Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 30 / Drage Lepe Dragulje

Drage Lepe Dragulje,

Yesterday we had the privilage of going into a elderly home to visit one of our dear friends. We walked into her room and saw her sitting on a small stool. Her smile arose with her sweet dimples, her gray hair was as if thunder had struck it. Her eyes were warm as her hands were knittedly intertwined together. ''I am just praying.'' she said. I bent down to grab her two hands that had aged so beautifully. I couldn't help but notice that as I held her hands, she held mine back. My small child-like hands could hold these woman's hands and it felt as though God's love was getting bigger and more abundant with each second that we so lovingly cherished. I wish I spent more time at my grandma's house or even an old folks home for that matter. They are completely wonderful spirits. The wise are within these walls and how much they need our love in this time of their lives. We taught our dear friend about God and being a Child of God. The sweet spirit always catches me off guard when we speak of this topic, but it's so natural to feel that peace, that we are God's children and how much He loves us and is excited for us to return back home to Him. I love my Heavenly Father but I also love my Earthly Father. I don't think he realizes how much I really miss him. How much I truly love him. I can't even find the words to describe my love for him. For my mom, as well. I am very grateful to have such parents. Parents who love me no matter what. I am so lucky, I hope I can be just as loving to my own kids. To let them know how much they are loved and that they know they are a loving child of God. How much I want this.

There is beauty and direction in our paths. We were walking in a rain storm and my umbrella was dancing in the blowing rain and wind. I couldn't help but move my feet a little faster to get to our next destination. I lifted my eyes for a moment to see a woman pass by. I told her, ''Good morning'' and expected nothing more but she immediantely stopped and stood there gazing at me in bewilderment. My feet had to do a double take and reverse, and Sestra Fugal and I began to talk and then teach. She told us frankly that she didn't know why she stopped. Something just took a hold of her. We got her number and address and we will go sherlocking around to find her home and get some lessons in with her this week.

We had Zone Conference this week. Elder Charles from the Seventies and his wife were our special speakers. They were amazing, especially with their British accents. Their stories were brilliant and the spirit was overwhelming. They made so many good points, so many revelations brought to light. One point Elder Charles made was finding our 'gems'. We don't come out of a mine and bring out a single diamond and say, '' oh I just got one diamond, well that's worthless.'' No, we would be screaming! We would be shouting for joy! Because you have this precious gem! We must see all we do, all we help, all we save, all we befriend, all we love as somthing beautiful, a gem. Even if as a missionary you baptize only one person on your mission. it is great in the sight of God. They are gems, rubies, diamonds. And it's wonderful. I loved how he spoke of these true things and how much I look forward to gathering my sweet gems and the gems I already have found.

I walked into the conference and was taken back by the beautiful Spirit and then I was jumped by Sestra Porter, my former trainer. I have missed her a lot. She was still as bright as ever. I really love the Sisters here and I am very lucky to serve with each one.

We are all miracle workers. Each one of us. Everyday as people we are seeing marvelous things taking place. I do love the Holy Ghost. I do love Heavenly Father. I do love Jesus Christ... More than anything. I hope I can always be feeding His sheep forever more. I love you and pray for you always. Thank you for being my gems.

Sestra Cuthbert

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