Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 33 / Transferred to Ljubljana "Ljubek, čudovit, lepa!"

Last Days in Maribor

Dearest Family,

This week has been really good! It has been so good to hear from you all and hear that you are all loving life and that spring is coming! Thanks for all the packages and letters. I was so excited to receive them! I love what Ivy gave me. I made her kool-aid and even made hot kool-aid. Interesting none the less.
On our way to a country wide church meeting.

One of the two young women we have here has been really sick and has been in the hospital. She is this cute 12 year old who has the biggest blue eyes and the sweetest round face. She was sitting there on her bed when we walked into the hospital and she squealed for joy when she saw us. She always is asking why this is happening to her and why God is doing this to her. I just sit on the bed and hug her tight. God doesn't want her to feel that way at all. We would talk about His love for her and all the little blessings she had. Also, that God lets us go through hard things so we can grow. It's like walking in a giant store as a little kid holding your mom's hand. So many carts and other people rushing past and bumping into you. It can be rough getting from one section to the next but as long as you are holding your mom's hand you make it through and you feel okay, protected even if all around you is chaos. God is holding her hands in the same way. He is holding Our hands. I know it. I seem to look at her and really wish to do anything and everything in my power to make her happy. I always think of Ivy, how they are around the same age and how much I would want to do for her and I go from there. It makes decisions a lot easier to give your all, because lets face it, we can always be giving more, but when I think of the ones I really love it has a lot more depth to things and it helps me gather more courage to stand for what I believe and give all I can.
This last week was really good, tough but good, because I am getting transferred this week. I was saying my good-byes to people, but not so much of good-byes... I was saying "I will see you again". This is hello and now there is a delay. I am coming back! I really have loved the people I have served with here, the members and all the people who have made this journey something so much more than I can comprehend. I love my Ana and I got to see her perform to the disabled and such on Friday. She sang, ''I Am Yours'' by Jason Mraz. She really loves music and she always amazes me with how much she holds. She has very much an old and lovely soul. 

I was at one of my investigator's homes and when it was time to go, I just sat on the couch and couldn't move. I will miss this family deeply. This woman, I had taught -always told me not to get attached to people but I told her I couldn't help it. I was getting attached to the love that is given, shown and felt. Because we are all stringed together and it's the love that attaches us. She listened to me say that and then she came rushing over and sat down next to me and hugged me. She started to laugh and told me she could be my mother yet I can talk to her like we are the same age and that I touch her heart. She told me with a soul like mine it's impossible not to love me. Okay. Why am I so blessed to have these amazing people in my life? I am really taken care of here. There is always God's angels watching over us, even for us missionaries and I feel it. I really do. Everyday.
Sestra Conference in Zagreb.

We went to the Sisters Conference this week and man, it was light-filling. I really loved hearing what President Rowe and Sister Rowe had to say. Their home had this great spirit and all the sisters radiance was making the house feel like a whole lotta love. After the meeting we had games and sat and chatted in the house. I saw Sestra Porter sitting on the couch and I went and sat down by her. Our heads rested on the cushion and we just talked and talked about life and how much we loved each other. I have missed her. It was really good to just sit and talk to her. Even though I have only been with Sestra Fugal for a few months I really have loved her and her spirit, too. I have appreciated how she is always catching me when the walls are too high to jump down in with a skirt. (We get into situations like this all the time. Crazy, I know) I have been really lucky to serve with such wonderful sisters. I am really excited to serve next with Sestra Brown. When I first met her back in the MTC - I already knew I loved her and I know it's going to be a party every night.
What I have truly loved about my mission is that although I am far away from my home in tiny Utah, I have found "home" in where-ever the sun's rays rest. To all the people I have crossed paths with or who have stumbled into my life, I have found home. God's home. God's love. God's children and that really is our job out here. To be that home and let others be that for you too. 

The president gave everyone our ' last personal interview' with him at conference because he knew he wouldn't be here to do that for most of us again (as he is being released in July). He talked about how we really need to find someone (in marriage) who sees the best in you. That you shouldn't be with someone and look at all their weaknesses and be less. But we should be looking at all the strengths and becoming something more. That you don't just give 50% and the other person gives 50%, but rather both of you give 100% and then the two of you together make something so much more! We as missionaries are learning how to convert, to transform -  not only other people and ourselves but our future children. I love it, the thought of it. Hosana means "save us now" and we really need to believe that we are being saved Right now. But we need to also find that someone who saves us, too. Where you both build on each other and love with all you got. The future is good to look at and realize that we need to be good now and make good choices. I hope I can be that good for my children. That I can show them I will do anything for them. I will be their home. I love finding my home in all situations. I love my family for being my ultimate HOME. For my Heavenly home that will bring us all back together again... Forever.  Life is really beautiful isn't it?
I love serving! I love everything about it. I love that I get to love these people here in Slovenia and love all of you....but I especially want you to know that- I love you Mom.
Hope you have a good week and love the homes in your life.

Sestra Cuthbert

Holly and her new companion Sestra Brown

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