Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 34 / Feeling Good


I am alive!

My last day in Maribor we were going over to my two little young women. The bus had come a little earlier than it usually does and so we missed it. We didn't want to be late to our lesson so we started booking it to the next bus stop, we missed it by seconds. We decided we should start walking and  headed our way. We were in a place we don't usually go to and our heads were trying to wrap around what to do. You could say - we were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. But I just don't believe in that. I believe when you think you are lost, you really aren't. When you miss a bus, or you think you came to the wrong stop it's not good. But everytime I have done this... It was actually the right place at the right time. It was meant to be and you have to take these things in stride. So, in light of those thoughts, we started going down a street and someone was coming up to us with spreaded arms. It was Anja! (19 yearold) investigator. We had tried to set up with her last week but she was very busy with school but here she was on a random street. We hugged and got to talk and she was telling me how much she believed and knew this church was true! I got to say bye but I just had the strongest feeling in the world that this amazing girl is ready. She is definitely elect. We made it to the house on time and had some sweet goodbyes. I was very lucky to serve in Maribor and meet all these amazing people. I have to admit when I am here in Ljubljana and I hear Maribor Soccer is in the lead I do a fist pump in the air and I am super happy. Whoo Whoo!

Here in Ljubljana I am loving it. I really like the members and the people I am meeting. This place is huge and we go on buses a lot so it's a great opportunity to get contacting done. I get inside the buses, scout out people, target them and go stand or sit by them. I talked to this older fellow that was in his 80's and he had the craziest socks on. I couldn't help but talk to this cool guy and teach him. He was awesome. Here I am really needing to act on faith and let courage take hold. Sestra Brown and I are learning the language and wow... She is majorly good. I am already learning a lot from her. The cool thing is, that when I am talking to people the gift of tongues takes over. I am very thankful for that.  We were waiting to catch a bus this week and this lady was sitting at the stop. I walked up to her and started talking. She asked me a lot of questions and I answered them and gave her a pass along card. We got on the bus and she asked me to sit next to her. I began to teach her what we believe and gave her a Book of Mormon, she was impressed but said she had to see for herself. This week has been a lot of contacting. I feel like when things get hard or you aren't quite sure what to do.. You just go to work. I know I have a lot to work on but I am really calm. It's nice to work in the Lords hands and do this work. It's really home feeling here especially when I bare my testimony. I don't feel right the days I didn't get that opportunity to do so. Sestra Brown is awesome I love her a lot. She really tells the best stories and it's good to keep laughing and having funny moments. We have already had a lot of them.

We went to Kranj with the Sestri in Kranj and it was great to be with Sestra Porter again. I really look up to her. We went to President Mitz house and had 'the best palačinka' it was great to get to know him and his little 3 year old - who was a doll and we had fun teaching him about Jesus Christ and playing catch. And yes they were the best palačinka!

We are looking for more investigators here so it's been a lot of finding and it is still going on. We are mapping out things and getting in touch with formers and such. I am trying (hint), trying to be organized and setting up things and working on where everything is. A lot of work to do, but we will have fun doing it.

We went on the bus the other day to get to a lesson. I hopped on and guess who I saw! Anja! I jumped her and asked what she was doing in Ljubljana? She was staying with her twin sister who lives here. I thought that was a miracle I saw them. I know that it was not by chance and I grabbed their phone number so that we can  keep in touch. Things are always looking up or getting higher and higher. Life is really good.

Sestra Brown's birthday was this week so I thought it would be nice to make her cake and death by chocolate frosting. The day of her birthday we went over to a members and the member gave her the biggest cake in the world. So she had heaps and heaps of cake. We just laughed and she ate a bunch of it and had to lay on the floor. That woman.... I love her.

On Sunday I met a lot of members and hugged a few I knew. There is this one member in Ljub that we literally ran at each other and embraced- I am so happy to be here. All three of us new missionaries bore our testimonies which was great. I love that I am understanding more and more everyday. It's not as fuzzy anymore!

I love you so much family. I love praying for you and hearing about your week and knowing you all are doing great things! Send everyone my love! Can't wait to talk to you again. Thanks for always being mine.

I think she is tired....but to be honest, is it Holly or Sestra Brown? I can't tell.

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