Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 48 / Love is all you need.

Dear Family,

Are you ready? I can't express how grateful I am to you and your e-mails. I really love opening up the website and getting to see each name that pops up. My favorites indeed, but seriously you mean a lot to me. Thank you for being mine. It means a lot when you write.

We have said a lot of goodbyes this week; to the Muirheads and the Rowes. We got the hang out with the Muirheads on Monday and it was cool to see how much they did for Slovenija. They will be very much missed.

One of our investigators canceled on us last minute and we began to walk to go down a different direction and we got a call. It was one of our young 19-year old investigators. He wanted to have a lesson and we brought him on over to the Muirheads for one last family night, as we were walking to their home. Our investigator was talking to everyone and going up to strangers and asking them questions. He was fearless and I was majorly impressed by how rad this kid was. I couldn't help but imagine him being a great missionary! He has a desire and I am excited to see where he is going. We had a lot of lessons this week and a lot of the discussions was baptism. It is getting there and I can feel it is about to burst and open up to a whole lot of possibilities for the next months ahead.

In one lesson the spirit was not there. Our investigator was going on about how she prayed and we asked if she would like to pray and she stood in front of a picture and was talking to it. She sat down and said she was finished and I was a little puzzled. I asked if we could say one of our prayers. She agreed and said yes but it has to be YOU who says it. The spirit was already working on me and I obliged and fully agreed. I began to pray and I wanted to teach her through this prayer. I had a heart that was full and I was putting it into the Lord's hands. I began to pray and the spirit rushed in. I said things I didn't even know I could say and when the pray had ended our investigator sat there in the spirit and was at peace. Prayer is so important and I feel as the weeks move forward my prayers in Slovene have become a lot longer and a lot more from the heart and spirit. I love it, and I love praying so often as we do. We had a baptism in Ljubljana this week and it was sweet to see and see all the white. I love this time and the time coming. Something big is coming I can just feel it.

My heart stirs and I feel love from my dear family and friends. I feel the love of God and I know that this next step of a new beginning of a new mission president will be an adventure. I loved the Rowe family. There was nothing like getting a letter from them or hearing about the news of what is going on in our mission. It would get us missionaries pumped and ready. They had the wisest and sweetest words. After we were done visiting with them, we would be ready and go out amongst the cities and give are very best and all. I know that President Grant will be awesome and I am excited to learn from him as well. This week has made me reflect of what kind of missionary am I right now and how I am and what I want to become. Our purpose is to be happy. To create and build our lives after the ways of our loving heavenly father's home. The way to eternal life is to know, to truly know the one who loves us most. Without Jesus Christ we couldn't have such a purpose, a change of hearts. To know that we all belong back in God's kingdom and we can. If we truly desire and show our willingness to make it so we can be a person of God, a child of our Heavenly Father. Do we truly know who we are? And if not how can we begin to know? I invite you to pray sincerely and enduringly. That you ask in faith and be prepared to see and feel the results of the spirit testify throughout your life again and again of God's love manifesting on the face of each one of us. I invite you to read the Book of Mormon diligently and realize that it is not just a history book, but a guide of God's words that brings peace and joy. That is undeniable. Let your desire be to trust in the Lord and lay your foundations with him and keep building upon it so you may not fall. If you want to know the secret, if you want to know the silver bullet. It is this Gospel, and it is by living it the trigger is pulled. You must live it, to feel it. The more we seek to have righteous desire the more we become qualified for loving others and bringing happiness unto them and ourselves. If we are righteous with the love  of God, and are sure to manifest this heavenly attribute in every thought, feeling, word, and deed in our hearts and let it sink in. Love, joy, and innocence will radiate from your countenances and be expressed in every look. This will bring the confidence and trust with others and those we love and in return they will feel that love for us back. That is a gift I want to obtain. This heavenly born emotion will continue to increase more and more until we are together with God once again and are in his fold and fullness of eternal, unfailing love itself.

I want this love that is unfeigned, no pretending but sincere, honest love without reservation, openly given even to those who seem unlovable. I want to see the best in everyone and make sure they feel and know just how truly important they are. I wish to listen to the humblest or youngest person and open my eyes to what beauty they have to give. I want to always be willing to conform my will to God's will. To trust in Him in all I do, being His instrument all my days. I want this happiness that the Gospel offers. The fullness it offers. Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether they deserve it or are even worthy to have it. That is not up to us. What we are asked is to love, and this love itself will render both us and others worthy. To be this is my desire and to make every one feel this, but in no way could I have it, if I didn't have my Heavenly Father and Savior to help me along. I know this is the true and living church. I cannot deny what I have felt, what I know. I hope to be the person God wants me to be that I can be a teacher and example in all my duties. That I can always grow in these stages of life and make myself more for my children and family.

I love you all very much have a good week. May God bless you and your efforts to serve and become more and more like Him.

Sestra Cuthbert

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