Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 26 / Snow Finally... the only way is UP!!!!

Family! YO! I love you, don't you know?

This week was the ice ages. My face was a frozen Popsicle walking around. It was really awesome actually! I had a cold, where my throat sounds like something weird and I would just whisper to Sister F '' Jack, Jack! Come back'' (Titanic) I felt pretty accomplished because I sounded just like Rose! It's been a good week can I just say? The snow has been fun to tread in. I seriously just start jumping around in it. We were walking back from a lesson with a few of our members and investigators. The first snow had fallen and there was a ton! I forgot my gloves but that wasn't going to stop anything. I picked up the first snow ball and we had a little bit of a snow ball fight walking into the square center. I got decked in the face a couple of times and I seriously couldn't stop laughing. It's good to be a kid. Of course a mature/missionary/kid. ;) 

This week we were going around to our investigators and each of them were trying to cure my cold or give me a bunch of sweaters. I would just laugh it off, but then they would be serious and bring me a bunch a sweaters and weird remedies. The people here are so giving. It's teaching me a lot. I realized how we can always be giving a little more. Always we need to be more like this. I noticed how they always put others before them. I find that incredible. I wish to be more like this and I have been thinking and acting more on this. Just in the tiny things really. Making sure I am willing to help whenever or even just simply putting the meal on someone else's plate before my own. Even when you are deathly starving. It's worth it. It's just good to be thinking to others. Searching to think outward. Christ is such a great example of this. I can't imagine and perhaps comprehend all but Christ did so much for us because he loved us so much. It's so heroic and something I wish to grow in while in my time out here and days to come back home.

I am going to go off on a little tangent here, bare with me... I want to sit down with my golden lion syrup, a stacked high french toast platter and eat like a baby dinosaur. Holy smokes batman.. So I found out here they have Star Wars Kinder Eggs! No worries I have only bought one. But, wow it felt like my birthday when I got it. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings was brought up a lot this week... Which, hey. Is fine by me. But I love the randomness in this language that makes me think of StarWars constantly. People here say a lot, ''čui'' said like chewie. It means ''listen''! Chewbacca, baby! What else? ''Žaba'' you say like Jaba the Hut which means "frog". Jedi is spelled all over restaurants and it means "like eating". But I only walk by and think it's like a Jedi special menu and people are going to walk out with Light Sabers. You know the Jawas? Ya cool little sand people. they scream little weird things and there is a saying that they say which is exactly like, ''Utihniti!'' Which means "shush". Staresina D can do Gollum's voice and I ask him do it sometimes just to make my day. We walked into a store called Mullers and we went down stairs and there was a candy section and my jaw dropped. All kinds and every kind of gummies you can ever find. I think I was hugging the isles. That did it. 100 percent that day and well everyday but still. Whew.

We ate at President F's house this week to eat dinner with A since she is a new member to our district. We had fun singing in German since President F's wife is from Austria. They both our super sweet and the spirit was strong in their cute home. A, is sweeter than ever and it was good to see her since she was sick for a couple weeks and it was hard to get to see her.

We were going to a lesson recently and I wanted so bad to pray with this investigator in the past, but we always got interrupted or things just didn't work out. So this time I wasn't going to let that fly. We were going to pray or else! We went to the house and time flew, and we actually had to leave before we knew it. But, S, the angel she said no... "We must pray. Sister Cuthbert say the prayer," she said. I was so happy and anxious my words spilled before I thought about it and my prayer was just wobbly. I wanted this prayer to be perfect and I wanted the investigator to feel something and I was doing a interesting job. I paused...not long, but I paused and let the spirit take over. I began to pray for the people in the room but then also for the investigator. I poured out my heart and when the prayer had ended everyone was beaming with energy.

It's amazing how we don't like silence. When silence only brings more. God works through silence, he works through sound. When we sit and contemplate, when we pray and meditate we are letting the Spirit direct and speak to us. And yet we are so scared feeling so awkward that silence is a bad thing. When really if you look at music. Any beautiful music. My mind runs to Mozart, or Debussy... But if you listen to music is a mixture of sound and silence. Music wouldn't be music or anything good if it didn't have that pause. Sound is everything but so is the pause. That moment where things stop and thrill rises. Something arises in silence and it's utterly beautiful. Take time to realize that silence is brilliant and only brings the completeness to sound the completeness to a symphony. Silence is also where God abides.

