Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 42 / Finding Joy In The Journey

 Hey Family how are you?! I truly hope you are all well! Hey Mom and
Dad are you loving England? Say hi to the family for me! Enjoy your
great trip with your friends! That is great that we are in the same
time zone for a little bit. Right? Awesome to hear that Parker did so
well on his skit and he drove you safely to the airport! Pretty funny

Well this week has been really great! Sestra Brown and I are trying
our hardest to get in contact with all our inactives and formers. We
have been praying more and more fervently that we will find people and
that we will have success. The beginning of the week was a beast. We
were running from one place to another, knocking on doors, contacting
like mad men. We weren't really hitting anyone's sparks though. I
would get on my knees at night and pray that we could find someone,
then I would wake up in the morning determined to get something, but
by the end of the night I would be coming home exhausted. I would wake
up the next day and say lets do it again. Because we always had a
little more to give. I didn't realize this but we do... We will always
have a little more we can be giving. We can extend more love each and
everyday. I can be bearing my testimony a little more, I can work on
this or that. We have more love in us then we can imagine and I know
that if I keep going, if I keep working hard. There will be miracles
in everyday. If we put our trust in Him, He will begin to trust us. So
we did. We didn't draw back. We kept at it. I believed, I hoped for
things that I couldn't exactly see right now. I loved and loved the
people I was serving with and serving to. It was hard at points this
week, but at night I was at peace with what we were doing. On Friday
we had all the missionaries in Slovenija have a prayer on the phone
where we opened the prayer and everyone got to each have their own
part for a one long great prayer. It was very powerful and everyone
was getting pumped for the miracles in store! Then Friday night rolled
around and we hadn't had seen one of our investigators for awhile. We
had lost contact and Sestra Brown and I felt strongly to go see her.
Once we did she was very happy to see us. She said she had been
thinking about us a lot. We talked about miracles and how God does do
them for us everyday. I wanted her to have a miracle in her life so
bad. Sestra Brown and I prayed a lot that night for something to
happen to her, that she could get comfortable with our church. To be
honest I really wanted President Rwankuba to visit her at her work.
Because lets face it, once she meets him. That is the end! He is way
to awesome to pass up. He is truly a representive of Jesus Christ. He
has a strong testimony and you can see it immediantly when you see
him. We really had just been wanting her to meet member and we felt
impressed to pray for it. The next day, we were going to a lesson but
at last minute it got canceled. We decided to contact and get some
food while we were at it, since it was becoming dinner time. A man was
walking with his wife and they stopped and talked to us, it turned
into quite a long conversation and we exchanged each others numbers
and would love for us to go over to their house. We had a great amount
of little successes that night and when we were coming home on the bus
that investigator that we had visited the day earlier was calling us
and said a man had came and visited her that day. It was Elvi Rwankuba
who visited her! She said he was really awesome and she would love to
learn more from him and us. Miracles. This proved to me that prayers
and answered and they do work. Sestra Brown and I thanked President
Rwankuba for following the spirit and next thing we noticed he was
calling us. We talked and he said it wasn't just him but... and then
he handed the phone over to our long lost teacher from the MTC! Brat
Duke! It was cool to catch up and see the Lord work through all of us.

We have got in contact with a lot of inactives that missionaries
haven't been able to get a hold of in a long time. Which is awesome!
The lord is working with us and we are beginning to be on fire! I am
so excited for this next week and know that we must be thankful for
everyday, to love the people and truly give over our hearts to God.
When we do, we can grow, we can be strong, and become unstoppable. I
love you all and hope you have a great week!


Sestra Cuthbert

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