Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 29 / Here is a hug from me! Can you feel it?

Hey Sunshine!

Me trying to wake up this morning!
I woke up this morning realizing it was my sweet Ivy's birthday! I yelled out, ''Happy Birthday, Ivy!!!'' at the top of my lungs and my companion laughed and said it wasn't even her birthday yet because it is still yesterday for her. I told her seriously that it would echo and reach to her in the morning since I am a little across the sea and it takes a while, ya know? But, wow. 14 years old! My little honey is growing up! Have fun today Ivy Rose! I hope you get my letter soon! Bunches of kisses and hugs to you! Eat a whole-fat-load-of-cake for me!

I noticed this week when I was sitting in homes, my head would always turn to the window. I longed to be outside. It has been feeling like spring this week and the sky has been painted blue. I loved walking around this last week and feeling the air grow warmer. It was the best! I noticed they have a lot of woods here in random places and my heart always grows curious to wander those woods. I can't wait to come back and get lost in them.

This week was Valentine's so we went around knocking and leaving hearts and other things with our neighbors and friends. This week was really calming and the sun was welcoming. Everyone was just in a good mood. I think the sun was helping. I love that when the sun shines it shares with everyone even the darkest places. We really should be more sharing like the sun. Don't you think? Sestra Fugal and I wanted to celebrate by buying this heart cake. Or maybe because it looked super super good. It was rather rad none the less.

I have so much love for the language. Yes, it is coming slow but it's amazing when things are clicking and you can understand others. We have been helping our new elderly couple get around and teaching them words here and there. We are translators for them when the members want to talk and it's nice to know that we got this! God provides and it is so lovely.

English sign ups were this week and we have been really striving to have bigger classes. On Thursday the English class started and the most we have ever had in English class came! and stayed for the
spiritually thought! It was way exciting and really pumped us up that the work is moving and running!

We were going into the post office today but it was closed for another minute. So we waited and a older lady was waiting with us too. She was staring at my name tag and I asked if she knew us. She seemed taking back and said yes she did. That we were, ''Mormons!'' but she didn't seem pleased with the idea that she had to wait by me. I kept talking to her though letting the light shine on the letters of the Book of Mormon in my hand. The post office lady came to the door and opened itand the older lady rushed in. She did her buisness and left in a hurry. But as she passed me I told her to have a good day and a happy path. Because that's just something to do. She gave me a look and went on her way. After we were done paying our bills she came rushing back in and talked to the front desk in a whisper. then she turned around dropped a pound of cookies in my hand, smiled and went rushing away once again. I was so puzzled, but so happy. The post ladies were just laughing at me because I was really giddy but really confused. People are really sweet here. It's good to be nice even if you can't get a lesson. We are representing Jesus Christ. We are examples, even when we are walking in the streets. We as missionaries, and Mormons are being noticed. To be kind, and loving, to show compassion in just talking to a stranger is sometimes all we can do, but how rewarding it is to be blessed in the heart... and yes, even sometimes you get sweets!

This week was victorious, I love this work and the way God provides for us. When I need help I really just get on my knees and ask how I can change, how I can be better. We could look to others and ask for them to change. But, maybe we need a little growing up to do ourselves. I know I do. Being a kid at heart is great but it's the old souls that make us great! We are all but old souls, old souls that do wonders because of a Gracious Savior. Our Loving Heavenly Father gave us power and love.

We have a lot to do and a lot to love, a lot to be happy for and it starts now. Thanks for all the wishes, I wish the best for you all and Ivy on this big day! Good luck this week! Loving you more and more!

Sestra Cuthbert

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