Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 39 / Half-way Home, Half-way there.

Dear Family,

The pictures are beautiful this week! Tell Parker and Ivy they have got to stop growing up! For real!

The Easter Concert was very beautiful. A lot of new faces were to be seen. It was half members and half investigators or friends. We, the missionaries went around to greet and get to know everyone. When the songs began the spirit was strong and when we, the sisters got up to sing it, went really well. I really like singing and I had the largest butterflies in my stomach with so many people. But, when we are singing about Christ it is like bearing our testimonies. You look straight a head and you have courage. You sing the words with your soul. People can feel it! I really loved all the songs and the gathering. It was definitely a night to remember.

There has been a lot of rain and thunderstorms here in Ljubljana lately. Of course we thought the best of the sky and walked out with no coats and no tights. After a lesson was over we looked outside and the rain was just pouring. The lady in the house bent down and touched our legs and told us that we were crazy because we weren't wearing any tights! The husband told us to come to his garage and we followed a little hesitant, but we went a long. He brought out two big marshmallow rain ponchos. We laughed and he was serious and told us we need to be careful with our health. We immediately put it on and walked around outside. People double took us, but hey those things are literally the best thing in the world. Even if we look like hilarious creatures from unknown!

A day before, our friend who is having a baby - had us over. She has been doing really well and wants to come back to church with her daughter. You can just feel it when she talks about church. She is so ready. It makes me happy that all we had to do was to love her, to show her God's love and it brought her back. In the beginning she said she would never come back, but now she is always talking about how excited she is after she has her baby to come back. The members are reaching out to her too. So a major success and a real gem. I really love this woman!

Lately in lessons things have been really going great. The spirit is there and I can feel it guiding Sestra Brown and I. The lessons always go the opposite then what we planned, yet it works perfectly. I have been blessed and I know it isn't me when I flip the pages and I see a scripture that is exactly what the person needed. Or I turn right to the page that I need. Sestra Brown and I have seen miracles where she talked about a scripture and she forgot where it was. I immediately whipped out my scriptures and knew exactly where it was. Scripture study has power. I have never been one to know where certain verses are or memorize them for that matter, but lately it's becoming easier and easier. I say a little prayer of thanks everyday for that lightness.

Sestra Brown is such a blessing to me. I really love her and her spirit. She has a way of making my day. Either with her crazy hugs and funny stories. If I ever need cheering up or just need a breather I  ask her, '' so tell me about Africa?''. She has the best stories and makes me want to go there. When Sestra Brown teaches she has power and knows how to get to the point. She is a great teacher and we teach really well with each other. I love that girlie and it's nice to have such a comfort such as her in my mission.

We went to a non active members house and this man loves swimming he wakes up every morning to go swimming at 4 am. I asked him how amazing and devoted he was. I also said why does he do that. He said well it is because I love swimming and if you don't keep going you won't get better. I told him that this is exactly the same as church. Don't you love God too? (He really really loves God) And he said.... Oh, yea... Wait... Hey that was good! I told him you have to keep going to get better and better. You can't just stop and think the 'good techniques' will stay. He was stunned and Sestra Brown and I were doing high fives afterwards. They are coming back! I know it.

Things have been doing really well, we are trying to find more and it's been a little tough lately but I know the Lord will bless the people here and we will find! Got to believe in success! It's all in the Lord's hands. Let us be those hands. If you want to be like God, you have to be like Him now. We are very far away from 'home' but if you act like you are already home, you are fulfilling that gap between us and heaven. We must make this our lives. We can be better and better, we can follow the foot steps of the savior. We must be love and I can't say it enough... We must be that home. I love you all, can not wait to talk to you all on Mother's day! I have a surprise for you Mommy! Hey and happy Birthday Mom! I hope you got my cards! Love you love you!

Sestra Cuthbert

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