Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 23 / Srečno Novo Lato!

Oh, Family. I am so blessed, so happy. 
I love you. Thanks for being mine. This week has been really good, I hope for you as well. 
Can you believe it's a New Year? For this whole year... I will be a missionary... Crazy and wonderful. Yeah? 

Our dear Sister(who just got baptized) has been already doing missionary work. It's only been a few weeks since her baptism and she is just fully submerged in sharing this gospel with everyone. I am so impressed and inspired really to see her glow and to realize how much this gospel really transforms us into our best selves. When we share, we shine and it's so great to see our beautiful Friend blossom as the days go on. She is now trying to get her mom involved by sneaking the scriptures into their time together. It's great to see how much the Lord works through people and it will be nice to see the progression of this work move forward and faster than ever as we missionaries take it up a notch and strive our hardest to meet the goals of excellence in our mission.

Being New Year's Eve this week we had our regular English Class and had a little get together afterwards to celebrate the New Year and talk about our resolutions and of course - bring the gospel into it. Sestra P and I went to go grab a bite for everyone but as we walked around we realized nothing. Nothing. Not even Mickey D's (which was shocking) was open! So we went back to the church and looked in the freezer, we realized we left our frozen veggie mix at the church from our grocery shopping on Monday. So, we sat together as a family and ate veggies to bring in New Year! Starting off healthy right? We were kinda just laughing about how ridiculous it was, but I absolutely loved the humbleness of it all. 

We have this amazing kid who is just fantastic beyond belief, I have talked about him before. He comes to our church for everything and loves this gospel. It's been hard to get him involved in one on one lessons though with the Elders. This week Sestra P and I took the liberty to just gain his friendship. He was hungry and helping work on our English flyer's so we bought pizza to share with him. While  I was preparing it in the oven in the tiny kitchen at the church he walked in and we had a chat. Sestra P sat down on the floor to eat her ''Bunny Food'' as Staresina S calls it. We grabbed the pizza, sat next to Sestra P and began to eat and talk. For some reason the room was warm and being together sitting on the floor of this kitchen just felt like home. We were laughing and joking and getting pizza sauce all over our faces from munching, but it was sweet moments. We began to talk about why he comes to church and what he likes about our church. While I sat there I began to have the impression to ask him to pray. Several times before we had asked him to pray and he always refused but right now I just felt right and I had never asked him before- so I did. His eyes went big, and he said he didn't know how. I told him he could do it and I could/would help him. So I explained how it's from the heart and to say whatever came in his mind. He did a heavy breath and ''yooed'' and yet - he began to pray. At first -He thanked me, "Sestra Holly for the super good pizza'' and then he went on to say how he was grateful for Jesus Christ. I felt unbelievably happy. When he was done he looked up and we looked at him and he was smiling so big. We were all smiling and we all felt infinite in that moment. It was an incredible experience that we received in a cooped up tiny little kitchen. It has been by far one of my favorite memories that I don't think I will ever forget.  Afterwards, he said, '' Thanks for believing in me.'' That touched my heart. We really our the instruments of God and being a missionary is being not only just a believer in this gospel but being a believer in everyone else. It was so awesome. We are so proud of that kid. He is so great and he already goes around and does missionary work with us. Sestra P and I have a vision we can/will take him to the MTC and watch him go on his own mission one day. Wouldn't that be something! Maybe, just maybe we will do just that!

I went on exchanges this week with Sestra F in Celje and that was awesome and a strange day. Full of randomness but I loved that I got to spend it with her. I can't forget to tell you that in the main square with shops there is always, always a puppet man. He plays crazy music and has crazy old puppets (like the guy in Rome that we all loved). He makes my day every time I pass him. I want to repay him somehow but I haven't quite figured out what yet. But I will.

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE. Talks about Yoga and Chakras here! Thank you "Avatar the Last Air Bender" for being in my life so I can kinda understand what is going on! It's crazy how much different religions have influenced the people here in Slovenia. Everyone is trying to find something, a hope in some way. It's good and tough. But also- it's a good learning experience to appreciate others views and beliefs. 

I bet when Jesus was walking around Jerusalem how could people not stop and look to him and say, ''wow.'' How much love they would feel by just passing him. But how we as people can be just like that. We can show people that we have that love and grace through this Gospel. This is Jesus Christ's church and how happy that makes me. We all need to just know one thing and that is "we are all Children of God". That when we meet people, when we talk, when we love, when we shake someones hand. We need to show in some way that they matter. That we have a love for them because they are something more. We need to have opened eyes. Today I am so happy. It's raining and usually we can feel like "ew this is a sad day". It's hard, but again- when we see the sunshine, those days our usually assumed to be the happy ones. But because of who we are (Children of God) we will always have that sunshine, even when it's raining. God believes in you and you shouldn't fake it till you make it. "But faith it till you make it" as Staresina W says. Who knows what's going to happen next? God has such bigger and better things always waiting for us. If we really want success we need to take the things that come along and use the time that we are given and let it be OURS. Let love consume us. Pray regularly, study and contemplate the scriptures carefully, do your duty and do not procrastinate.
Wishing you a happy, spiritual, and successful New Year in every aspect. My love and prayers are with you forever and ever. Very grateful, very happy, and very much loved. 

Love you and srečno 2014,

Sestra Cuthbert

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