Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 46 / Happy 20th Birthday

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I am so incredibly lucky to have all of you as my family. Loved the Star Wars dress up. I was getting pumped and laughing hysterically when I saw the pictures. Totally not expecting that! Thank you all so much. I love you! Also want to make a shout out to Daddy-O. Happy Father's day! I have an incredible father and hero to always look up to, to always geek out with, to always have the deepest conservations with, to goof around with, to always have someone here is there for me no matter what. You rock my papa! Thank you for all you do, I hope your day went well and you are well!

This week I had exchanges with Sister Burton. It was quite nice to meet up with my first (MTC) companion again. We were in my area, so I took her around and found potentials and taught our investigators. I don't think there was one moment where we weren't working, but there wasn't one moment where we weren't talking. It was good to catch up and realize how much we have grown. I was kind of in awe with that and how much I truly love my companions I have had. All of them have taught me something and all of them I deeply care about. I have been very blessed. Sister Burton and I were trying to find a in actives house at one point and we started going out into the boonies where one little house was standing in the middle of the field. The sun was very strong that day, so we were looking kind of gruesome. We made it to the house but it wasn't the one we were looking for. We taught about the Book of Mormon anyway to these folks and people kept giving us cherries on the streets as I was contacting anyone near me. I don't know if it was their peace sentiment to get me to be quiet, but I thanked them politely and then went on to say, 'By the way I also have a gift for you... It is called the Book of Mormon!'

This week we were on fire! We were just talking to everyone and anyone and getting random contacts, great lessons, and openly loving anyone that we could. We were working hard and it felt good. We would come home exhausted and I would lay on the floor and couldn't wait for the next day to go out. Sister Brown and I taught one of our investigators who was struggling to find a answer. We brought one of our members on the lesson who has been reading PMG (Preach My Gospel) with us. The man said he didn't know how to get the answers. We testified to pray, but he just wasn't understanding. Our brave member, who is quite shy. Spoke up, she bore sweet testimony and let the spirit teach. Our investigator was taken back by her words and committed to pray and that he really did have a desire to know this church was true. Our investigator's prayer changed and you could tell his heart was in a right place. Afterwards, our member told us she knew what to do and how to teach because she had been reading PMG. I thought, how cool is that? Not only missionaries should be rooting for this book, but it can be a great help to members as well. Members are so important in missionary work. We need them so much, and when we work together... it turns out even better than if we were to do it on our own.

We met with another investigator who came to family home evening with us and had been nervous to do church activities, let alone go into a church. She has a strong desire, being she use to be very active in her old church and the youth group. She just had hard experiences. But when we met with her something had changed. She was more open to us and wanting to hear what we had to say. She told us that she is done with being scared. That she wants to learn from us and hear about our message. She knows it is going to be a big decision, but she says she wants it. I was shocked by her change and I knew that Heavenly Father was working on her. I was so grateful and could feel the impression that she will get baptized. Our zone has been sky rocketing having a bunch of baptismal dates, more and more coming into the fold. It's been uplifting and energizing to see how much we all have been giving our all and believing in the success that is happening and waiting for us to grab.

This last Saturday I called our two in actives that haven't been to church in over 10+ years. We have been working really hard, but they seemed to not want to edge their way over to the church anytime soon. That wasn't stopping us. We knew in our hearts that the spirit would work with them. We talked on the phone and I am use to them having a response of 'no'. But this time was beautifully different. 'Ya, I think I am coming'- I couldn't contain my joy. I asked if they needed us to pick them up, or help with their kids. But they were both like, ' no I can DO THIS!' On Sunday, Sister Brown and I sat nervously, prayerful in our seats waiting anxiously for these people to come into the church. When it was about to start the door swung open and there they were. We got about 10 in actives from our part of the zone to come back in the past two weeks. Just counting Sister Brown and my area. We are living the dream... And how beautiful it is. I sat there so happy and filled with the Spirit as we sang the opening hymns. This is why missionary work is so worth it. It's this moment right now, when you know you have brought your brothers and sisters back into your loving Heavenly Father's arms. Beautiful, hard last week and I am excited to see what else is in store. So grateful to serve!

I can't believe I am turning 20... Crazy to think I be so old! Treat yourself this week. That is my birthday wish. Much love!

Sestra Cuthbert

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