Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 43 / Language of Faith

Dear Family!

It is so good to hear from you! I hope everything is going well and that the plane ride wasn't too bumpy on the way home!

We have been working with an in-active member since I have been here in Ljubljana and she is such a sweet woman. I have felt so surely that we are going to get her back. She is one of the first members in Slovenija and has a lot of heartache in her life. We go over to her house and I feel the deepest connection of God's love for her and the light He offers. This last week we finally got her in contact with one of the members that she had been really good friends with and it had been 20 years since they had spoken. It was beautiful to see their embrace. The member was holding her as a mother would with their child. Tears were formed and great gratitude was expressed. I am so lucky to witness those kind of lovely miracles like that. We gave a lesson and talked about her coming back, that Heavenly Father wants her to come home. She said she needed time and we asked if we could help with anything to get her there. She explained no and the the lesson ended shortly after. I had been thinking that today was the day. I thought she was going to say yes. I tried to address her concerns and bear testimony but there was not much we could do. I walked out of her house stunned and a little shocked. Could I have done better? Could I have done more? I turned around and I told her "I am not giving up on you, you know. I love you so much, God loves you so much. I know that God wants to bless you I know that he wants what's best for you and I know that if you come back you will feel His arms surround you." She was tearing up, but still was saying she needed time. I understood, but I told her I wouldn't give up that I would come every Sunday if I had to. She laughed and everyone did, but the next day we went with the elderly missionary couple to her house for Sunday. We knocked on her door. No one was home and as we turned around I knew we were going to see her. She came in the drive way with her car seconds later. She was surprised to see us there. She said she had forgotten something and had to come back. I knew that God wanted this to happen. I knew that we would have success and even if she didn't come to church this Sunday. She will. This next Sunday or the next, or the next. She will. We had a beautiful prayer in the front of her house that the elderly couple gave and she cried, I know that she is ready, she just needs to know that too.

Sestra Brown and I have noticed we need to have the language of faith. It matters so much. If we don't believe in success, we won't get it. fI we don't believe we can help or bring someone back. We won't. We went to her house confident and we were walking with the Lord. I felt a lot of power, a lot of love. You feel as though you have this fire and you can do anything. We need to rely on the Lord's strengths, we need to understand we cannot do things alone. We may catch a few fish here and there, it will be good. But if you have the Lord in your labors you will catch many, overfilling the boat and it will be great. My heart is filled and my testimony is growing. I know that God is putting people in our path and we must talk to everyone and love everyone, not just with our love,  but love them with God's love because with that love they will feel it and they will recognize that sweetness from a long time a go. There is awakening tool to remember our sweet home above and that is God's love. They will feel the truth and know.

We were going to a lesson but it had fell through, so we sat on a bench to catch breath and take some water and a lady and her baby came by. The baby immediately came up to us and was trying to play with us. The mother stayed by her baby and was just beaming at us. We talked to her for a good 45 minutes and she showed us where she lived and hoped we would see each other again. She was really sweet and believed in God. I thought it was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father that we met such a wonderful woman. I joked with her about making her chocolate cake because this week I was making like a billion chocolate cakes for people and their birthdays. She agreed and now it looks like I will be baking more! But, it's oh so worth it! Thank you mommy for such a awesome recipe!

An investigator that we haven't really been able to get to set up with- called us up on Monday evening. She wanted to go to Family night with us. Which is a big step for her! We went to the Muirheads and as we were sitting down. Our teacher, Brat (brother in Slovene) Riley Duke from the MTC came in! It was so great to see him! He really helped our investigator feel comfortable and get to know everyone. It really left a good impression on her and she wants to meet again. I am so grateful for our teacher, for his example and words to us. He knows how to pump us up and get us ready to be our very best! Our investigator has been a little scared to go into churches and meeting the members but it is definitely changing and she is wanting to meet more with us now. She heard a prayer for the first time and you could tell she was affected by it. I am so grateful for the spirit and it's mighty effect of people.

The lessons have been going really well, I feel that I am getting better and better. I know I have a long way to go and I need to keep trying to be the best I can be. But I feel Heavenly Father's influence and it's been a blast. I am so glad to have such a sweet family who supports me. I love you all and pray for each of you individually- for your needs. Keep praying for success and His will- because that is the truest happiness, not our will, but his. So grateful for this opportunity to being a missionary. Love you all. Glad mom and dad had rad time! Best wishes to you all!


