Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 40 / Looking for Miracles

Dear Family,

I am so excited to talk to you all this coming week! I love you all bunches and I can't wait to hear your voices! I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET MAMA! I love you so much! I hope you had a rad little birthday party and that many wishes came true.

I get to talk to my family, I get to talk to my family, I get to talk to my family! OH YEAH! HOLY SMOKES BATMAN! I GET TO TALK TO YOU!

This week was great! I got to go back to Maribor for a day and reunite with old friends and get to be back in my home town! I really was excited to see some of the members. I didn't get to see Ana, but I wrote her a letter and asked them to give it to her when they could. I really have missed Maribor to be honest, all the people, and the certain particular people I love and care about a lot. I seriously was trying to contain my joy, but it broke. Maribor has grown so much since I have been a way... I saw the seeds being planted as I was there, but I come back and see a major change. I will talk more about it to you in person... But, wow. It's is the best that I can already see the growth.

I got back home and hugged Sestra Brown because I missed that girl and I missed talking to her. We had a lot of good contacts this week and I would like to share two.

Sestra Brown and I had prayed the night before about which place we should go to the next day for 'Miracle Time' hours where we try to find and teach. We both decided a certain area and felt really strongly about this certain little town. The next day when we were waiting for the bus to come pick us up. We realized that it was on holiday schedule and the only bus that goes up to the town was not operating that day. We took another bus in hopes we could still find success where ever we went. We rode the bus till the end of the line where we ended up getting off and realizing we were surrounded by forest and a old manufacturing house that was really broken down and was begging to be explored. We started walking down to discover small little houses hidden within the trees and green moss that was blanketing anything and everything. We began to knock on houses and didn't really get to have a real sit down with anyone. We prayed together off the road and prayed in our hearts that we would find someone, anyone. We began to hit a certain point where there was a long walkway through a field. ''Should we take it'' Sestra Brown asked. I couldn't help but quote Lord of the Rings and tell her to, ''GET OFF THE ROAD!'' We started walking through it and there were fields and fields of flowers and off in a little distance was a small village. It seemed secret and it felt very much unknown because you wouldn't really notice it if you were just passing by. Sestra Brown and I both looked at each other and thought- This was way cool! I couldn't help but do impressions of Pippin and think that we were in a  little hobbit village. We finally made it to the small houses on the outskirts of the village and realized that we soon would have to be home. We got a few houses done and then started heading back knowing that we would be coming there again because this was a tale to be told, and an adventure to have. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a young couple backpacking it seemed like around this area. I felt like we should wait to be close near them, so perhaps we could start to talk to them. As they came closer, I began to think... I should just keep moving... These people won't be interested. I began to step forward when I heard them speaking English. I immediately turned around and asked where they were from! They were Slovene, but the young man was born in America. They told us they were walking to center of Ljubljana, which I thought was crazy because center was so far away. We began to talk and just started walking with them. We told them about our church and showed them a picture of our building. They thought how crazy that was because they said just earlier that day- they had seen that building and were really curious about it. We found out they were super young in their 20s and had really good values. We exchanged numbers and ended up walking all the way from that place we had began to near our home... Which was a great distance, but we had been walking so fast or the spirit was just abiding that we made it less than 20 minutes. After we got to teach them a little we had to book it home to be on time. We made it at 8:59 to our apartment! We rejoiced and gave a prayer of thanks and did some boogieing in our kitchen.

So this week, there is going to be a concert featuring a group from BYU, who are coming here to Slovenija and we have been passing out fliers and such. We have also been going to different little towns to show it and contact. We went to this cute little town that has some gorgeous little traditional houses. We were walking up a hill and... I saw it... the most beautiful house ever... and I had to draw it... Because I didn't have my camera. I told Sestra Brown to put the flier in while I hurried and did a quick sketch of it. I was looking at the details and thought that I needed to draw the windows. I looked to the window and saw an old lady who was staring at me. She was not happy to see I was standing there and looking like I was taking notes about her house. She came out and asked what I was doing, I proceeded forward and told her I was drawing her house. I showed her the drawing I did and she looked at me and lightened up. 'This is my house you know!' She was proud and happy to say it. I beamed at her and talked a little about our church, she couldn't really understand me so Sestra Brown had to help me out. It was a cool experience, but maybe I shouldn't be drawing peoples houses... Hah It was a funny time.

I have been reading the book of Mormon faster and faster and it doesn't cease to amaze me with all the beauty and edifying details I need to hear everyday. It's a book that is a reminder of what truly has value and what is truly important. I love the Book of Mormon, I love the man who translated the Book and who was a prophet of God. Joseph Smith walked out of that forest that day where he prayed with the answer, the opening to this new dispensation. He didn't walk out of that forest with a cape on, but as still a young beautiful boy who would go through so many hardships to bring us the best book in the world. To me he did not need a cape to be my hero. I love this gospel and I know it is true. I know we have a living prophet today. I know that Jesus is the Christ and I know God is our very loving Heavenly Father. Their love is unfailing. My world is beautiful because of the Book of Mormon, because of the knowledge that God and Jesus live, that we have the restored Gospel today. My world is beautiful because of all these miracles, and for the miracle of my beautiful family.
I am happy.

I love you so much family have a awesome week! Talk to you soon!

Sestra Cuthbert

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