Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 32 / Loving SLOVEnia

Dear Family!

It is incredible to hear about all the missionaries coming (leaving) from our ward! That is the best! I really love our ward and all they have done. They are Amazing. I want to tell my sweet Dad how much I love him and a Happy Birthday this last week. You are a rocking Dad and I love you bunches. Hope it was a rad one for you.

I went to one of the oldest places in Slovenia last week which was pretty great. I felt so blessed to see all the details and red roofs parading the scenery. It was so beautiful. Quaint and little, just how I like it. I just felt more at home in this part of Slovenia. It had a really good feeling and I really wanted to go contacting there. I want to come back one day for sure and draw or write or to just gaze down the sweet streets. It was a rainy day, but yet everything stood out, especially the red roofs. The days are getting greener here. Which just made the town look like a flourished fairy tale. We spent a lot of time at the castle which has a lot of mirrors and great architecture. Afterwards we went to the center of Ptuj and found out there was a street market from Italy. Of course I went over to it and had my mouth open wide to all the sweets imported from Sicily. The missionaries had to carry me away from that gallery fast or else I probably would of splurged. Our elderly couple bought us
My Marzipan treat
marzipan and I thought about Papa and how much he liked that stuff. We got to see some of the festival things for Pust and see there crazy detailed and the original costumes to scare away winter. I just kept thinking they looked like "Wookies" to be honest.


President Rowe came to do our personal interviews this week and wow, It was incredible the revelation we received. It was definitely a pep talk, a pump up time to get ready for miracles. President Rowe told us we needed our people who ever that is whether it be members or our investigators that they needed to experience spiritual moments. That we needed to point out the spirit to them whenever we felt it, that we needed to show them how they can find the truth by themselves. It was great. He told us to tell about the first vision if anyone every asked about what is different about our church. Because really that's the start... the beginning of this incredible dispensation. He told us a lot of advice and we practiced a lot with him and were just getting pumped to go out and do the work. He is an amazing president and he told each of us that we were meant to be here, that we were all really great missionaries and when you look around at all your dear missionary friends. It is so true. President reminded us of a scripture that is in Hebrews 10:35-39 which basically sums up that we don't draw back. We can save souls. No matter how hard it is, we don't draw back!

Following after President Rowe we had the usual English class and then we went to go have a lesson. Sestra Porter and I had met a 19 year old girl at a bus stop a few months ago. She was a really great and had loads of wisdom. She loved that we had another testament of Jesus Christ and was so happy for the gift of our blue little book we gave her. We got her number and kept in contact with her. We met her once and it was super hard for me to speak Slovene at the time and bring up the gospel to her because she was so in love with her own religion. We lost contact after that until Sestra Fugal came into the picture. I got a feeling to text her and I did and she wrote back just in a few seconds saying she wanted to meet. Last time I had promised her we would get Hot Chocolate with her so she wanted to meet at a cafe. I didn't know what to expect on her side, but I knew full-hearted-ly I needed to share this ''good news'' and nothing was going to stop that. We met her up stairs in this antique cafe that looked pretty cool. We were talking about normal things and introducing Sister Fugal to her. But, the spirit was strong and I knew I needed to speak up. I asked her questions and it led into religion. How we pray and how it is our own words. She liked the idea of that and we began to talk about how much we loved Christ. I took out my Book of Mormon and set it down. I felt so strongly to impress the fact how much I loved this book. Because I really really love this book. We were agreeing on a lot of things and I felt impressed to say you are probably wonder what is so different about our church? She said well yes- I am actually. We began to tell the story of Joseph and the warmth swept in and when it came to telling the first vision. I began to say it with more love and more courage than I had ever said it before. She was sitting next to me and her eyes would not move from mine. They were wide and I knew she was feeling something. She was so happy. She said our words were so fulfilling and just a great energy. I told her that was the spirit. The spirit telling what we said is true. She said she could not deny it. It was seriously the coolest feeling ever! We committed her to pray to know if these things are true and she said she absolutely would. We walked out of the cafe dancing and we just couldn't wipe the smiles off our face. It was a really great night. We did as the Lord, and also our President directed us and we had miracle time. We had success. We didn't draw back and we trusted and let God let our sparks become more as sun. A light to someone who needed to hear. It makes me so happy that God could use me for good.

This week had plenty of little miracles and it has really brought me much joy. I notice the days where I bear my testimony, I speak up, I teach about Christ and this beautiful gospel they really are the best days. When we put our faith in God we will not fail. We will have beautiful peace. Beautiful happiness because this gospel is what inspires, it is what gives hope, it is what has brought complete healing, and a point where we see everything in abundance of light. Goodness. It is the magic bullet, the only thing that we can ever turn to and feel whole. The gospel has filled me and I am so lucky to serve and to be better everyday. To know this truth and the eternities I get to be with my beautiful family. I am grateful and humbled and will probably always be in awe at all the grace we receive.

I love you heaps. Have a good week! I know I will.

Sestra Cuthbert

Looking Bright as Ever in Ptuj, Slovenia!

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