Sestra Cuthbert
Holly thought that this sunset was AMAZING!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 42 / Finding Joy In The Journey

 Hey Family how are you?! I truly hope you are all well! Hey Mom and
Dad are you loving England? Say hi to the family for me! Enjoy your
great trip with your friends! That is great that we are in the same
time zone for a little bit. Right? Awesome to hear that Parker did so
well on his skit and he drove you safely to the airport! Pretty funny

Well this week has been really great! Sestra Brown and I are trying
our hardest to get in contact with all our inactives and formers. We
have been praying more and more fervently that we will find people and
that we will have success. The beginning of the week was a beast. We
were running from one place to another, knocking on doors, contacting
like mad men. We weren't really hitting anyone's sparks though. I
would get on my knees at night and pray that we could find someone,
then I would wake up in the morning determined to get something, but
by the end of the night I would be coming home exhausted. I would wake
up the next day and say lets do it again. Because we always had a
little more to give. I didn't realize this but we do... We will always
have a little more we can be giving. We can extend more love each and
everyday. I can be bearing my testimony a little more, I can work on
this or that. We have more love in us then we can imagine and I know
that if I keep going, if I keep working hard. There will be miracles
in everyday. If we put our trust in Him, He will begin to trust us. So
we did. We didn't draw back. We kept at it. I believed, I hoped for
things that I couldn't exactly see right now. I loved and loved the
people I was serving with and serving to. It was hard at points this
week, but at night I was at peace with what we were doing. On Friday
we had all the missionaries in Slovenija have a prayer on the phone
where we opened the prayer and everyone got to each have their own
part for a one long great prayer. It was very powerful and everyone
was getting pumped for the miracles in store! Then Friday night rolled
around and we hadn't had seen one of our investigators for awhile. We
had lost contact and Sestra Brown and I felt strongly to go see her.
Once we did she was very happy to see us. She said she had been
thinking about us a lot. We talked about miracles and how God does do
them for us everyday. I wanted her to have a miracle in her life so
bad. Sestra Brown and I prayed a lot that night for something to
happen to her, that she could get comfortable with our church. To be
honest I really wanted President Rwankuba to visit her at her work.
Because lets face it, once she meets him. That is the end! He is way
to awesome to pass up. He is truly a representive of Jesus Christ. He
has a strong testimony and you can see it immediantly when you see
him. We really had just been wanting her to meet member and we felt
impressed to pray for it. The next day, we were going to a lesson but
at last minute it got canceled. We decided to contact and get some
food while we were at it, since it was becoming dinner time. A man was
walking with his wife and they stopped and talked to us, it turned
into quite a long conversation and we exchanged each others numbers
and would love for us to go over to their house. We had a great amount
of little successes that night and when we were coming home on the bus
that investigator that we had visited the day earlier was calling us
and said a man had came and visited her that day. It was Elvi Rwankuba
who visited her! She said he was really awesome and she would love to
learn more from him and us. Miracles. This proved to me that prayers
and answered and they do work. Sestra Brown and I thanked President
Rwankuba for following the spirit and next thing we noticed he was
calling us. We talked and he said it wasn't just him but... and then
he handed the phone over to our long lost teacher from the MTC! Brat
Duke! It was cool to catch up and see the Lord work through all of us.

We have got in contact with a lot of inactives that missionaries
haven't been able to get a hold of in a long time. Which is awesome!
The lord is working with us and we are beginning to be on fire! I am
so excited for this next week and know that we must be thankful for
everyday, to love the people and truly give over our hearts to God.
When we do, we can grow, we can be strong, and become unstoppable. I
love you all and hope you have a great week!


Sestra Cuthbert

Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 41 / Street Contacting Like Crazy

Dear Family,

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful sweet Mama! I will send you that song that I sang for you on skype as soon as I can. It was really great seeing everyone via skype! I loved getting to hear from you and especially laugh with you. I have to admit that was really great to have that time with you.

This week we were preparing for the BYU concert that was going to perform a little for a Sunday night fireside and then the actual performance is tonight (Monday). The fireside concert was really sweet and made me miss classical music, but when they played a Child's Prayer,  that had the most affect on me. The Spirit was like a fire and it was crazy to see the difference music can have and that difference has power. We had a few of our investigators come and they really liked that song in particular too. Which was cool because they were playing Mozart and Bach, but the one that caught their attention was a simple, little child's prayer. They felt the Spirit and we talked about it afterwards and they were really impressed with the students that could play so beautifully. Before the concert began at our churchhouse- Sestra Brown and I had some time to go do a little tracking around the area. We began to knock on doors but were not really having much success, but we kept at it. As we were walking down the street to the next house, someone stuck their head out their car window and yelled, ''GO SISTERS!'' It was like someone knocked us with the Spirit. It was President Rowe driving by! We smiled and felt like it gave us a huge pick me up. I couldn't believe that such small and simple words could mean so much, that God of course is looking out for us. That by that we felt like ''okay let's go to the next door and the next. We got this! We can have success!" And we did, a lot of our investigators came to the concert, and that was a miracle! I hope that I can remember to do that when I get home when are passing missionaries in our area. We can give them that boost, it is such a small thing...but like the song, so powerful! We can be a helping hand. We can yell out! Because it really made my day. We missionaries need that, it is so cool to see someone is looking out for us.

