Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 49 / Samwise Gamgee

My Dear Family,

It is so beautiful to hear about all your trek stories. I felt the spirit so strongly and I couldn't help but think how great of a family I have and ward to be with. I am so glad you all had enriching experiences and I hope you treasure them and know that angels were watching over you. I would wake up in the middle of the night and get out of my bed and kneel on the floor and begin to pray for you all. I am so thankful for the answers to my prayers and everyone's that you were safe and had experiences lovely and opened your eyes to a taste of a pioneer's life.

Apparently to Sister Brown I am her Sam from Lord of the Rings... So that's really awesome, as he is the best. I hope that I can always be like that - as Sam is a good example of how we all should be - kind, generous, helpful, humble, and always serving.

I feel as of today that I worked out pretty hard for P-day! We rode bikes up to a waterfall that was 8 kilometers there and 8 back... It was really steep going up! I kept on thinking about the pioneers and you all when I was pushing in the blazing sun. I thought at points I was needing to stop and go no more. But I prayed and thought if my family can do trek! I sure can do this mountain! It was a blast and I loved being with the other missionaries and hearing about everyone's successes!

Many miracles have been happening and I feel the strength in the Lord as I turn over the things that are hard and I just can't do on my own. Our 19 year old investigator use to have the Book of Mormon but gave it away because he just didn't think he needed it. I was determined that I was giving him a Book of Mormon and there would be no denying or receiving it back. I took the Book of Mormon and placed it near my heart, I bore testimony of the power and beauty it has. My investigator was quarreling and very good at argument, but that wasn't stopping me. He was intelligent and basing everything on science, logic and test and failure. I am not so profound at words but told him to experiment on the word and he would know for himself. He took it and said "I won't read it and I will just give it to you next time I see you."  I told him he wouldn't. He asked me "how I could be so sure? How I could know that this book had nothing false in it. That I knew."  I told him I had prayed about it and I have felt the spirit testify it to me it was true. I wasn't backing down I could not deny it and I know God couldn't either. He was impressed and he said fine I will just have to read the whole thing! He believed in my words and now he has the book! The truth. I admit that once I gave it to him - he was trying to give it back... he would set it down by me but I would just scoot it towards him or put his keys on top of it. I felt so strongly this boy needed to hear what God had to say. He needed it and I wasn't going to give up on him.

I went to an in-active's home that has come to church the past few weeks and as we knocked on her door and she come and told us that she was not well. A lot of hard problems had stricken her and she felt as though she wouldn't be able to come to church this week. I felt the spirit prompt me to pray with her. She kept bending down and crying. So I bent down with her and I whispered "Can we pray?" She said "yes" softly and I felt the warmth of the sun and the sweetness of the spirit flowing by. I began to pray and someone walked by as we were outside and they were rummaging through something. Something perhaps fear had came into my mind to tell me to stop praying or hurry up and not look ridiculous praying outside like that. I was taken back by the thought and I paused, I cleared my mind and decided to let the spirit talk instead. I kept at it and felt as though angels were with us. I looked up to see the person that was rummaging around because she had stopped after I began to pray more fervently. She was an older woman and she was standing there with her mouth open and in awe about what was happening, she was just staring at us kneeling on the ground. I felt good that she saw what she saw and  am sure she felt a power there. Our inactive was crying and hugging us and came that Sunday and it was beautiful! Our new Mission President was here and it was great to have a little meeting with him and see all the missionaries that are leaving this month. I love them a lot and the new President Grant and his family,  they are all very fun and loving. It will be interesting to see what miracles they will bring to our mission!

We were walking one night as our lessons had fell through, to an in-actives when we found out they didn't live there anymore. I felt prompted to keep walking in this random direction where there are a lot of apartments and nobody insight. We walked and nothing really was coming up but I felt so good about being there. It was almost time to go home and we walked a little bit further and started heading back home. A man passed us and I said hello and he turned around and kept walking and then turned around and stopped and stood there. We walked over and began to talk. He said he had seen us from the window and wanted to know what we believed and who we were! It was majorly cool! Remember that lady I met awhile back and I felt so strongly to give a book of Mormon to in Croatian and when I went back to her house her husband answered and slammed the door. We decided to try again! We did and we taught her and gave her the Book of Mormon. I wrote my testimony in Croatian (with the help of our dear member who is Croatian)

This week has been really the best! I have learned so much about being persistent and enduring. That if we trust in God and be believing He will grant us what we desire. I am so lucky and happy to be here serving the Lord and I feel the Spirit working through me and my companion, leading us to those we need to help and teach. My testimony and conversion is becoming deeper and deeper and I love it so very much. Although I may not have fancy words to woo the crowd - I have a simple testimony that is true. And that is something, it is enough, and it is my own. I love you all! Thank you for all you do! Have a good week! I am always praying for you!

Sister Cuthbert

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