Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 58 / Lighting the Stones

Dear Family,

It was incredible this Sunday to see so many new faces and old faces at church... it filled the room with beauty and a sweet spirit. This week we have been trying so hard with one of our in-actives and we saw her a few days before asking if she was going to come to church on Sunday, but we never knew quite sure what this groovy lady was thinking. She is definitely a free spirit whom I love dearly. As Sunday came rolling down I sat down in the sacrament room and she came sneaking up behind me and threw her hands up in the air and said, ''surprise!'' Sestra Porter and I mauled her with hugs. I was more than happy!

One of our investigators has been really close to receiving a baptismal date and the Spirit has been working extra hard on him. It is amazing to see his change and coming to really become converted in this Gospel. He even declined a coffee with a lady because he explained that he was going to the Mormon church and he didn't drink coffee. (Which is huge because our friend wants a family really bad) Things are looking up and the sky is really shining. The tid-bits of each moment and day have something to be grateful for and I am so grateful to be out here in this time.

We had zone conference this week and like always it was very uplifting. I loved the spiritual thoughts and what boosted us missionaries up to go out and be faithful servants of the Lord. I loved what President Grant said that we are like the brother of Jared and we need God to touch our stones. I thought a lot about how we are like the brother of Jared and we want light in our lives and we ask God to give it to us now. But, we must show God our desires, our plan... That we are willing to make an effort and show Him we trust in him and then he will grant us our wishes and reach forth and touch our stones. Many times I have read those verses and I am in awe with how much God has reached out and brought me a glow to my stones. How many times I looked around and I could always see them and if I couldn't... I wasn't trying hard enough. I would move forward and pray for help and direction. God would lend me His eyes so I could see what was already there. Then he lent me His hands so where ever I went - He would leave a glow there. I love the light that we get, I love the love that has been brought in heaps with every day. I also believe we are the stones in this life to others. We are a light to others on this voyage across the dark waters. Let us go forth and shed some light on others to shine them the way to God's opened arms. I love you family and I want you to know your light that you shine is brilliant and I will need my RayBan's soon. Have a wonderful week.


Sestra Cuthbert

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