We had Zone Conference this week and had some great points that I thought was incredible and I would like to share what I learned from it.

When we talk about the gospel to others, we have to mean it. When we talk about it, we can't be apologetic for saying we know that Christ lives! When we apologize -that is giving off unsure-ity. We must stand tall, walk confident and go up to that person and look at them in the eyes. When they say no and we back down so fast and just start walking away we give off that it's not that urgent. But this is the message that can and will transform someone's life. We have the greatest gift anyone could possibly have. We are holding it in our hands. Do we know this? How lucky we are. I walked up to a lady and began to talk to her the other day, she seemed nice and I asked "if she knew about us as missionaries," she immediately said "I don't want to talk to you."  I began to turn to walk away, but I stopped and told her "But I have something I want and need to say to you."  She looked the other way but I wasn't giving up, I began to bear my testimony that Jesus Christ lives, that God is her Heavenly Father and that they love her so much. She looked back at me for a moment and didn't say anything, but I felt like I did my part. When I became a missionary I pledged to do everything in my power to give myself to the Gospel. If I don't, if I don't trust that the Lord is laboring with me how can I expect to have success? I must always try my hardest and let the Spirit do the rest. I don't need to worry if people say no to me or turn away. It is not about that. All the Lord wants you and I to know is if you will do His work, if you will, He will help. Always. People know when we have faith and when we don't. They can feel it. We need great faith to do this work. If we feel things are hard and we want to give up. Go to work. This is not our will but His. We have to put faith in that and take action. We were at a less actives house recently and I told her to come to church. I told her how much the members needed her how much everyone needed her and how much God needed her. She began to cry. I was bearing testimony and she cried and cried. She then proceeded to tell me to stop. I looked at her blankly and off guard. "Stop" she said " you are making me feel too much!" I went to hug her, and she literally fell in my arms. I told her "to come back." She told me "she wanted to." It's going to happening! I know it! I know if I would of stopped then, if I started to say sorry that would of not been true. To say sorry that God needs her? Crazy...I couldn't ever do that. Heavenly Father wants His children in His arms once again. He wants them so bad. We are His hands, His mouth pieces for now. We must work with Him, and to be worthy to work with Him to let Him guide us and bring His lost sheep home. We are the finders. We can't give up. If we are a missionary, a member, a friend, anyone... We can't give up. We have to keep building up, and fighting for what we believe. This is a great time to work together, as members and missionaries, to have more faith, to have great prayers.

There is a great fire in missionary work, a beautiful power that I get to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am Happy to have this testimony. I was called to do wonders. I came to earth with a mighty purpose, a purpose that will echo throughout the eternities. I am God's child and so are you. This earth is our Garden of Eden. We can build it up, we can, and we will.

Sestra Brown and I have hit the pavement and are running. We have been contacting like crazy, knocking on doors and testifying. We are becoming more and more each day and I feel that as we strive to be more Christ-like, as we come to fully understand our capabilities- we will help the Lord to change things. We will see miracles. I know this to be true, I am so thankful for this gospel- this next ten weeks (next transfer) will be great!

By the way, thanks for all the sweet cards in my Birthday box! I didn't realize they were my birthday cards until I opened them. I love them. Very sweet. Plus, all the things... great, wonderful. Plus I am going crazy with my Harmonica.... I love that thing, it is so rad. I am tempted to take it out on the streets with me. Maybe you could send me some hymn music so I can play it on my harmonica!

Love you all.
Sestra Cuthbert

P.S. Sorry my English is getting worse, it is hard to find the right words sometimes and my grammar is awful. So So Sorry.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 40 / Looking for Miracles

Dear Family,

I am so excited to talk to you all this coming week! I love you all bunches and I can't wait to hear your voices! I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET MAMA! I love you so much! I hope you had a rad little birthday party and that many wishes came true.

I get to talk to my family, I get to talk to my family, I get to talk to my family! OH YEAH! HOLY SMOKES BATMAN! I GET TO TALK TO YOU!

