Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 50 / The Adriatic Sea is so Blue

Dearest Family,

We have been really blessed to see so many new people come into the church and witness a few baptisms these past weeks. New in-actives keep popping into church and it is seriously the best feeling to see the members that are here run up to the in-actives and give them big hugs. You can see the change and warmth in everyone's eyes with the excitement of members coming back. I can't imagine how much our Heavenly Father is so happy and filled with an over amount of love to see his children come back home. With that in mind, the members have been really pumped in working with the missionaries and seeing what new things we can do. Our faith and the members faith are growing and we are working harder more and more each day to be of some help to God's Children.

The summer has been really beautiful here. Plenty of rain and misty clouds that all in all I can't help but love. I still get to wear my sweaters and my shoes that are getting rather torn, but it helps remind me, we are working hard. I love opening the window at night and watching the rain hit the cobblestones. Sometimes at night the sky is clear and I go out on the balcony to catch a glance of my dear old star friends I so fondly admire. Every time you look up at the sky you really do feel like the tiniest person, but also that there is a definate feeling that there is something so much more out there, and we mean a lot more than we think. Yes, stars still get me and sometimes it's hard seeing them in the city, but I get a chance every once in awhile and I feel closer to my loved ones when I look up at the sky. I feel like I can be like a constellation too-  like the stars and my family align up with me and we really do make a wonderful constellation ourselves. It makes me want to shine more knowing that I can be part of such a string of bright stars such as you. It makes me understand that we are all working together in this world as individual lights and creating something a lot bigger than we know. When we meet others or add people to the family there goes another line and the constellation becomes bigger and more apparent. I'd like to get to know the whole sky if I could and I feel it's important to realize we aren't just going unnoticed in the mass of a huge sky. Someone always notices and knows us well. Even if we don't feel it, I know that Heavenly Father is pointing us out and watching us gleam. We are so important and I feel His love is very endless and even when the surroundings of us seem dark we can always know that we are all here and we are all so close. We just need to connect and string each other together. We really do hold our universes together.

Since there is not a Young Women's teacher as of this month, Sestra Brown and I get to teach. Wow, incredible young girls whom I adore. I can't believe how much they know and love this gospel. I couldn't help to dream about working with the Young Women when I get home and how much I really do like teaching the youth. Sestra Brown noticed I teach usually always with a testimony on each principle we discuss. So by the end of our lessons I have said like 10 mini testimonies. I can't go a day with out bearing it to someone. It is part of me, my testimony... Heart and soul and I don't feel right if I am not sharing it with someone everyday. I admit I got a little teary eyed as we taught the young women, they did too. I love how much I can feel God's love and His thankfulness for how wonderful they are. How proud He is of such wonderful daughters and how lucky I am to be a part of it.

Sestra Brown and I were on the train this week to visit one of our in-actives and we were talking about conversion. I hoped so badly before my mission to change and be more converted in this gospel than ever before. As time moved on and as the mission began I couldn't really see exactly what was happening or if I really had any change come to pass. I worried, but I felt focused on not worrying about me but rather the people and maybe just maybe things would turn out...And that day sitting on the train Sister Brown turned to me and said straight out of nowhere, '' I can see it.... I see your heart has changed... I see your conversion... And you are definately the Lord's servant.'' I hope this is true. But, even more so it means if I am, I can't stop here and call it good. I must keep moving forward and more diligent- to be the best I can be and the best for God and work to bring to pass the Salvation of Christ. I have been studying a lot about Christ and His teachings and the Atonement... It is incredible to see the power and the spirit I felt as I read passages and as I seek earnestly to know more about the life and sacrifice of Christ. I know He came here on Earth to save men like you and I, that we may have a chance, a way to return back to Heavenly Father's presence. I know that He died for us and was resurrected. That because of him I can be something and we can transform into more than we can imagine. I want to always follow Him and as I take the sacrament every sunday I pray for forgiveness and renewal. I am so grateful for all this and that I can keep moving forward and be better and more wiser each day. That He can trust in me as I trust in him and we can work together to bring His precious sheep back.

We went to the Sea today and it was lovely. My jaw dropped as we came upon it and I forgot what the ocean looks like. I forgot how you can look at it and it just goes on, and on, on forever really. We made it to Piran and I couldn't help but love the colors of the buildings and the little alley ways as you walked in them and could feel the houses getting closer together and you are surrounded and feel as though they are giving you a big hug. It feels safe down those streets as though they are hiding you away as a secret. The roofs are a rusty orangey-red and so vivid, so warm. I really liked putting my feet in the water and feel the peace of the day. It's been really quite crazy lately and yet there are these beautiful moments that make it all worth it, all worthy to call it something good. I love here and I love that I can be part of the beautiful earth and the people that are in it. I love you family. Not a day goes by that I am not reminded of you. It is something I am truly blessed with. Have a wonderful week and be sure to keep smiling and loving the life that God has given to you. My prayers are with you!

Sestra Cuthbert

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