Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 41 / Street Contacting Like Crazy

Dear Family,

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful sweet Mama! I will send you that song that I sang for you on skype as soon as I can. It was really great seeing everyone via skype! I loved getting to hear from you and especially laugh with you. I have to admit that was really great to have that time with you.

This week we were preparing for the BYU concert that was going to perform a little for a Sunday night fireside and then the actual performance is tonight (Monday). The fireside concert was really sweet and made me miss classical music, but when they played a Child's Prayer,  that had the most affect on me. The Spirit was like a fire and it was crazy to see the difference music can have and that difference has power. We had a few of our investigators come and they really liked that song in particular too. Which was cool because they were playing Mozart and Bach, but the one that caught their attention was a simple, little child's prayer. They felt the Spirit and we talked about it afterwards and they were really impressed with the students that could play so beautifully. Before the concert began at our churchhouse- Sestra Brown and I had some time to go do a little tracking around the area. We began to knock on doors but were not really having much success, but we kept at it. As we were walking down the street to the next house, someone stuck their head out their car window and yelled, ''GO SISTERS!'' It was like someone knocked us with the Spirit. It was President Rowe driving by! We smiled and felt like it gave us a huge pick me up. I couldn't believe that such small and simple words could mean so much, that God of course is looking out for us. That by that we felt like ''okay let's go to the next door and the next. We got this! We can have success!" And we did, a lot of our investigators came to the concert, and that was a miracle! I hope that I can remember to do that when I get home when are passing missionaries in our area. We can give them that boost, it is such a small thing...but like the song, so powerful! We can be a helping hand. We can yell out! Because it really made my day. We missionaries need that, it is so cool to see someone is looking out for us.

We had Zone Conference this week and had some great points that I thought was incredible and I would like to share what I learned from it.

When we talk about the gospel to others, we have to mean it. When we talk about it, we can't be apologetic for saying we know that Christ lives! When we apologize -that is giving off unsure-ity. We must stand tall, walk confident and go up to that person and look at them in the eyes. When they say no and we back down so fast and just start walking away we give off that it's not that urgent. But this is the message that can and will transform someone's life. We have the greatest gift anyone could possibly have. We are holding it in our hands. Do we know this? How lucky we are. I walked up to a lady and began to talk to her the other day, she seemed nice and I asked "if she knew about us as missionaries," she immediately said "I don't want to talk to you."  I began to turn to walk away, but I stopped and told her "But I have something I want and need to say to you."  She looked the other way but I wasn't giving up, I began to bear my testimony that Jesus Christ lives, that God is her Heavenly Father and that they love her so much. She looked back at me for a moment and didn't say anything, but I felt like I did my part. When I became a missionary I pledged to do everything in my power to give myself to the Gospel. If I don't, if I don't trust that the Lord is laboring with me how can I expect to have success? I must always try my hardest and let the Spirit do the rest. I don't need to worry if people say no to me or turn away. It is not about that. All the Lord wants you and I to know is if you will do His work, if you will, He will help. Always. People know when we have faith and when we don't. They can feel it. We need great faith to do this work. If we feel things are hard and we want to give up. Go to work. This is not our will but His. We have to put faith in that and take action. We were at a less actives house recently and I told her to come to church. I told her how much the members needed her how much everyone needed her and how much God needed her. She began to cry. I was bearing testimony and she cried and cried. She then proceeded to tell me to stop. I looked at her blankly and off guard. "Stop" she said " you are making me feel too much!" I went to hug her, and she literally fell in my arms. I told her "to come back." She told me "she wanted to." It's going to happening! I know it! I know if I would of stopped then, if I started to say sorry that would of not been true. To say sorry that God needs her? Crazy...I couldn't ever do that. Heavenly Father wants His children in His arms once again. He wants them so bad. We are His hands, His mouth pieces for now. We must work with Him, and to be worthy to work with Him to let Him guide us and bring His lost sheep home. We are the finders. We can't give up. If we are a missionary, a member, a friend, anyone... We can't give up. We have to keep building up, and fighting for what we believe. This is a great time to work together, as members and missionaries, to have more faith, to have great prayers.

There is a great fire in missionary work, a beautiful power that I get to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am Happy to have this testimony. I was called to do wonders. I came to earth with a mighty purpose, a purpose that will echo throughout the eternities. I am God's child and so are you. This earth is our Garden of Eden. We can build it up, we can, and we will.

Sestra Brown and I have hit the pavement and are running. We have been contacting like crazy, knocking on doors and testifying. We are becoming more and more each day and I feel that as we strive to be more Christ-like, as we come to fully understand our capabilities- we will help the Lord to change things. We will see miracles. I know this to be true, I am so thankful for this gospel- this next ten weeks (next transfer) will be great!

By the way, thanks for all the sweet cards in my Birthday box! I didn't realize they were my birthday cards until I opened them. I love them. Very sweet. Plus, all the things... great, wonderful. Plus I am going crazy with my Harmonica.... I love that thing, it is so rad. I am tempted to take it out on the streets with me. Maybe you could send me some hymn music so I can play it on my harmonica!

Love you all.
Sestra Cuthbert

P.S. Sorry my English is getting worse, it is hard to find the right words sometimes and my grammar is awful. So So Sorry.

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