Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 45 / Having a little Faith, can go a long way

Dear Family,

I am always thinking of you and how much you mean to me. Especially this week. How are you all? I hope well! Love you.

This Week - We went to one of our in-active's house and her baby has been really sick. We were trying to help with everything we could around the house and in the garden, but you could tell that she was a little overwhelmed. She told us her baby had been crying all night and all day for the past few weeks. The whole time we were over at her house the baby would cry and cry and wouldn't stop. We felt so bad that we couldn't do anything to help. It was hard too because we were planning on having her come on Sunday for the first time in a long time! We sat down to have our lesson, but she didn't want us to pray until her baby would stop sobbing, but it wouldn't. I felt so strongly impressed to pray at that moment. I couldn't help but feel that no matter what, we could help this woman and her baby. I asked if I could pray anyway. Our investigator said yes and I began to pray. The baby started crying even louder. I didn't think anyone in the room could hear my prayer... But I knew God could, I knew Heavenly Father was listening even more so now. I began to say the baby's name, to bless her. As I was saying her name the baby immediately stopped crying and went fast asleep. After the prayer we all looked up in amazement. Our investigator was crying. I love how God blesses His children with the Spirit. That it warms our hearts and calms even the tiniest baby to sleep. I love that even the simplest things, and the things that you think wouldn't matter to the Lord. Does. That whatever is important to you is important to Him and he will always help you with his loving hands. That names mean so much to Heavenly Father as well. He knows us all by name and personally by doings. He knows if we pray for specific things, and even specific names. Miracles will happen. It touched my heart and grew my testimony even more that- God does watch after us. He answers our prayers and we are never alone. God is not giving up on us, He loves us immensely.

One of my favorite things about missionary work is feeling the incomprehensible love of God for these people. It's real and it is fulfilling. I could be dooring, or contacting on the street, or in a lesson. I could meet this person for the first time and yet feel this love that only God could muster up. We have God's love in us and that means we always have a little more to give. We never need to replenish, because I realized that even when I am working so hard and I get home exhausted. I still have a little more I could give, someone taught me that and I see it more and more as I am out here. So you go out the next day and try a little harder than the last. You never have to stop, because we always have enough. It's crazy when you realize this and realize if we have the faith... the faith of success in any situation and are prepared for the successes that are coming, that are waiting for us. The Lord will bless you immensely. He will grant you success and much happiness. I realize more and more that we are never left to our selves. The Spirit is always working with us.

We have been going to all our in-actives and members houses this week to invite everyone to come to church this month. We were led to each house and knocked on many doors. Members that hadn't been seen in 5 or ten years- we had the opportunity to get to talk to and invite. We ran into so many dogs on our way to their houses and at points I would hold onto Sister Brown because I thought they were going to bite off my head. But, I knew it would be all okay, because the time is NOW. The miracles are now. We must believe that. That we don't need to keep waiting on things, or think maybe one day this person will come back. But now! I called all the members one night. (I am beginning to like the phone-never used to) I talked to one of our in-actives we had been working with and she told me she wasn't coming on Sunday. I told her that I would do anything to get her there, that I knew what God wanted most of all for her and that I and He would be with her every step of the way. She still was discouraged and replied 'no", but I said 'okay. Well you never know. I just can't wait to see you. Especially tomorrow!' She replied, 'I just said no?' But I said  I know, but I am not giving up. So I will see you tomorrow, see you soon! Love you'! This inactive has been getting so many signs to come back and has been wanting to but for some reason excuses keep arising. I know though she will come back. I KNOW IT!

When we go to an in-actives we have to knock or contact 10 people around the in-actives house to invite them to the church, after you have contacted the member. So after we went to a house we began to walk and find people. We saw a family outside and decided to contact them. As we were walking over... I began to think... Oh, this will be weird, they are all playing outside and probably don't want interruptions. I think sister Brown was feeling the same way too as she started turning the other direction. I then stopped and said 'no... I am doing this. We are doing this!' I walked right up and invited them. Sestra Brown and I had a good conversation and they were super nice and seemed genuinely interested. It's good to build our faith and work with these people here. It's been really great.

President Rowe came for his last zone conference and it was incredible - like usual. We all are going to miss him. He told awesome stories and experiences and things that touched our hearts, and things that got us pumped and ready to give always a little more. 'We must keep the dream alive.' he told us, it is going to be crazy to have a new president but I know that it will be great and I am excited to work with him. We need to all have a vision of what we want, what we truly desire. We need to see it and remember- what we truly want out of this life and not go for anything less. Because we can achieve it and probably even more. I love being a servant of the Lord, I love that I am out here serving. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ for all he did so I can be transform and help others become who Heavenly Father intended them to be. 

On Sunday we had our last interview. I was a little nervous but as soon as I got in the room everything went away. There was so much of the Spirit and love that filled the room. I thought maybe this is a tiny bit how heaven feels. Afterwards I sat alone in the chapel as Sister Brown had her interview. I was alone and it had a great calmness in the room. I felt such a peaceful spirit and I gazed around and imagined all the members gathering later today. I was in a deep awe about this Gospel how far I have come, how far everyone has come in this voyage. The pioneers, especially the pioneers in Slovenija. I began to sing alone there in the chapel God be with you till we meet again in Slovene. I felt the spirit so strongly. I am so excited to see my Heavenly Father again, to see all my family there, and my family here. All my brothers and sisters.

A lot of in-actives that haven't come in a while came that day and we got a few new investigators from the meeting. A lot of miracles on that special day. I must say I am so thankful and know I am doing the best thing in the world right now. I love you all,  keep looking up and letting God lead you.

May God be with you till we meet again.
Have a good week
Love always,

Sestra Cuthbert

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