Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 31 / Best Two Years Type of Miracles

Dear Family,

I love you!

This week has been really great. We have been working with our two young women and they are wonderful. We have gotten inactive and friends of theirs to come with us to activities and it's been really wonderful to see younger kids at our church. I have to admit I miss the little beehives I got to go camping with before I left for my mission. I cherish the moments I got to be their leader. I love those girls a lot, especially my dear Ivy. This last week we got a great opportunity to go to a castle with them. Of course I was super excited because I absolutely love history. I had a lot of fun playing with the fake armor and military equipment. The man over the castle seemed to be curious about our name tags as he guided us a long. (We were the only ones in the castle) I made some LOTR's comment when I saw some staffs and the man answered back in a hobbit quote. He asked if I had seen the new movie of the Hobbit I told him no. He then began to ask why and he began to ask if I was a Mormon! Miracle time! I got to tell him about my church and why I was here. He thought we were way cool and asked more about the church as we walked the castle's halls. At the end of our visit, he asked us to come back again. So we could talk more and he could figure out more about us. I was super happy that just by wearing our name tags and walking around we grab peoples attention. It was super rad. 

Remember the lady from last week we met in the rain? Well we were talking in our district meeting and I was talking about her. I said that we gave her our number and she said that she would call.
Everyone, was just thinking it was cool. But, hey it happens a lot and then nothing. But, after the meeting I looked down at the phone and a number was calling us that we didn't know. We answered and it was her! She asked us to come over and we could talk. Sestra Fugal and I were hopping and dancing around. We went to her house and taught her the first lesson. I said Joseph Smith's first vision and it felt awesome to say it in Slovene. Awh, it was awesome and the lady was awesome! The lesson went well and she is wanting to meet us again. I am having a way good feeling about this one. So I am excited to see what happens next. 

We have been meeting a lot with less actives this week which is crazy good because we haven't been able to meet with them in a while and this week we got to meet with all of them! This week is Pust... Which is like Halloween here. Everyone dresses up and goes around town. It's days where they scare away winter. It's fun to see. Today I am going to Ptuj which has a carnival for it. Apparently it is one of the oldest villages in Slovenia. I am happy to go and apparently we have some formers there. 

All is well I love the work. The Lord has blessed us with so much and we really need to recognize the beauties of it all. Spring is gorgeous here. SO many little buds and flowers! I love it. Everything is looking great. I really love you family and hope that all is well. Please remember to be happy and laugh in every moment. I think it's important. I got to go but I promise I will write more next week! 

Love you love you.
Sestra Cuthbert

Sestra Holly at Zone Conference last week. If you look at her trainer, Sister Porter standing just behind and to the left - they look like they could be real siblings. Crazy.

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