Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 28 / They Sunk My Battleship

Dear Family,

Thank you for all the cute letters and all the things you do,  I am blessed because of you. It brightened my day yesterday to receive your letters. I hope you get mine soon! And Hey Mom, I love you. Please know that.

This Week--

The ice was melting off all the trees and houses and falling everywhere. I seriously felt like we have been playing the game "Battleship" and we had to watch our steps so we wouldn't be blasted with a bunch of snow and ice coming down on us. There was warning tape everywhere and I would just laugh, until a pile would fall right next to me and I would jump into Sister Fugal's arms. Things have been sunny more here. The light is singing through our windows in the morning and I get so excited- I rush over and open the blinds to let the light in. I can't help but be happy for the sun, I haven't seen him in awhile. It's nice that spring is already coming and the weather is warming up. Crazy.


This week we were giving letters of encouragement to a woman I absolutely adore. I hadn't seen her in awhile at church or even anywhere for that matter. I was worried, so every time we happened to be in her area we would drop off a treat and a few words. I would think of how wonderful she was and would want to tell her how much she was loved but when we would go to her house, the door would be closed to us and we would have to leave each thing on her door step, instead. I felt bad that nothing was working, we simply couldn't get in. I prayed long and hard and I thought, one more time. Keep going. I wrote one more note. It was simple. A testimony of God's love, and pure words from the scriptures. Reminding her that God nor I was ever going to give up on her. We knocked on the door one last time. Nothing. We then went to church and was greeting everyone coming in. Then finally at the last moment that wonderful woman came through the door into the church, and she was beaming. She came up to me and hugged me, in what seemed like forever. *The power of service, the power of loving those around us, the power on not giving up. That was a beautiful moment for me. To recognize that the people around us need us, and guess what,  we need them, too. We are God's working hands here on earth. We can touch the lives of those around us. We must see each other always in a better light, to recognize that we all have something in us. That we can all be something more. To never give up on that because it is so true. God designed us to be like Him. When we do good acts of service or simply look outward we are step by step becoming more God-like. Hugging her made my day, she told me that she had hung up all the cards we had left in her house and that she really needed them. We all need a little love, we all need a little encouragement. It is in our spiritual nature to love and be loved. Now, express it, show it, hold it, and set it free.

The new Elderly Couple Missionaries came this week! They got up their first day in our little branch and bore their testimonies in Slovene! They are so strong, such wonderful spirits. They are going to be a big help for our branch and helping the work more forward. Wow, I am way excited to have them here. Church yesterday was just incredible. President Rowe came and his family and they are a sight to behold. President Rowe was saying all the things the members needed to hear and the spirit in the room was very awakening, everyone in their seats were edging closer and closer to the pulpit. We had the most people in church yesterday than we have ever had since I have been here! Things are always looking up, but it's just nice to say it's doing it more and more each day.

I love my dear Ana. We went to her house twice this week and we shared the talk by Elder Uchtdorf called Forget Me Not (The one mom had sent me in the mail). She absolutely loved it and wanted to share with her mom. Ana is such a trooper when it comes to member missionary work. She beams and seems to be getting happier and happier. She is golden and every time I teach her I feel such a burst of the spirit. It's strong with this one. Can I say?

Everything is well here. The work is going and I am happy. I am learning a lot and discovering a lot. There are tons of things to do, to work on and everyday I can be better. But, it is a beautiful experience to be a beginner and know I can keep progressing. That I can keep going and keep being more and more each day. I love this Gospel. It's true. Oh, it's TRUE. Ahhh. I love it. I love my Savior, my Heavenly Father. I love you dear family. This week is heart week, right? Please love all the things around you. All the people, all the corner tables that stub your toe, or the rock that gets in your shoe.

Love all. Remember to be happy and know you are loved.


Sestra Holly Cuthbert

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