Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 56 / Change is a Good Thing

Dear Family,

It's been raining all week long! Heaps of rain come waltzing in and everyday I have managed to forget my umbrella and have the squeakiest, most drenched shoes. It already feels like fall and I love it. Sestra Porter and I figured the earth is just trying to have remembrance of it's baptism so long ago. I am grateful for the rain because it has kept me cool all summer. It's hard not to dance in it sometimes and occasionally  I get a few seconds of boogieing in it before I get back to walking.

This week we have found many new in-actives that we haven't been in contact with in awhile. Also we have been keeping good at meeting new people and showing God's love to all. We have this one investigator who has been ready for quite sometime. But something is stopping him from being baptized. We have been talking to him and getting his concerns. He knows the church is the only true church and he has had many witnesses that it is true, but he is at a stand point as of right now. The other night I had a dream with him in it. He was talking to one of the elders about how he couldn't be a caterpillar anymore. "I have to be butterfly, I want to be a butterfly." I woke up surprised... It was strange and Sestra Porter and I couldn't stop laughing about it. But, maybe it's somewhat real. maybe it's time to change. I notice the more and more we get closer to God and to Christ we are more in the mind set and state of change. We want to change.

We have been promised if we work hard with all our might and trust in the Lord's timing, we are bound to see miracles, we are bound to see change, it is inevitable. Coming first to my area, things were not moving rapidly forward as I would have liked. The doors would be shut to the ones we tried so hard to open. Countless times we would visit or invite. Some became huge miracles and others the doors never opened. Now coming back to those doors with hope still working in me. After months of trying we began to knock once again. Now, months ahead... one after another... each door that had been closed... opened, God's children were there and they beckoned us to come inside. I am at a complete awe of gratitude from the beauty in God's timing. With time we can change. We can become prepared and ready for a new day. I have had the opportunity to see the moments of seconds, hours, days, months, even years of transformation. It takes time and it takes some growing. But it comes, it comes. And when it does you can't express the fill in your heart, or the way your brain finally connected all the dots. The electricity flow of absolute peace renders and echos for eternity down your spine. You can see the distance of forever and it looks achievable and you aren't scared anymore. You take one step forward and it feels good to stretch those rusty legs and you open your eyes real wide and things you couldn't see before you see now more vividly as the light shines and your soul comes through. You breath in happiness. You laugh and smile constantly and you don't know what has gotten into you. You feel good, you feel you, and you feel like loving and even more so- you feel loved. and that's when you know God's hugging man... God's hugging his child. He is hugging you. You are His. And yet we take time for granted, wanting things to move faster, get things done now. Wanting to feel complete now, but it's the wait that makes us really feel it. The longing, the enduring through the hard growing pains. If we had what we wanted all the time we wouldn't appreciate the sweet moments as much as when they do come. It's like not seeing someone you really care about for awhile and you miss them a lot. You remember their goodness, the comfort and you knew they loved you and you loved them. And there was something promising there. And when you finally get that chance again to see them there is nothing more better than that hug. That moment where you finally get to feel that once again after waiting so long. The feeling is whole and you feel like you can do anything. And you can. Always in God's hands.

I know it's worth the wait. I know that when you feel His love you will know it's something much much more and that you are much much more. Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of us and His timing is perfect. He has provided a home for you. Now let Him transform you into the best you. I hope you are all having a happy week that you are noticing the small changes in your life as beauty. That change is good and you are good. Love you!

Sestra Cuthbert

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