Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 30 / Drage Lepe Dragulje

Drage Lepe Dragulje,

Yesterday we had the privilage of going into a elderly home to visit one of our dear friends. We walked into her room and saw her sitting on a small stool. Her smile arose with her sweet dimples, her gray hair was as if thunder had struck it. Her eyes were warm as her hands were knittedly intertwined together. ''I am just praying.'' she said. I bent down to grab her two hands that had aged so beautifully. I couldn't help but notice that as I held her hands, she held mine back. My small child-like hands could hold these woman's hands and it felt as though God's love was getting bigger and more abundant with each second that we so lovingly cherished. I wish I spent more time at my grandma's house or even an old folks home for that matter. They are completely wonderful spirits. The wise are within these walls and how much they need our love in this time of their lives. We taught our dear friend about God and being a Child of God. The sweet spirit always catches me off guard when we speak of this topic, but it's so natural to feel that peace, that we are God's children and how much He loves us and is excited for us to return back home to Him. I love my Heavenly Father but I also love my Earthly Father. I don't think he realizes how much I really miss him. How much I truly love him. I can't even find the words to describe my love for him. For my mom, as well. I am very grateful to have such parents. Parents who love me no matter what. I am so lucky, I hope I can be just as loving to my own kids. To let them know how much they are loved and that they know they are a loving child of God. How much I want this.

There is beauty and direction in our paths. We were walking in a rain storm and my umbrella was dancing in the blowing rain and wind. I couldn't help but move my feet a little faster to get to our next destination. I lifted my eyes for a moment to see a woman pass by. I told her, ''Good morning'' and expected nothing more but she immediantely stopped and stood there gazing at me in bewilderment. My feet had to do a double take and reverse, and Sestra Fugal and I began to talk and then teach. She told us frankly that she didn't know why she stopped. Something just took a hold of her. We got her number and address and we will go sherlocking around to find her home and get some lessons in with her this week.

We had Zone Conference this week. Elder Charles from the Seventies and his wife were our special speakers. They were amazing, especially with their British accents. Their stories were brilliant and the spirit was overwhelming. They made so many good points, so many revelations brought to light. One point Elder Charles made was finding our 'gems'. We don't come out of a mine and bring out a single diamond and say, '' oh I just got one diamond, well that's worthless.'' No, we would be screaming! We would be shouting for joy! Because you have this precious gem! We must see all we do, all we help, all we save, all we befriend, all we love as somthing beautiful, a gem. Even if as a missionary you baptize only one person on your mission. it is great in the sight of God. They are gems, rubies, diamonds. And it's wonderful. I loved how he spoke of these true things and how much I look forward to gathering my sweet gems and the gems I already have found.

I walked into the conference and was taken back by the beautiful Spirit and then I was jumped by Sestra Porter, my former trainer. I have missed her a lot. She was still as bright as ever. I really love the Sisters here and I am very lucky to serve with each one.

We are all miracle workers. Each one of us. Everyday as people we are seeing marvelous things taking place. I do love the Holy Ghost. I do love Heavenly Father. I do love Jesus Christ... More than anything. I hope I can always be feeding His sheep forever more. I love you and pray for you always. Thank you for being my gems.

Sestra Cuthbert

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 29 / Here is a hug from me! Can you feel it?

Hey Sunshine!

Me trying to wake up this morning!
I woke up this morning realizing it was my sweet Ivy's birthday! I yelled out, ''Happy Birthday, Ivy!!!'' at the top of my lungs and my companion laughed and said it wasn't even her birthday yet because it is still yesterday for her. I told her seriously that it would echo and reach to her in the morning since I am a little across the sea and it takes a while, ya know? But, wow. 14 years old! My little honey is growing up! Have fun today Ivy Rose! I hope you get my letter soon! Bunches of kisses and hugs to you! Eat a whole-fat-load-of-cake for me!

