Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 22 / Love is All You Need

Dear Family! I love you! Thanks for this awesome week!
It was super great this week to go around our town and give away treats and talk about the Savior with everyone. To share that sweet message always made the days brighter. While being on a mission it is kind of inevitable that you bear your testimony all the time, but how great you feel after you say it. Like you want to say it all the TIME, Even in my broken down Slovene, it feels so right and so complete.
I gave a talk this week on how love and peace grows our faith. I wanted to go all out in metaphors and words of wisdom that would blow their minds! As time came down to the actually speaking, the words that I spoke, the simple phrases I ended up doing were the strongest. It was an eye opener to me that this Gospel has simplicity but how deepening it is. That we don't need to elaborate and make complications, but simply state the truth and that is enough. I have much gratitude for simple words that can go a long way. Like, ''We are God's Children. He loves us.'' I find that so powerful. If we could just wrap our heads more around those words, I think we would see and do things a lot differently. 
We can learn so much about God, about Jesus when we just love. One of the gifts God has given us is to love and be loved in return. The plan that Heavenly Father gave to us was made because of the love He has for us as His Children. Jesus our Savior came down to this earth and died for us because of the love He has for us as His brothers and sisters. They loved us so much that it is just right to try to love that much back. To meet the world to love all God's children, you are meeting your whole family. Let them in. It's a nice reminder to me that we really do just need to love and love and accept everyone as our own. As one of the members said, '' When you meet someone new or old you love them no matter what. You accept them no matter what, even if they don't do it your way. You love. You treat them as Kings and Queens.'' It struck me. I love how true this member lives by this golden-ness. I want to be only that. I hope I can strive for that more and more.
We are all children of God. We all have a destiny, we all deserve happiness. We all deserve another chance. We can always turn to Jesus Christ for peace. When you truly remember the Savior you have the fullest love. We must pray to love people more. When it is done with love it is done right. If you will only allow God's love into your life, it can soften any sorrow, mend any wound, and heal any heart. I promise if we reach out to others with love, if we try to strive to live and be more Christ like. If we do what is right. We will find that peace, that love... Overwhelmingly. Sometimes it can come in a blink, sometimes it may take years, but I promise God and the Savior are always with you. They know your name, they know your needs, and how much they LOVE YOU. If we remember the sacrifices Jesus made, the atonement He gave, if we try to serve diligently, and keep His commandments. Serve with all we got, listen, be kind, pray, pray, pray, if we do this, our love will increase and our happiness will grow.
To find this ultimate happiness. The secret to it all is only by following Christ. I know this. I love Jesus Christ, I love Heavenly Father, and I love you all. Bodi ljubezen, bodi ljubezen, bodi ljubezen in mu sledi. ( Be love, be love, be love and follow him) I had to, just had to say that in my talk. It's my motivation, my motto.
I can't tell you how much it meant to me to see you and all the family. It made me realize even more that I need to work hard and that how little time I have here. I need to live it and share this gospel like crazy. It also made me realize I love you a ton. Not that I didn't already know that, but just the fact that I love you and I know I get to spend the rest of my eternities with you. I want everyone to have this joy. This promise. I loved hearing your voices and seeing your faces. I really can't believe I haven't seen you in so long, yet when I saw you it felt like you had been with me all along. It was really great.
It's nice to see people rooting for me.
Just know I am rooting for you too!
Christmas was love and all about Christ. There was a calm and there was just sweet hope in the air that night. Our Christmas didn't have snow or cold air. It was surprisingly really really warm. I really liked it.
Happy New Years! It's a bright year to come. To have faith in the Savior gives us strength to see a brighter future. We have power to change. We have power to move forward. I wish you all happiness and love. I hope it's wonderful and you have a toast on New Years Day at midnight, I will probably be sleeping. Woop Woop!
Love you.
Sestra Cuthbert

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