Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 57 / Sledi Svoji Gori (Follow Your Mountain)

 Dear Family,

I have been greatly blessed with the things I am encountering, the growth I am gathering, the courage I am receiving, the reliance I have on the Lord and His vineyard, the beauty in each mundane and wonderful moment, the fact that God loves every little thing and even little me, my companion and her love for me and the people here, the hearts we are touching, the spirit that is parading, God's children we are helping, the arms I am embracing, the dreams that are winning, the peace that is coming. I am blessed.

Sestra Porter and I were walking and we saw a young boy by the age of 17 that had a flat in his tire. We walked over and shook his hand. He was really working hard to repair his bike and he seemed at a lost with what could fix his tire. We bent down with him to see the problem and began to talk about us as missionaries. He was eating it up and thought we were different but cool. We talked to him for quite some time and as we did we heard someone say behind us, ''Hello, Sisters!'' it was one of our old potentials we hadn't seen in quite some time. He wasn't having a good day so we began to talk to him and this boy. Both of them started to beam the more we talked and as our potential started to head home he told us thanks for making his day worth it and a lot better. We stuck with the 17 year old and I held his back pack and pump as we walked over to a gas station and got some water. We got his number and told us he would like to keep in touch. We then saw another one of our potentials that is actually the son of a inactive mom. He stopped to talk to us and asked us why we hadn't come over this week and that we need to. It was awesome to see the booming of one after another blessings that was in our path that one night.

There was a former investigator that we have tried to set up twice with and each time he disappears or doesn't show up and as same with the past missionaries. We decided this week we would give him a call and so we did and he picked up ready to finally meet. We met him on Saturday. We were so nervous that he wasn't going to show and we waited and waited 20 minutes passed the hour he was suppose to show. When we were about to get up and leave we decided we should wait. We checked the phone and found out he was running late but he would be there. When he showed we had a rad lesson. The spirit was there and he kept on remarking how he felt and that he knew everything we were saying is what he wanted. He wanted this and he felt so good in our church. We were taken back how much he was ready and asked if he was willing to take the steps to follow this church and to become a part of it. He said he was. So I am excited to work with him and see him

There has been such good in this week. I really feel loved by my Heavenly Father and just what He has planned for all of us. I have been thinking of the paths we are taking and the sites we are seeing and how our paths are ours and how we need to keep moving forward. When you first think of a path,well at least when I think of a path I think of a smooth dirt road, that is straight and narrow, that it leads you to your destination, it leads you to your victory. But in our ''lives'' case we need to remember that our paths are climbing mountains. Everyday, we have a mountain to face and we sometimes worry or we don't exactly see how we are going to reach the top and learn to steadily get back down to move on to the next. our path are the mountains and we don't sometimes see the measure of what effort we have to bring or the lengths or heights we must take. We must remember that God is our guide and that we can take these mountains and give it our best. We do not have to fear them. We are not just man but we are God's child and we can conquer our own mountains. ''Sledi Svoji Gori'' has been my theme this week. It means, ''Follow Your Mountain''. We can have victory and climb with might. We just have to make the first step and then the path is laid before us and the Lord helps us through. We have many mountains to face in life, but it is worth the fight, it is worth the experience and the more we go through them with our brave hearts the more we will come to trust and want to rely on the Savior and realize it is through the mountain and getting to the top we can see the over view of it all and more of God's plan for us. We can't let the underground keep us any longer. Let us press forward and find our mountain. We our with God and we will find our destination and we will make it home.

Thanks for everything family, my hat goes off to you. Love you and appreciate you more than words.

Sestra Cuthbert

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