I noticed this week when I was sitting in homes, my head would always turn to the window. I longed to be outside. It has been feeling like spring this week and the sky has been painted blue. I loved walking around this last week and feeling the air grow warmer. It was the best! I noticed they have a lot of woods here in random places and my heart always grows curious to wander those woods. I can't wait to come back and get lost in them.

This week was Valentine's so we went around knocking and leaving hearts and other things with our neighbors and friends. This week was really calming and the sun was welcoming. Everyone was just in a good mood. I think the sun was helping. I love that when the sun shines it shares with everyone even the darkest places. We really should be more sharing like the sun. Don't you think? Sestra Fugal and I wanted to celebrate by buying this heart cake. Or maybe because it looked super super good. It was rather rad none the less.

I have so much love for the language. Yes, it is coming slow but it's amazing when things are clicking and you can understand others. We have been helping our new elderly couple get around and teaching them words here and there. We are translators for them when the members want to talk and it's nice to know that we got this! God provides and it is so lovely.

English sign ups were this week and we have been really striving to have bigger classes. On Thursday the English class started and the most we have ever had in English class came! and stayed for the
spiritually thought! It was way exciting and really pumped us up that the work is moving and running!

We were going into the post office today but it was closed for another minute. So we waited and a older lady was waiting with us too. She was staring at my name tag and I asked if she knew us. She seemed taking back and said yes she did. That we were, ''Mormons!'' but she didn't seem pleased with the idea that she had to wait by me. I kept talking to her though letting the light shine on the letters of the Book of Mormon in my hand. The post office lady came to the door and opened itand the older lady rushed in. She did her buisness and left in a hurry. But as she passed me I told her to have a good day and a happy path. Because that's just something to do. She gave me a look and went on her way. After we were done paying our bills she came rushing back in and talked to the front desk in a whisper. then she turned around dropped a pound of cookies in my hand, smiled and went rushing away once again. I was so puzzled, but so happy. The post ladies were just laughing at me because I was really giddy but really confused. People are really sweet here. It's good to be nice even if you can't get a lesson. We are representing Jesus Christ. We are examples, even when we are walking in the streets. We as missionaries, and Mormons are being noticed. To be kind, and loving, to show compassion in just talking to a stranger is sometimes all we can do, but how rewarding it is to be blessed in the heart... and yes, even sometimes you get sweets!

This week was victorious, I love this work and the way God provides for us. When I need help I really just get on my knees and ask how I can change, how I can be better. We could look to others and ask for them to change. But, maybe we need a little growing up to do ourselves. I know I do. Being a kid at heart is great but it's the old souls that make us great! We are all but old souls, old souls that do wonders because of a Gracious Savior. Our Loving Heavenly Father gave us power and love.

We have a lot to do and a lot to love, a lot to be happy for and it starts now. Thanks for all the wishes, I wish the best for you all and Ivy on this big day! Good luck this week! Loving you more and more!

Sestra Cuthbert

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 28 / They Sunk My Battleship

Dear Family,

Thank you for all the cute letters and all the things you do,  I am blessed because of you. It brightened my day yesterday to receive your letters. I hope you get mine soon! And Hey Mom, I love you. Please know that.

This Week--

The ice was melting off all the trees and houses and falling everywhere. I seriously felt like we have been playing the game "Battleship" and we had to watch our steps so we wouldn't be blasted with a bunch of snow and ice coming down on us. There was warning tape everywhere and I would just laugh, until a pile would fall right next to me and I would jump into Sister Fugal's arms. Things have been sunny more here. The light is singing through our windows in the morning and I get so excited- I rush over and open the blinds to let the light in. I can't help but be happy for the sun, I haven't seen him in awhile. It's nice that spring is already coming and the weather is warming up. Crazy.


