. LOVE IT HERE. The branch president wife says she tried it and then she craved it fortnightly. I gave her a jar of that goop for Christmas. She was way too happy. I love that woman. I was the angel for the nativity scene and I just wore a white cloth. It was actually really beautiful and I got to hold a big star wand thing. I kept messing around with it and leading the music with it. Everyone after thought we had done super awesome and practiced for weeks. Nope, we did it in one day! Boo-ya our branch is cool!

We showed the Joseph Smith movie to one of our awesome 22 year old investigator and he absolutely loved it. He is like already a member. Always staying after to clean up. Talking to everyone and when someone new comes in he bee lines them and gets them comfortable. He is super and I love seeing his progression in this church. He loves the feeling here. I do too.

I finally got my Visa! I went to go pick it up in Ljubljana and got to hang with Sestra B and Sestra B, two of my favorite ladies. Those two lovely girls are sweet and I love talking to them and catching up. They helped us get around and find the building we had to go to.

Transfers have come and left....wooooo - No one moved! YAY! Which makes me super happy because I wanted to be here for our White Christmas on the 21st, and because I love Sestra P. What's new? She is simply amazing.

This week we went down a weird, kinda creepy, kinda cool, street as we were trying to find someone. but we couldn't.  Sestra P wanted to get out of there, but I told her I had a really really good feeling about going down farther. We went down farther and nothing happened. So we turned around and started walking back and a man passed and stopped because he wanted to know about my tag. He had a mixture of Slovene and German going on. What was cool was I could understand so I started going half Slovene half German too. Sestra P was so confused as she was trying to get his number and he would be like, '' Eins, stri , nula, funf''. Awesome. I loved it. After we left. I just got way happy. I love German. Actually I just love languages... Yea? yea.

For our weekly planning we finally got to write we have 1 baptism this week. I got up from my desk and started boogieing in the kitchen and singing, '' I feel good!! Dun dun dun I knew that I would now! I feellll right, like sugar and spice So Gooooodd!'' It's going to be a great week.

I keep seeing the Hobbit signs. I am glad you loved it. I can't wait to see it with all of you.

By our house they made a huge ice skating rink and at night when we are going home there is so many people and excitement that I can't help but imagine my Ivy skating on that ice. It's good memories and it makes me miss you all. But not a bad miss. A good loving miss. I love you all. It's been hard news this week to hear about the struggles and the heart-aches. My heart and prayers were going to you fervently especially this week. It's hard to look passed things sometimes and sometimes it's hard to see the joy in the the sad. But I hope you find the beauty in the hard. I know that everything will work out. I want to hug you all and I am so excited to skype or phone call you soon. We must learn to love our fate the good and the bad. The struggles and beauty in life and to love it. Because it's leading to your final destiny, your final happiness. I will write you a letter this week. I hope you see God's tender mercies, I hope you feel His love, I hope you never forget to pray. It sounds so simple but it's so much more. We can talk to our Heavenly Father. How cool is that. What's even cooler is He answers back. He in on the other line. Just Listen. You all are amazing, and I love you. Can't wait for Christmas. Can't wait for you.

Sestra Cuthbert

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