Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 35 / Sidewalk Art

Dear Family,

Exciting to always hear from you and to know you are doing well. I hope that this week will be even better and you will have major success and miracles.

This week:
Sister Brown had a crazy dream one night and in the morning we talked about it for quite some time. She kept talking about this Bonsai tree that was prominently in it. She thought maybe we were meant to buy one or something because they are just rad little beauties. We went along with missionary work and by night we were contacting and passed an apartment. We felt prompted to go inside and check it out. We said a little prayer to be guided and Sestra Brown asked where should we start from bottom or top? I felt very heavily we needed to go up stairs. We walked up the many floors and stopped at the top stairs. There was only one door and beside this one door stood humbly, a small Bonsai tree. Sestra Brown and I looked at each other super excited. We knocked on the door and a lady answered. We began to talk to her and Sestra Brown bore her testimony. The lady surprisingly kept the door opened and was like waiting for something. We handed her a Book of Mormon and told her about our English class and out of nowhere this cute little child came running up and took the Book of Mormon out of his moms hands was super giggly and so excited to see a book! He ran away and Sestra Brown and I thought "mission accomplished". We walked out of the apartment and were really happy and really amazed. I think that Sestra Brown has powers. I have been telling her to eat more cheese because apparently you get more dreams from that and I want more revelation! I am really kidding, but seriously. Anyway, Sestra Brown is amazing and I love her spirit and how much she wants to be the best missionary, and she really is.

We went with the Kranj Sestri this week to a Mexican Restaurant and the Hispanic food was really good, not the same as real Mexican food but I was content. Sestra Porter and Sestra Jones are like two incredible sisters. I really love spending time with them. After the Mexican restaurant we all bought Reese's. I know... American Chocolate, but we seriously all miss it so much!

We did a combined activity on Saturday with all the missionaries in Ljubljana. We went to this big park and bought chalk and wrote out the question how do we find true happiness?  And we contacted and got a lot to stop and really think. It was fun to watch and see people even in passing to think about it. Because lets face it. What is true happiness? And how lucky we are to have it!

I love details - we have a lot to see, to feel, to hear, to taste, to experience, and to find joy. We can't of course remember all the details but do you notice when you think back to the happiest times, when you had the spirit. You can remember things, even feelings so clearly. We are so lucky to have such good memories, and to have this Gospel. It's awesome to think that even the best moments haven't even happened yet and that they haven't stopped and won't. This gospel is giving us an ongoing happiness. Eternal. It's beautiful.

So I am called the awkward-wing man. I make the first move on contacting and then we both go in as a companionship and get to the teaching. It's really fun and I like finding strengths in our companionship and getting better each day. I was contacting on the bus and helping a lady and her daughter with their bags. I noticed the young daughter had a Hannah Montana bag... I thought I would comment and ask if she liked Hannah Montana. She just stared at me disgusted and I couldn't help but smile and put a note in my head... Never talk about Hannah Montana. I really have learned my lesson there!:)

For a while out here I was wondering why no one could say my last name. They always resorted to just sister or say I can't say your name and I don't want to take time to learn it. Or they would ask my first name. I was wondering why can I not just go with my first name it would be a lot easier and people would actually know it. This is my conclusion this week and how wrong I was for thinking this. There are only two names on my name tag... Christ's and my family's. Not my own. And when you look at it from that perspective and realize that this mission is not about me... This mission is about Christ, and about families. About the real things that matter, and that is why I am here in this life. What I love most, is that it has such a deeper meaning to me and I can proudly and happily every time see my name tag- see Jesus Christ and my family's name. A reminder of what I have, what I hold precious, and two names that are there on my name tag that I wear around everyday by my heart.

Sometimes God doesn't give you what you want, not because you don't deserve it but because you deserve so much more. And we must remember that. That we also are so much more. And that we need to try our best to become more like Him and give of ourselves. Are whole selves. Whatever it is you're scared of doing. Do it. Trying new things, learning, living, growing, pushing yourself, the things that you thought were impossible. The things you have never done before. Don't worry if it's not perfect, don't think it's not good enough. It is. If you love. There is no denying.

We went over to an in-active members house, who haven't been to church for 10 years. We connected instantly and I fell in love with their beautiful family and what they live by. They said that everything of God is love. The Book of Mormon is Love. We as missionaries are love. The church is love. The man really loved God and His family. He knew God loved him. I asked him, "more than anything then you want to show your love back right?" He said, "of course, yes". I said then "by loving back you must go back. Go back to church, go back to reading the scriptures, to love- is a verb, an action.We must prove that we truly do want this". The man and wife were taken back. Sestra Brown and I gave powerful testimonies that the time is now. The Spirit was so apparent and so full. The room was glowing and the man sat there and said "I don't even know why I am not going to church... I want to find myself first". I told him that he could find it there at church. Then he said, "I have been looking for someone... to be the right one, to say the right things". I asked him, "has he found that person yet?"He told me "I don't know.. But I think I know now". WOW. WOW. WOW.

The Spirit, this missionary work- time and time again has left my jaw dropping. I love this work, I love you all. I love that I have such happy sweet spirits as my family and how the more I realize I am out here the more I see that we really are just one big family. I love you and pray for you. Enjoy the life you have been given and recognize that being apart of this gospel means everyday important, is a holiday.


Sestra Cuthbert

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