Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 53 / ''The Hope of God's Light''

Yo Family,

The greatest thing is happening this weekend. One of my investigators I got to teach is getting baptized this Saturday, wonderful things are happening. I am so excited to be a part of this work that is happening now, being a missionary rocks! I didn't realize it was my year mark until I looked on my phone this week with a text message from Sister Burton reminding me of it. I just stared at the phone. To be honest I don't want to be reminded of how long I have been out or how much I have left. It's kind of hard to read. I just don't want to think about leaving just yet. I have such little time... but all the time in the world. I want to spend each second of it giving my best. I love my mission so much and it has opened my eyes and heart to things I never thought were possible. Things that I never thought I would actually be seeing differently, but things are clicking all the time and my eyes get more wider every time. The light of Christ is real and the more and more I search for it the more I see the true source, the true essence of what I have always wanted, what I have always been searching for. This Gospel makes me feel at home, makes me feel loved and I know it's worth fighting for, it's so worth it.

We have been talking a lot with people about families this week. When I think of eternal families I am filled with a kind of deeper urgency. A love that I don't quite understand fully, but I want this so bad. More then anything. I am so grateful to be meeting my brothers and sisters out here on my mission. I am so grateful for my family back at home. I know it's said often, but it is true and I can't wait to bug you like crazy when I am home. I will become a cuddly buddy for you.

I think some of the best moments of this week were getting on buses. I had made cupcakes this week to give to people and I had them packaged up. My eyes fell on a lady that was getting on the bus and I began to talk to her as if she was a old friend. We began to laugh and talk about what she does in her life. I had to get off the bus soon but I asked for her phone number and she was excited to have us over at her house. I gave her some cupcakes and it's kind of uncommon to talk and give to random people here, so people around us started to laugh and look bewildered at what we are doing, but then I turn around and just begin to talk to them and ask if they wanted a cupcake as well. It is great to be giving and sharing this wonderful news. Another time we hopped on a bus to head over to our English class, as we got on we stumbled upon the half point of the bus. My eyes hadn't registered the scenery but as I looked up I saw a young man in the far back of the bus. He had a guitar in his hands and was playing softly some melody that plucked on every one's heart strings. I looked over at Sister Porter and I told her I wanted to talk to that kid. 'Why not, then?'' She said. She was right, but something made me a little hesitant to press forward. All these conclusions of why I shouldn't interrupt this man from playing came parading in and it was getting the better of me. I decided that I would pray. Immediately I felt strength and the clear view of what was keeping me from doing what I wanted to do. My outlook began to look golden and I walked over to the young man. I didn't notice he was about my age, and all around him were kids of the same age. They all watched as I made my way to him. I spoke up and told him he had a talent and asked what kind of music he liked to play. He perked up and said sit by me! I swung up on the seat and we began to talk. He asked if I knew certain bands or songs and I happily said yes. Once I said that though he banged on his guitar and began to sing at the top of his lungs the songs I knew. Everyone turned their heads to see what was going on but as he kept playing every one's curious eyes began to soften and smiles began to appear. I sang along with him and we talked a little of why he was playing on a bus because here in Slovenija it is like unheard of. He told me he wanted to make other people happy. I told him that is exactly why I was here too. Our talents that God gave us so we could make others happy. I have to admit it was refreshing to see just a kid even do that. We shared numbers and I got to talk to the kids around him and just have a moment with them all. It was a good feeling and it was cool to realize the kids next to him didn't even know him either but as we sang and talked everyone began to open up and smile. That's why we are here, aren't we? We all have different ways to put a smile on other's faces or different personalities. All is great and we all are working together. We make a variety of the best moments.  I cannot judge and make a bias on how someone contributes to the Lord. Perhaps they are giving their all. Perhaps it is their life long answer to distribute the Gospel the way they do. And that is just it... It is beautiful. Although everyone might not affect me like others do. There is definitely something there. A sure truth. A light that begins to shine. A answer worth sharing. Although not everyone maybe paying attention there is that someone who is waiting and listening. We all need to speak. Because we all have different bits of our lives to help others with their questions of the soul. And that is worth it, to live. Because there is someone out there who needs you. Just you. And that's what we are here for. That is what I want to spend my life answering. We all are making a difference.

Many beautiful blessings are happening here and I guess we can see them as just a bunch of challenges, but maybe those are the blessings. I know that the work is moving forward, I know my Heavenly Father's love. I know how much He wants us back. How much He wants me back. I love you all and wish you an exciting week. Full of star gazing and warm hearts... To try new things and see the beauty in what you thought was different but to make the best out of it this time, this one, this life.

I have one request for you. Take it as you wish. Just something I was thinking about this week and wanting to interact with you a little more. Here it goes... For Monday night I want you to host a family home evening. Make something delicious and start with a prayer. I want you to all watch together, ''The Hope of God's Light''. As soon as I watched this video on Mormon Messages I felt the spirit so much. I felt connected some how and things just made sense when I watched it. I got teary-eyed when I came across parts. I love the the ending. Have you watched it yet? I know and can feel God's love for us. I know that through Him we can feel His love and see His light. That he doesn't give up on us and He nurtures us even if we are turned away, His arms are still opened waiting for us. I also think of how one person can make a difference, does make a difference. That we must speak up and be examples at all times and all places. Who knows, maybe we are the ones to make that change, that opening way to help someone feel God's love for them too. Even by just a simple prayer. It can change lives. I want you to know you are loved so much and God is reaching out to you always. Hope you have a good one.

:)Love, Sestra Cuthbert

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