Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 47 / Finding Beauty in the Hard

My Family!

You mean the world to me!  I love you all and I am so proud of you!

This week we were going to a potential that we had given a Book of Mormon to a little while ago and wanted to check up on him to see if he wanted to talk more about it. We went to the house and he bluntly said "NO". We walked away and I was praying that we could find someone who just wanted to hear Heavenly Father's words. We passed a man working in his garden and I felt prompted to go up to him. I headed over and just began to have a regular conversation. He was a nice man with a beautiful family. I exclaimed the good news of the gospel and talked a little about the plan our Heavenly Father has for us and he began to tell us that he wants to learn more and that we have to come back! When this little miracle happened I was so happy. We had to run home though because we didn't have much time, but I was skipping to the bus stop with my head held high.

We have been very blessed this week with a lot of new investigators and potentials. We made it over to someone's apartment and we were ringing the buzzer to let us in, but nobody was answering. This older couple outside near to the door and they were just staring- but let us do what we do. I noticed near the front doors there was a car with Starwars on it. I began to look at it with my jaw dropped because I never get to see this in Slovenija! And the older couple called us over. We sat down and began to talk with them. They were a cute couple and they wanted to hear what we had to say. We gave them a Book of Mormon and I began to bare testimony and show them verses that applied to their situation. They loved it! We had to go- because it was getting that late time again but we offered a prayer. It was beautiful, when we closed the prayer I looked up and the woman was in tears. We are going back to them this week, but wow... The Spirit is strong in this one! I loved teaching this week. It was very wonderful to see the reactions on peoples faces and how they could feel the truth and love we had for them.

On my birthday we went over to our in active who has finally came back to church! She was so excited for us to come over to tell us how much she loves being back at church. She said there was such a love and warmth there and she is now bringing her whole family! She wished me a congrats on me being 20 and did this tradition they do here where they say, "I wish you a lot of love, success, happiness, everything good... " Beautiful words and then 3 kisses on the cheek while they shake your hand. I wasn't expecting that. But, we carried on. Then her boyfriend found out it was my birthday and he came over and was shaking my hand. I began to pull away. And was giving him the, NOOOOO - my face probably looked bizerk and the member and Sister Brown were just laughing their heads off. The boyfriend was confused and I was like I am sorry but NO! Not again! It was hilarious and we all had a good laugh about it. They are a really cute lovingly family and I am excited for them all to be in the church! We then made our rounds I got some ice cream. Taught lessons, and we went to English class and I got a bunch of presents from my students. It was really cute. I wasn't expecting that. One of my dear students gave me some crazy shirt, that is a babica shirt. Old lady to the max, but I love it and I told her I would wear it if she came to church this Sunday. Guess what she came! and I wore the shirt... It was really awesome and we have been having wonderful lessons and she loves the words from the prophets in the Book of Mormon. Things are looking up! At the end of the day we went home and I made some broccoli for myself and lit a turtle candle in the middle I found somewhere in the house. We didn't have time really to make anything special. But I got to think a lot about what I want to do while I am 20... It is so weird.... But, I know what I want and I know I want to be serving my mission my whole life. I was thinking about those things and about my dear family celebrating at home. I must admit, it is crazy to be far away on a birthday. But I knew you were close and thinking of me as well. I love you all, I am so happy you had a celebration and ate a bunch! That is how I like it! haha
This Sunday, a lot of our in actives are coming back again and again. We made our goal for the whole mission to get 500 to church! We got 502... BOOYA! We are doing wonders and it is all because the Lord is working with us. A lot of beautiful moments and still a lot of growing up to do but I know if we put our trust in the Lord and let him teach us -we will grow in our desires and talents and become a strength to His work. I have bore testimony after testimony. And it's sometimes short and simple, but it means the world to me. I love this gospel. I love it and I never will stop loving it and proclaiming it's truth. Thanks for all you do family. I hope you feel the spirit abundantly this week.

Sestra Cuthbert

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