This week we were giving letters of encouragement to a woman I absolutely adore. I hadn't seen her in awhile at church or even anywhere for that matter. I was worried, so every time we happened to be in her area we would drop off a treat and a few words. I would think of how wonderful she was and would want to tell her how much she was loved but when we would go to her house, the door would be closed to us and we would have to leave each thing on her door step, instead. I felt bad that nothing was working, we simply couldn't get in. I prayed long and hard and I thought, one more time. Keep going. I wrote one more note. It was simple. A testimony of God's love, and pure words from the scriptures. Reminding her that God nor I was ever going to give up on her. We knocked on the door one last time. Nothing. We then went to church and was greeting everyone coming in. Then finally at the last moment that wonderful woman came through the door into the church, and she was beaming. She came up to me and hugged me, in what seemed like forever. *The power of service, the power of loving those around us, the power on not giving up. That was a beautiful moment for me. To recognize that the people around us need us, and guess what,  we need them, too. We are God's working hands here on earth. We can touch the lives of those around us. We must see each other always in a better light, to recognize that we all have something in us. That we can all be something more. To never give up on that because it is so true. God designed us to be like Him. When we do good acts of service or simply look outward we are step by step becoming more God-like. Hugging her made my day, she told me that she had hung up all the cards we had left in her house and that she really needed them. We all need a little love, we all need a little encouragement. It is in our spiritual nature to love and be loved. Now, express it, show it, hold it, and set it free.

The new Elderly Couple Missionaries came this week! They got up their first day in our little branch and bore their testimonies in Slovene! They are so strong, such wonderful spirits. They are going to be a big help for our branch and helping the work more forward. Wow, I am way excited to have them here. Church yesterday was just incredible. President Rowe came and his family and they are a sight to behold. President Rowe was saying all the things the members needed to hear and the spirit in the room was very awakening, everyone in their seats were edging closer and closer to the pulpit. We had the most people in church yesterday than we have ever had since I have been here! Things are always looking up, but it's just nice to say it's doing it more and more each day.

I love my dear Ana. We went to her house twice this week and we shared the talk by Elder Uchtdorf called Forget Me Not (The one mom had sent me in the mail). She absolutely loved it and wanted to share with her mom. Ana is such a trooper when it comes to member missionary work. She beams and seems to be getting happier and happier. She is golden and every time I teach her I feel such a burst of the spirit. It's strong with this one. Can I say?

Everything is well here. The work is going and I am happy. I am learning a lot and discovering a lot. There are tons of things to do, to work on and everyday I can be better. But, it is a beautiful experience to be a beginner and know I can keep progressing. That I can keep going and keep being more and more each day. I love this Gospel. It's true. Oh, it's TRUE. Ahhh. I love it. I love my Savior, my Heavenly Father. I love you dear family. This week is heart week, right? Please love all the things around you. All the people, all the corner tables that stub your toe, or the rock that gets in your shoe.

Love all. Remember to be happy and know you are loved.


Sestra Holly Cuthbert

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ice Sheet

Remember two days ago when Holly exclaimed that Slovenia had turned into an Ice Skating Rink...
She wasn't kidding. Pray that she will be WARM, SAFE, and is not going HUNGRY.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 27 / Love Makes the World Go Round

The Loves of My Life, The Ones Who Make Me The Happiest Person In The World,
Holly and her New Companion
Hello Babes,

Slovenia has turned into an ice skating rink! I keep on telling myself I should have let Ivy teach me how to ice skate before I got out here! It has been a blast sliding around and falling over. I kid you not every where, I mean every where is sweet slick ice. I have to hold onto my companion as we shuffled our way to houses. I fall over and yell out the life alert commerical '' I have fallen and I can't get up,'' in a old Granny voice. All and all Sister F has helped me a lot this week. 

