Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 52 / One Year Later...


Cheers to a beautiful week!

This week has been absolutely incredible. I feel so happy. Sister Porter is such an example to me. It's so much easier to be me and my fullest me when she is around. She lifts my potential and desires. I trust her with everything I've got and thank Heavenly Father everyday to be with someone like her. Sister Porter makes me want to be better in every aspect of being missionary. With her it just feels like anything is possible. That I can do hard things. I feel as though I can work my hardest with her. I really strongly believe we were friends in Heaven. I am just taken back by how fast this week has gone and how much we are getting done. All the small things are what makes me really happy. We have been contacting our hearts out and we are still up and running. It is crazy how Sister Porter and I are so connected and when we study, we study the same things. Or think the same things, go the same ways. It is just another gracious reminder of the Lord and His Spirit that is working with us to connect the dots and bring us success. We have been making a bucket list for Sister Porter since it is her last transfer and trying to come up with new ideas to get this work moving.

We get on the bus every morning and right as we walk on the bus- we find someone who is needing a friend and go sit by them. We are talking to everyone and it feels so good to be able to see the people's hearts change as we begin to open up and express our love we already have for them and happiness we desire for them. We had 30 minutes left one night and we were heading down a street, we stopped a couple of people that were passing along. We felt prompted to head down to our left and as we started going that way a man walking his dog stopped us and said he had one question for us. He said it in English and he was wearing some ripped up hoodie. He use to be a boxer and he had a shaved head and he looked like one of those tough guys you don't mess with. We absolutely loved him. He was the most funniest guy we ever met and he had the best humor and just a positive outgoing personality. We talked awhile about our church and Slovenija. He thinks that Slovenija should be renamed, ''Hobbiton''. He said the people here are just like hobbits and Slovenija looks like where the Hobbits live.  He asked us if we had an English class for his Dad. He said that his Dad needed to learn English because he sounds like an Indian in those old time movies when he is trying to speak to someone politely, he'll say ''YOU. COME.''  He was just a really great guy and we got to talk about why we were here and he thought it was beautiful and I gave him a temple picture that he said he was going to hang up on his fridge. He just made our night for contacting.

Another night we were out and about and I noticed a man I had seen before a long time ago. He told me if we ever see each other again, we would talk. He told us to come over and we got his number and where he lived. The Spirit guided us to so many cool potentials! Another day we were trying to look for some building and saw a kid in a random middle part of all these buildings and we asked if we could sit on the ground with him. We found out he is our age and he was really interested about talking to us. We would get on a bus and we would meet all sorts of people that we invited and got numbers for. A girl at the bus stop was crying and I couldn't handle it. We both were waiting for the girl to look over at us so we could make our entry in to comfort, but she wasn't looking our way, so I decided I couldn't wait any longer.  I walked up to her and said in Slovene" I really just wanted to say you are beautiful and I hope you can be happy." She smiled and asked who we were. I eventually sat on the bus with her and talked a little while. She liked that we were happy and I found out she was my age. She told me she really was going through hard things but when I talked to her it made things a lot better, at least for that moment.

Sister Porter said something really beautiful to me- that if I just make someone smile... That is a worthy accomplishment. I believe that we need to be able to help others everyday even if it's just a smile. When I see someone smiling here it is new... It's drawing... Magnetising.. Because you don't see that a lot. People are going through tough times but I am here to love and to bring that happiness and some Good NEWS! I want to help empower people and make them feel like they really can do anything. We all have different ways of living and growing and personalities but we all can have this Gospel. It is literally for everyone. It touches every person, every soul and it heals and provides the greatest joy.

We are trying to focus on the talents of the members and us as missionaries so we can start letting it out into the world and shine and to show what makes us happy. That we have these beautiful gifts and happiness because God loves us. If you have any ideas... Please feel free to share them with me! We need to be known. We need to do a pay it forward to the world and keep giving. For me I want to give my everything... God has prepared us for a great task. We as the Church of Jesus Christ are as the Mumford and Sons said so wonderfully. ''Make this place your home.'' I believe we can. We can make anyone feel loved, at home. Everyone I meet- I want them to feel it. Even if it's just a little. It's worth it! I want nothing holding me back.. I want to be unstoppable and with the love that is the highest love and everlasting which is Christ's love.. I believe we must pray for people who are people even we don't know. I saw a lady walking and she spilled her coffee, she was not happy, and seemed to be running late. I saw a man sitting alone, eating his food and staring off into space. I couldn't help but pray for that lady and for that man, That they would be okay. That they would be happy. That they would have a good day. I wonder if they did? Or felt something as I prayed? I can't help but want to stand up and sit by that person or walk past and say hi at least. To uplift and encourage. We all need to. We all need a little love once in awhile. How many people do we pass a day or sit next to on a bus and not say a word to? We all need to realize we need that someone who will be there for us.. To know we are not alone. It starts with us. It starts with me. I am excited for what is happening. I am loving what I am doing and how it is changing me into someone I want to be forever. I have a love for the people that I know I can only have because of God's love for us all. I am blessed and we all are truly lucky to be here on this earth and to have each other as company. To learn and grow and to love. I love you. I do, I do, I do. Have a beautiful week. Praying always specifically for each one of you and your wellness. My heart goes to you.

Sister Cuthbert

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