Things have been really good here. Sestra F and I sang 'The Best Song in the World' by Jack Black and I couldn't help but remember that we need to always be smiling. I have been trying to memorize Slovene hymns and my favorite one at the moment is Odšel Bom Te Karmor želiš. (I will go where you want me to go). I really love this work, the people, the spirit, this language, Our Heavenly parents, my earthly parents, my family that I hold dear, the Savior and his wonderful example. Life is only looking up. As always.


Praying for you constantly.
Love you.
Sestra Cuthbert

Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 25 / Life is Good

Dear Beautiful Family,

I love you bunches. I can't tell you that enough and I know I say this like every time and it's probably getting over used. But there is never enough love to give. Please let me give you a bundle more. I LOVE YOU.

I hope Ivy's foot is healing and things are getting better. Awesome that Laurel had a party and Parker's being a good brother. Can't forget my two amazing parents who rock my world. Thanks for it all. Thanks for being my all.
Nice Funny Faces

This week on Monday was Sestra P's last day with me- We hung out with the Staresinas and our young investigator. He told us he wanted to make spaghetti for us and that we have to sit down and do nothing but watch the master at work. He said he had to prepare it all for us Sisters and
Elders. He is such a sweet kid. Sestra P said her good byes and I got to hug her like forever. Tuesday hit and we made our exchanges. If I could say one thing about my new companion, Sestra F... It would be that she loves to laugh. She is super sweet and has such a wonderful, strong testimony. She plays the oboe professionally. She loves music and went to school for it. Which is super rad. I can definitely already see why she is here. She is already changing hearts. I love her, already.

This week we were walking on the street and we took out our Books of Mormon to contact and right away a man started yelling at us saying that he had that book. We talked to him for awhile and he asked us to come and visit. I was just "gratitude praying" the whole time we were talking to him because before we saw him I was praying for a new investigator and that I would be able to speak the language....and... BAM. The Lord provides us with many ways. I have been talking on the phone a lot more since Sister F has been with me and the language is coming nicely my way. The language is slowly but surely coming.

One of our investigators is 18 and I absolutely love love her. she is like my twin. Lots that has happened to her has happened to me and she is just wonderful. She presented me a present this week and I just kept on hugging that family. This place... Is like my new home. I love.. Love... the people here. If I am telling Sister F where someone is or lives -  I can't help but add how much I adore them. And it's so true though. I really am glad I get to serve here.

So instead of ping pong championships, we do Foosball because our members and investigators love it. I play and some how I win every time. I'd like to thank Grandpa Tony for playing it so many times in my youth. You da'man!

Last Sunday I had been sitting near our young investigator during sacrament and during it I was praying, when I looked up he was just staring at me and asked what I was doing. I told him I was praying. He then went big eyed and asked if you can just pray anywhere. I said "well ya... if you want." Since that day when we bring him to a member lesson or a family night with a sweet family I look over and see him closing his eyes and praying. It's crazy how much of examples we are to people.

Everything has been going really well here. I love it here. I really do- I used to think why would someone want to go back to their mission so bad. Like the teachers in the MTC said they would
just love to go back to their missions and just be there. I couldn't believe it then, but my eyes are opened and my heart is full. I would say the same thing now too- I will be BACK! (ARNOLD)

If you talk in a Russian accent with Slovene you totally sound rad. I feel very accomplished now.

I have such a firm testimony in this Gospel. This Gospel is my life, my light, my joy, my salvation, my everything. I love my Heavenly Father. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. You think you can just stop there once you get a glimpse but every week it grows and grows and the love is for ever going. Life is a blessing and I am so thankful I get to serve and be a missionary. I feel so blessed with the people I have in my life. Be happy, be thankful, and be love.