This week was great! I got to go back to Maribor for a day and reunite with old friends and get to be back in my home town! I really was excited to see some of the members. I didn't get to see Ana, but I wrote her a letter and asked them to give it to her when they could. I really have missed Maribor to be honest, all the people, and the certain particular people I love and care about a lot. I seriously was trying to contain my joy, but it broke. Maribor has grown so much since I have been a way... I saw the seeds being planted as I was there, but I come back and see a major change. I will talk more about it to you in person... But, wow. It's is the best that I can already see the growth.

I got back home and hugged Sestra Brown because I missed that girl and I missed talking to her. We had a lot of good contacts this week and I would like to share two.

Sestra Brown and I had prayed the night before about which place we should go to the next day for 'Miracle Time' hours where we try to find and teach. We both decided a certain area and felt really strongly about this certain little town. The next day when we were waiting for the bus to come pick us up. We realized that it was on holiday schedule and the only bus that goes up to the town was not operating that day. We took another bus in hopes we could still find success where ever we went. We rode the bus till the end of the line where we ended up getting off and realizing we were surrounded by forest and a old manufacturing house that was really broken down and was begging to be explored. We started walking down to discover small little houses hidden within the trees and green moss that was blanketing anything and everything. We began to knock on houses and didn't really get to have a real sit down with anyone. We prayed together off the road and prayed in our hearts that we would find someone, anyone. We began to hit a certain point where there was a long walkway through a field. ''Should we take it'' Sestra Brown asked. I couldn't help but quote Lord of the Rings and tell her to, ''GET OFF THE ROAD!'' We started walking through it and there were fields and fields of flowers and off in a little distance was a small village. It seemed secret and it felt very much unknown because you wouldn't really notice it if you were just passing by. Sestra Brown and I both looked at each other and thought- This was way cool! I couldn't help but do impressions of Pippin and think that we were in a  little hobbit village. We finally made it to the small houses on the outskirts of the village and realized that we soon would have to be home. We got a few houses done and then started heading back knowing that we would be coming there again because this was a tale to be told, and an adventure to have. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a young couple backpacking it seemed like around this area. I felt like we should wait to be close near them, so perhaps we could start to talk to them. As they came closer, I began to think... I should just keep moving... These people won't be interested. I began to step forward when I heard them speaking English. I immediately turned around and asked where they were from! They were Slovene, but the young man was born in America. They told us they were walking to center of Ljubljana, which I thought was crazy because center was so far away. We began to talk and just started walking with them. We told them about our church and showed them a picture of our building. They thought how crazy that was because they said just earlier that day- they had seen that building and were really curious about it. We found out they were super young in their 20s and had really good values. We exchanged numbers and ended up walking all the way from that place we had began to near our home... Which was a great distance, but we had been walking so fast or the spirit was just abiding that we made it less than 20 minutes. After we got to teach them a little we had to book it home to be on time. We made it at 8:59 to our apartment! We rejoiced and gave a prayer of thanks and did some boogieing in our kitchen.

So this week, there is going to be a concert featuring a group from BYU, who are coming here to Slovenija and we have been passing out fliers and such. We have also been going to different little towns to show it and contact. We went to this cute little town that has some gorgeous little traditional houses. We were walking up a hill and... I saw it... the most beautiful house ever... and I had to draw it... Because I didn't have my camera. I told Sestra Brown to put the flier in while I hurried and did a quick sketch of it. I was looking at the details and thought that I needed to draw the windows. I looked to the window and saw an old lady who was staring at me. She was not happy to see I was standing there and looking like I was taking notes about her house. She came out and asked what I was doing, I proceeded forward and told her I was drawing her house. I showed her the drawing I did and she looked at me and lightened up. 'This is my house you know!' She was proud and happy to say it. I beamed at her and talked a little about our church, she couldn't really understand me so Sestra Brown had to help me out. It was a cool experience, but maybe I shouldn't be drawing peoples houses... Hah It was a funny time.

I have been reading the book of Mormon faster and faster and it doesn't cease to amaze me with all the beauty and edifying details I need to hear everyday. It's a book that is a reminder of what truly has value and what is truly important. I love the Book of Mormon, I love the man who translated the Book and who was a prophet of God. Joseph Smith walked out of that forest that day where he prayed with the answer, the opening to this new dispensation. He didn't walk out of that forest with a cape on, but as still a young beautiful boy who would go through so many hardships to bring us the best book in the world. To me he did not need a cape to be my hero. I love this gospel and I know it is true. I know we have a living prophet today. I know that Jesus is the Christ and I know God is our very loving Heavenly Father. Their love is unfailing. My world is beautiful because of the Book of Mormon, because of the knowledge that God and Jesus live, that we have the restored Gospel today. My world is beautiful because of all these miracles, and for the miracle of my beautiful family.
I am happy.

I love you so much family have a awesome week! Talk to you soon!

Sestra Cuthbert