Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 54 / Pressing Forward

Dear Family,

The work is pressing forward and the blessings are always in abundance. A little while ago Sestra Brown and I were dooring and giving fliers out for our concert last Easter. We stumbled across a really forested area. The ivy was growing like tapestries on the sides of the houses and the spring flowers were blooming in all sorts of pinks, purples, and blues. We came upon a older beautiful looking house that had a sort of light to it. There was so many trees and green hues that I couldn't help but wish to live there. A lady was outside working on her rose bush that was running wild, she was grabbing away at the weeds and pruning what she could. I began to walk towards her and she took notice of us two girls walking over and stopped. I handed her the invitation we were giving out and I talked to her for a little bit. Nothing big exactly happened, but the feelings were good. I couldn't exactly remember her name or what we had talked about but I do remember her baby's name sitting in the cradle outside sleeping away. I wanted to help this woman with the garden but she insisted that she would be okay and so we walked away. Plenty of times this woman had struck my mind and when we go into that area where she lives (because we go visit a member) we quickly forget and space about her until we are already on the bus going home. it is a little ways out there with a bus and time kept flying by as the seasons changed and yet she kept appearing in my mind over and over again.

Now, in August, this week- I had an exchange with Sestra Burton we began our travels to this area to go visit our member. As we were done with our visit and we were about to go back I was hit with that same urgency of finding this woman again. I told Sestra Burton and we began to switch our routes. I didn't have the woman's address or remember exactly how to get to that road but the sweet spirit took me right to the house. Sestra Burton didn't know that I wanted this certain house we were walking to. She commented and pointed at the house and said she had tracted there earlier on her mission and that at this house there was no business, here was only a swing of a closing door. I laughed. ''But this is the house I was dreaming about!'' I said, and we both laughed but I was a little sad if that was true. I asked if we could still go and try anyway. She agreed fully as we walked up the stairs and as I rang the doorbell my heart began to beat fast. An older woman came to the door and I asked if her daughter was there. curiously the older woman asked "which one?" 'Nina" I exclaimed, her eyes brightened to see that I did know someone in her family. "Come in, you must be thirsty!" and she swung the door wide open and began to walk to the kitchen. I looked over at Sestra Burton and beamed that we got in. The older lady set us down and asked what we would like to drink. She was quite beautiful. Her hair was long and wispy white that was tied up in an unkempt bun. Which was absolutely rocking. Her eyes were sweet and I felt good to be there. The mother told us her daughter was not there but she would be back in the next few weeks. I asked if I could just leave a note and a book. The mother said "of course" and so I began to write a note while Sestra Burton and I talked to her about who we are and what we believe. ''you are so different", she kept whispering "so different". I began to realize I was writing so slow and I felt like I had all the time in the world... I think there was a reason to keep staying here. Even for just a bit longer. The conversation was going a little off topic about green beans and pumpkin juice and I was looking over at Sestra Burton and noticing her face and thinking maybe its time we go. All of a sudden a younger lady one of the other daughters of this family came walking in. She was surprised we were sitting there and asked who we were. She was a little worried and you could tell she wasn't up for much talk and opening up. We told her who we are. We asked if we could pray before we leave and the mother was like no I need to make a salad, but surprisingly the daughter insisted on it and told her mom to just sit and listen. We prayed and the Spirit entered the room. After the prayer you could see on their faces and the light that graced them. Like a door was unlocked and their eyes were beginning to melt. They wondered why we did our prayers so differently and how new this all was. They were ready, I began to bear my testimony and the room was so quiet, so still. I told of Heavenly Father's love for them and how He wanted to hear from each one of them through their own words. I don't exactly remember my words I said but I knew it was from the heart. The daughter began to cry, she said she never felt this before. She immediately loved us and we left and I gave her a huge hug, that touched the mother and her eyes began to water too.

We cannot judge who is ready and who is not. We cannot give up on people and think we already tried once and that is good enough. People makes assumptions that people won't change... but fortunately this is not true. The gospel can change people, Heavenly Father's love can change you. That day showed me that there is always a new day, and we are here for a reason to try our best and if they don't listen today. maybe tomorrow, but it is not our job to give up on them. I loved that beautiful family. I loved working this week and seeing the beauty in God's workmanship. I got to contact so many teenagers and families this week and now we have three families we are going to teach! I know our hearts are getting prepared, I know that we must only do things with our hearts and nothing else. We need to find that desire of our hearts and find the right soil and plant it there.

The baptism was beautiful on Saturday, and we got to sing I am a child to God for Meta as missionaries. Meta has wanted to be baptized for some time now and finally the day came and it was remarkable. I remember us singing to her and her singing along. She is a child of God and I am so happy to be out here and serve here. I love my companion and have real joy in having her as my angel beside me. I love you my lovely rockin family and I am so grateful for you. Have a beautiful week.

Sestra Cuthbert

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