Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 25 / Life is Good

Dear Beautiful Family,

I love you bunches. I can't tell you that enough and I know I say this like every time and it's probably getting over used. But there is never enough love to give. Please let me give you a bundle more. I LOVE YOU.

I hope Ivy's foot is healing and things are getting better. Awesome that Laurel had a party and Parker's being a good brother. Can't forget my two amazing parents who rock my world. Thanks for it all. Thanks for being my all.
Nice Funny Faces

This week on Monday was Sestra P's last day with me- We hung out with the Staresinas and our young investigator. He told us he wanted to make spaghetti for us and that we have to sit down and do nothing but watch the master at work. He said he had to prepare it all for us Sisters and
Elders. He is such a sweet kid. Sestra P said her good byes and I got to hug her like forever. Tuesday hit and we made our exchanges. If I could say one thing about my new companion, Sestra F... It would be that she loves to laugh. She is super sweet and has such a wonderful, strong testimony. She plays the oboe professionally. She loves music and went to school for it. Which is super rad. I can definitely already see why she is here. She is already changing hearts. I love her, already.

This week we were walking on the street and we took out our Books of Mormon to contact and right away a man started yelling at us saying that he had that book. We talked to him for awhile and he asked us to come and visit. I was just "gratitude praying" the whole time we were talking to him because before we saw him I was praying for a new investigator and that I would be able to speak the language....and... BAM. The Lord provides us with many ways. I have been talking on the phone a lot more since Sister F has been with me and the language is coming nicely my way. The language is slowly but surely coming.

One of our investigators is 18 and I absolutely love love her. she is like my twin. Lots that has happened to her has happened to me and she is just wonderful. She presented me a present this week and I just kept on hugging that family. This place... Is like my new home. I love.. Love... the people here. If I am telling Sister F where someone is or lives -  I can't help but add how much I adore them. And it's so true though. I really am glad I get to serve here.

So instead of ping pong championships, we do Foosball because our members and investigators love it. I play and some how I win every time. I'd like to thank Grandpa Tony for playing it so many times in my youth. You da'man!

Last Sunday I had been sitting near our young investigator during sacrament and during it I was praying, when I looked up he was just staring at me and asked what I was doing. I told him I was praying. He then went big eyed and asked if you can just pray anywhere. I said "well ya... if you want." Since that day when we bring him to a member lesson or a family night with a sweet family I look over and see him closing his eyes and praying. It's crazy how much of examples we are to people.

Everything has been going really well here. I love it here. I really do- I used to think why would someone want to go back to their mission so bad. Like the teachers in the MTC said they would
just love to go back to their missions and just be there. I couldn't believe it then, but my eyes are opened and my heart is full. I would say the same thing now too- I will be BACK! (ARNOLD)

If you talk in a Russian accent with Slovene you totally sound rad. I feel very accomplished now.

I have such a firm testimony in this Gospel. This Gospel is my life, my light, my joy, my salvation, my everything. I love my Heavenly Father. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. You think you can just stop there once you get a glimpse but every week it grows and grows and the love is for ever going. Life is a blessing and I am so thankful I get to serve and be a missionary. I feel so blessed with the people I have in my life. Be happy, be thankful, and be love.

Love you
Sestra Holly

P.S. What's going on in my head. Is it hard? Its really hard. Sometimes you really just want to take a day off. But when you don't and you keep praying for strength you have a successful day and you look back and see how dumb you were for even thinking that. Sometimes you feel weird cause things aren't happening the way they should be - but in the end it's exactly how it should be. I am learning to be a better daughter of God out here. I notice what I didn't do at home and how selfish I was and it hurts - you know. But I am changing and realizing I can do more. We all can. But it's been real. Life is good.  I worry about hurting people and I just don't ever want to burn bridges. Everyone deserves another chance.  How is that for my thoughts? I love you, got to go. Love you love you love you. I miss you. I do.

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