Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 44 / Small Miracles

Hey, Mom!

I love hearing and seeing all the kids! You and Dad are such incredible parents, thank you so much for being who you are and making my life so much more. You have been on my mind a lot and I keep praying for your safety and well being. Let me know what I can do!

This week we went over to one of our dear members house and she gave us a referral and told us that we could teach him the next day with her. We were so happy and so grateful how much the members are helping us with missionary work right now. The same member has been helping me write my testimony in Croatian, since she is Bosnian and making sure I know what I am doing since we have a potential who we want to give a Croatian Book of Mormon to. She was speaking Croatian apparently to me and Sestra Brown was confused as I spoke to this potential and as we walked away Sestra Brown said, ''You do realize that lady was speaking Croatian and that you totally understood her, right!?'' I didn't even notice! It's crazy how ready these children are and how ready God makes you. I whispered to God, ''Thank you so much.'' Because that is not my doing. It is for sure the spirit. This week has been really full of the spirit and full of faith and trusting what the Lord has in store for us. I have been letting my fears go and letting the spirit really build a fire to say what I know and believe. When we were in a lesson I felt prompted to ask a certain question, a question that was a hard question that I was a little bit worried to ask, but I was prompted and said it. The man we were teaching was stunned by the question and began to state what he really thought about answers from God and how he really does want it. We got his concerns and bore testimony of Prayer and focusing a lot of the Holy Ghost. I really feel good about him and I know soon he will come forward into this gospel. Although as a missionary I want him to have it now, I still need to learn that it is on God's time and it will come. Which I am ever so thankful for.

We had to go visit someone out in the boonies and we had no way of getting there, so the Elderly Couple took us on up there. We got a little stuck on the mountain side but I was just wanting to get out of the car and look at the view we were seeing. In the end Sestra Brown and I got out and walked to the houses we needed to go but I couldn't help but look out over the valley. We climbed up these mountains that were a door to see God's paintings. The golden fields down below, where the wild flowers never cease to grow, tired but beautiful and fill the grounds with all their colors. The mountains (Julian Alps) are tall and are such a deep blue they could hide in the sky as the drapes of snow lay like clouds on their very tops. The dark greens, the light greens are all catching my eye as it is breath taking, but also walking up these large hills is for sure taking away my breath, but we put one foot after the other and made it to our destination. The wind is a cool warm tempeture and our hair begins to do a waltzs as the earth breathes. It is the best when we get out to more of the country side and near Austria. You feel as though you belong there and everything is so alive. We had wonderful visits and invited everyone to come this Sunday to church since it is a open house for all on the 8th of June. It was such a beautiful moment in time.

Another day we were on the bus and we had been working really hard that day. I was a little tired and the bus was filled to the brink with people. I stood by something to grab on to because the bus drivers here go crazy and I seem to fall around a lot from one side to the other. Which is major fun and a skill you learn as a missionary. I was looking at all the people about me and a sudden urge came in my head and heart. "You need to talk to someone here on the bus." I looked around but I was thinking in my head, "But I am almost to my stop!" I began to walk deeper down the bus, but no one was catching my eye. Then the spirit rose again and said" you need to talk to someone! AND they are going to talk to you." All of a sudden a young girl called to me. I looked over and she was a teenager, very nice, very welcoming. She wanted to talk. I began to and was so happy to get her information and that she wanted to meet with us Sisters. It made me realize, I really just need to be listening and trusting. Going with it, because God will lead us.

I had another experience with my dear friend named the Holy Ghost when we went to someone's house and they were not home I wanted so badly to talk to this person but it was a no go. We began to walk back to the main street and I began to pray that we would just see them. We began to walk past a ice cream shop and I thought hey, go get some ice cream. "But my belly!", I thought-then "okay fine!"' So we went and as we were ordering our bus left without us but then as we exited out of the ice cream shop there was the person we wanted to see! We talked to them and invited them to the open house.

The perks of being a missionary or rather being a child of God is you never have to fear. That if you let Him, He will guide you to the right places. I know that without the Holy Ghost I wouldn't be able do my part. That I wouldn't be able to have the power and love I need to share the truth with my fellow brethren and sisters. That without the joy of this gospel I wouldn't feel whole. I feel wholeness and the peace within this gospel. I know how true it is and how much I have been blessed because I am living it. I know that if I keep growing and keep transforming myself to being better and better- I can be better for others and I can be better for God. I want to be ever proving and showing my trust in myself and that He, Heavenly Father can trust in me. I love my Heavenly Parents and their outward love to me. For giving me strike ones back everyday. For giving me the oppurtunity to be their hands and beginning to comprehend their love for us all. I am excited and ready for this next busy week ahead and hope it is filled with much happiness for you as well. Love you so much! It's weird that it is almost my birthday... Trying not to think about it too much.

Love you once again,
Sestra Holly Cuthbert

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