Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 59 / One more week with my Sweet Sestra Porter

Dear Anybody and Everybody whom I Love,

I was thinking these past few weeks about what exactly is Sister Porter to me? I couldn't help but think of Spock. I go around being a Captain Kirk messing up things and full of emotion and what not as Sister Porter is this calm peaceful soul who is very balanced in what she carries out. She always saves the day and kicks butt. She takes on our missions with flying colors. She is a best friend that is there for me in the good and bad and she loves me no matter what. I have learned a lot from her, I love her more than words can express and I will miss her. I have been very lucky to spend two times serving with her. She is definitely my mommy of the mission. Amen to that.

This week I told one of our friends the butterfly Story and the dream I had with him in it and with him wanting to be a butterfly. Before we met with him I was a little bit laughing at the fact I would be telling a young man how he wanted to be a butterfly in my dream. So manly! I figured it would be too cheesy and kiddie to share so I put it on hold and we would see how our lesson would go and if it would get brought up. As we hung with him, dreams kept on entering the conversation and it was obvious that the spirit was directing our talk to my dream. I spilled and as I began to tell him about how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly and about him. To my surprise he was stunned and he was taking what I had to say very seriously. He then opened up and told me at the time I was having my dream he was having very big decisions to make in his life, a lot of contemplations to think upon. That things are up in the air and how scared he is of change. I was stunned to think that talking even about the silliest little things that I love could be deep and meaningful to others. So this is obviously a life long lesson... Is to speak up and talk about the things that you love and are meaningful to you. They can help somebody!

For our English class spiritual thought, Elder Dearinger was asked to sing one hymn. This week we will be having a concert and he is going to be singing in it and so the Elders thought it would be a good idea to show our English Classes a taste tester of what they need to come to this week. As Elder Dearinger began to sing the room was filled with the sweetest spirit. A love from God that was touching every one's heart. As he finished his song all the English class students clapped their hands and all wanted to come to the concert. But, later that week we heard from one of our students who has a family and we have been trying to do family night with them for a while... Told us that his jaw was dropped when he heard the song and that he got shivers and he said he hasn't ever felt that way before. Sestra Porter and I were so impressed and happy that the spirit really did touch this man and his family. That he is beginning to open up and it is incredible.

We are here as missionaries to teach people how to feel. To have a relationship with God and to feel His love. So many times people in this life are searching how they can feel. They go to the best ways they know or been taught and try to feel the wholeness and love. They don't understand why they can't really really feel something though...Only for moments...Not forever. So they go around trying to find their happiness. Maybe in the here and now and the things of this world. And they think they are feeling but later down the road they realize they are left empty. it is when we come into the fold of God and we begin to feel the spirit and Jesus Christ's atonement in our life we begin to feel something we have never felt before. The chemicals start to mix and our soul begins to soar and we can't comprehend what we are feeling sometimes because it is so Godly and we are so humanly. But through this gospel even the toughest person receives the softest heart. We begin to love and realize that God our Heavenly Father loves us too. That is huge and something we need to always be searching for. Is to feel something. To feel God and to walk with the Savior. There is nothing more important than a broken heart. We all have the spirit and we can always move forward and have the knowledge and hope that we will feel the ultimate happiness through this church. I know this to be true and I am grateful for all that this Gospel has done for me and the experiences that have touched me that have made me come to know I am God's child in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I love you good-looking people. Stay rad.

Sestra Cuthbert

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  1. Sestra Cuthbert you have a wonderful blog! I am a LDS Church member considering taking a job in Ljubljana and greatly appreciate learning about the Church in Slovenia. Is there any chance you could provide me with an email address of someone (mission home, senior missionaries, etc.) would could answer questions I have about the Church in Ljubljana? It would be much appreciated. Thanks, Yale