Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 24 / Srečno, lep dan alli lep večer in lep spit

Namaste, My Goofy Goobers,

I am so proud of Dad and just all the missionary/member work going on. Keep it up Papa. I love what has been happening with the family. That things are just flying! Where school and work are getting along. Awesome. I wish the best this week.
Slovenian Missionaries

So I am staying HERE! Sestra P is heading up to another city while I kick it down here with Sestra F who was in the MTC with Sestra P. I am excited to get to know her. All I know is when I hug her she is like a big teddy bear who lifts you up, where your feet aren't touching the ground. It is awesome. Sestra P and her were joking that she was my mommy and Sestra F was my Dad at zone conference. When we got the call, Sestra P was just saying my little baby is going to her daddy's now. It will be good. I guarantee.

We were looking for a former this week and we had been getting lost and not understanding that houses weren't matching up. We were looking for 6 on a certain street but it had 5 then 7 and skipped 6. We were wondering around and stopping people on the street. People would direct us and it wouldn't be right. We just laughed a lot and I knew that whatever was happening was meant to be. We just stopped for a breather and I looked over and saw a family that we had met last month who we talked to for a while and we wanted to know where they lived but they had magically disappeared that night. But here they were a month later. We followed them and found out where they lived. They said they were busy right then but I am going to go back there with Sestra F this week. I am excited and it's pretty great how we were put in their paths again in some random random place. God is directing us and I realize we are technically never lost. Just another adventure awaits, you just got to go with it.

We were zombies a little this week getting rid of head colds and funny stomachs. Loopy is always fun for the work. Makes things exciting if you ask me.

We had zone conference and it was all about baptism. It was great and we are going to challenge someone today for it. So I hope it turns out for the best or at least gets this person on the right track.

We had Family Night with some great members house last week and we let the young investigator I told you about last week - tag along. I felt like we should since he was having a hard week. He absolutely loved it. We had a great spiritual conversation and he just loved hanging with us as a family. It was good to see his spirit lifted and his day made. It made my day too.

There was so much sunshine on Sunday and it was good to bask in it while we walked to our investigators. Sestra P had to say bye to a lot of people. It's hard to see her go. She was such a great trainer and companion. I really do and always will look up to her. We just really got along. Love her. We went to a lesson last night and it was a mixture of Slovene and German. I would just translate the German for her and it was good to see I haven't lost that beautiful language.

I love this verse in the scriptures where it says, '' And it came to pass that Jesus blessed them as they did pray unto Him; and His countenance did smile upon them, and the light of His countenance did shine upon them.'' 3 Nephi 19:25

It's beautiful. I see it in a lot of ways. Like the smiling part gets to me. This Gospel is happiness. We should be happy because we have a testimony, faith, core of Jesus Christ. And when we smile, we shine to others. It's brilliant. Also to make your place where the spirit can abide, where light consumes, let it be bright spiritually so it can be seen clearly and make it easier to follow for you and for others. We must pray with all our hearts. Prayer is so important and going into lessons you should get anxiously excited to pray. It may be the first time someone is hearing a prayer or receiving that direct channel. A prayer brings the sweet spirit and God fills the room. If you pray you will be blessed because He will be happy you are searching for His guidance, showing your trust in him. You will shine as he shines upon you.

Love you. Hope all is well. Send my love to everyone else. Busy week while taking the reigns over this beautiful beautiful city. We will see how it goes. I will grow a lot in the next few months, I just got to rely my whole trust in the Lord. Praying for you always.

Love, Sestra Cuthbert

p.s. Can I just add... when you are looking for someone. A friend, a potential of someone special, you name it. Make sure, for like for sure sure. That they love you, but really make sure one specific thing. That they believe in you. it's so important. Look for that. I hope I can always be your pal, your buddy, your homey because I believe in you. I know you are something amazing, the best out there. The one who deserves the best and nothing less. Remember that. I believe in you. Thanks for your love, my heart is overwhelmed. I am happy for you and for this life. What a beautiful, wonderful world. Srečno, lep dan alli lep večer in lep spit.

The Sisters and Elders in Holly's town

Holly and Friends

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