Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 51 / The Dynamic Duo is Together again.

Dear Family,
Sister Brown and Holly

A crazy week, indeed this week and more to come soon. We had so many tiny little blessings that meant the world to Sestra Brown and I. The spirit was really working wonders with us as we strived to find new potentials and find our in-actives. A woman who I have been feeling really good about hasn't ever answered our calls and she moved homes a while back and no one quite knows where she moved to. I felt prompted randomly one day just to text her a specific question. I sent the text not really registering I just did something abnormal and definately not by me. The phone buzzed a minute later and it was our in-active asking if we could meet this next week and that she was thinking about us. Sestra Brown and I were shocked with the incredible power of the Spirit and how it prepares us as missionaries but also everyone else around us. We are all being connected and we just need to listen to receive such successes.

We felt very strongly one night that we should go outside after we had just walked into our apartment to grab a quick bite. We decided we best listen and right as we walked outside a person on a bike passed by and said, ''hey! I know you!'' It had been one of our potentials we wanted to see but didn't know how to get in contact with. We talked for a good while and asked him to come to church and our English Class. He was really excited and said, ''absolutely yes!'' I have been praying a lot about gratitude for the mercies and beautiful blessings that God is watching over us and loves us so fully that He wants us to be happy and will give us what we need and desire. I hope I can always turn my thoughts and desires towards Heaven and always search for the happiness of others and bring the mercy and love of Christ to each person I meet. God wants me to build and create here in the now, but I realize that I am building my forever and it really needs to be now where I start to focus on how I want to build my life and who's blue prints I want to go after. God's way and the Savior's who are our creators, they know how things work best and how each one of us function. They can see the tiny details that stick our lives together or rip us apart, but if we follow them we will build a kingdom of Heaven even right in our very homes and in us. It's so important to see our decisions and what we are doing now is the next step to which direction is our future. I treasure the moments I got to learn with Sestra Brown. There were tough parts of course but the greatness of it is now. I have more open eyes, I have more of a sense of love and I see God's hand working with us in every moment. Sestra Brown showed me the vision in which we all need to take a long hard stare at. We need to realize who we are and realize our own visions and what we want to accomplish. We can do it and Sestra Brown was really good at seeing the potential in others. I love her and it is crazy to think I have gone so far in my mission and yet I still feel like I am at the beginning.

I want to fully be prepared for this next transfer. I want to work harder than I ever have, I want to diligently search, valiantly study, teach with the Spirit in abundance, love with all I have. I found out on Saturday that I would be having Sestra Porter as my companion. I was over filled with joy and love that I could serve with my trainer for her last transfer. I want it to be the best for her and do everything in my power to work more than ever and give our very best. I am ready to come home every night exhausted, I am ready to open my heart wide,  I am ready to stand and be a representive of Christ more fully, I am ready to find God's children. I am very excited for this transfer and I feel as though the fire has just begun. I know that as I live the gospel, my testimony will become stronger and that I can always look to this Gospel for all my answers. That our testimony is really just who we are... So when we are bearing our testimony- we are just saying who we are---who we truly are. So we shouldn't be afraid to share, because we are here to be just simply us. To be me, it is what God wants. I am happy to serve and I love you all so much. Don't doubt who you are, but be believing and let the Spirit guide you to your ulitmate happiness. God loves you more than you know. I love you too! Have a good week!

Sestra Cuthbert

Holly and her Trainer are together again. A Wish come true for Holly.

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