Love you
Sestra Holly

P.S. What's going on in my head. Is it hard? Its really hard. Sometimes you really just want to take a day off. But when you don't and you keep praying for strength you have a successful day and you look back and see how dumb you were for even thinking that. Sometimes you feel weird cause things aren't happening the way they should be - but in the end it's exactly how it should be. I am learning to be a better daughter of God out here. I notice what I didn't do at home and how selfish I was and it hurts - you know. But I am changing and realizing I can do more. We all can. But it's been real. Life is good.  I worry about hurting people and I just don't ever want to burn bridges. Everyone deserves another chance.  How is that for my thoughts? I love you, got to go. Love you love you love you. I miss you. I do.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 24 / Srečno, lep dan alli lep večer in lep spit

Namaste, My Goofy Goobers,

I am so proud of Dad and just all the missionary/member work going on. Keep it up Papa. I love what has been happening with the family. That things are just flying! Where school and work are getting along. Awesome. I wish the best this week.
Slovenian Missionaries

So I am staying HERE! Sestra P is heading up to another city while I kick it down here with Sestra F who was in the MTC with Sestra P. I am excited to get to know her. All I know is when I hug her she is like a big teddy bear who lifts you up, where your feet aren't touching the ground. It is awesome. Sestra P and her were joking that she was my mommy and Sestra F was my Dad at zone conference. When we got the call, Sestra P was just saying my little baby is going to her daddy's now. It will be good. I guarantee.

We were looking for a former this week and we had been getting lost and not understanding that houses weren't matching up. We were looking for 6 on a certain street but it had 5 then 7 and skipped 6. We were wondering around and stopping people on the street. People would direct us and it wouldn't be right. We just laughed a lot and I knew that whatever was happening was meant to be. We just stopped for a breather and I looked over and saw a family that we had met last month who we talked to for a while and we wanted to know where they lived but they had magically disappeared that night. But here they were a month later. We followed them and found out where they lived. They said they were busy right then but I am going to go back there with Sestra F this week. I am excited and it's pretty great how we were put in their paths again in some random random place. God is directing us and I realize we are technically never lost. Just another adventure awaits, you just got to go with it.

We were zombies a little this week getting rid of head colds and funny stomachs. Loopy is always fun for the work. Makes things exciting if you ask me.

We had zone conference and it was all about baptism. It was great and we are going to challenge someone today for it. So I hope it turns out for the best or at least gets this person on the right track.

We had Family Night with some great members house last week and we let the young investigator I told you about last week - tag along. I felt like we should since he was having a hard week. He absolutely loved it. We had a great spiritual conversation and he just loved hanging with us as a family. It was good to see his spirit lifted and his day made. It made my day too.

There was so much sunshine on Sunday and it was good to bask in it while we walked to our investigators. Sestra P had to say bye to a lot of people. It's hard to see her go. She was such a great trainer and companion. I really do and always will look up to her. We just really got along. Love her. We went to a lesson last night and it was a mixture of Slovene and German. I would just translate the German for her and it was good to see I haven't lost that beautiful language.

I love this verse in the scriptures where it says, '' And it came to pass that Jesus blessed them as they did pray unto Him; and His countenance did smile upon them, and the light of His countenance did shine upon them.'' 3 Nephi 19:25

It's beautiful. I see it in a lot of ways. Like the smiling part gets to me. This Gospel is happiness. We should be happy because we have a testimony, faith, core of Jesus Christ. And when we smile, we shine to others. It's brilliant. Also to make your place where the spirit can abide, where light consumes, let it be bright spiritually so it can be seen clearly and make it easier to follow for you and for others. We must pray with all our hearts. Prayer is so important and going into lessons you should get anxiously excited to pray. It may be the first time someone is hearing a prayer or receiving that direct channel. A prayer brings the sweet spirit and God fills the room. If you pray you will be blessed because He will be happy you are searching for His guidance, showing your trust in him. You will shine as he shines upon you.

Love you. Hope all is well. Send my love to everyone else. Busy week while taking the reigns over this beautiful beautiful city. We will see how it goes. I will grow a lot in the next few months, I just got to rely my whole trust in the Lord. Praying for you always.

Love, Sestra Cuthbert

p.s. Can I just add... when you are looking for someone. A friend, a potential of someone special, you name it. Make sure, for like for sure sure. That they love you, but really make sure one specific thing. That they believe in you. it's so important. Look for that. I hope I can always be your pal, your buddy, your homey because I believe in you. I know you are something amazing, the best out there. The one who deserves the best and nothing less. Remember that. I believe in you. Thanks for your love, my heart is overwhelmed. I am happy for you and for this life. What a beautiful, wonderful world. Srečno, lep dan alli lep večer in lep spit.

The Sisters and Elders in Holly's town

Holly and Friends