This week I really wanted to do a bunch of secret services, or just little things to help out someone. We would go to peoples houses and I would make sure to do the dishes or made cupcakes and delivered. I wrote letters of encouragement to the down trodden and have given someone a hug (this week I got a bunch of hugs). Which was really the best and made me super happy. I miss them (hugs). But it's so good to serve others, to our best ability and maybe even a little more. It's good to hope and pray for others to wish them happiness, but its another thing to make it happen. We are in the Lord's hands, instruments in each others lives and we can move through him to help others. Helping each other is such a blessing, such a duty, we need to always look for opportunities to serve. When I get a prompting whether it sounds like me or I know for sure it's the spirit. I go. I go and do because I know that whatever is of good is of God. If you feel ever prompted to go up to someone or do something like a good deed. Do it. I have been really trying to listen to those promptings more and not let them slip past me. I feel happier than ever when I am serving my brothers and sisters. When I simply love those around us and  treat them like the kings and queens they are, it is ever so rewarding. Try it out. I dare ya! 

Speaking of promptings I was prepping all week for a lesson, gathering scriptures and things that just felt so right to share. On Friday, we went and as I was showing them what I had for them but it just wasn't right... I had the prompting to change the lesson and instead of just going with what I prepared (and took so long to do), I immediately changed the lesson to fit the need of what I was being told to do. It was an amazing lesson! A very unprepared but perfect lesson that worked wonders. I love that our faith is tested. That we work, and work for it and at the right moment the answer comes shooting in and whether we let it hit us or not- is up to us. I am glad I had the Spirit to prompt me which way to go, because the Spirit is the best teacher and we really most always rely on Him if we want to get any where with our investigators. 

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I got a phone call this week with one of our investigators crying. I talked on the phone with them for an hour. I remember listening a lot. By the end, it was quiet and I didn't know exactly what to say. There was no words of advice flooding into my head or beautiful phrases I could conjure up so I spoke from the heart. After I was done, my dear investigator told me how better she felt and how grateful she was to have someone listen to her to know that someone cared for her, that showed compassion.  I was shocked. I was just doing my job. Loving. Jesus Christ is only but that. He can heal any of our wounds, melt any and all of our hardships away. Jesus Christ is our healer, He converses and listens. Jesus was the best example of ''He that is greatest among you shall be your servant.'' I love serving these people, I love listening to them, I love seeing them happy. If they are not I want so badly to change that and make it the best it can possibly be. I know through this gospel, through having faith in our beloved Savior we will find this ultimate happiness. We can look around and try to find something else but the happiness doesn't last. I know Jesus Christ is our everlasting happiness, how much He wants us to love His brothers and sisters. How much God wants us to be like Him and serve our fellow men. All my life, I thought I was doing good at that, but I didn't push myself to help to my greatest ability. Out here you are shown and pushed to become even a greater helper. It's hard work but such a beautiful process. I realize how selfish I was not sharing my fullest self, maybe not being as patient, or the best of distributing love. I have a to do list but I know through this Gospel there is no missing pieces, there is no reason to look around but realize we are filled because of this great church. I love it whole-heartedly and am excited to serve for the rest of my life to come. 

I feel your goodness, my beautiful family. It's so good to hear you every week and know that things are always looking up. This life isn't meant to be looking to the ground but realize up is the only direction. We can fly. Do you believe it? You are my angels. Thanks for all you do. I can look and I can gaze at the wonders of this world and all it does is just leave me amazed. 

I have a lot of work to do and I want to find a lot more people these coming weeks. I pray and hope they will get in my path and I can serve them well, love them well. I want to give my all and more. I want to love more because I know we can always have a little more. I am grateful for Heavenly Fathers love the great love He had to send His only begotten son to us. That Jesus Christ loved us so much that he gave us His life so we could be received again into the most highest loving home. I love you. I can't help but tell it to anyone that brings up families. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and no one was getting up. President F's wife nudged me to go up and I walked up gladly. Everyone started to laugh because they saw President's wife nudge me and say it's my turn and I hustled up there fast. I was ready. I told them I was happy to bear my testimony, I was happy and grateful for them. I bore my testimony and talked about my favorite people, which is you dear family. I talked for a good amount and then I sat down, and realized I just spoke Slovene without a stutter. It flowed and I was me. The language is coming! Huzzah! I am happy and I am much loved. 

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love you. 
Sestra Cuthbert