Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 60 / Ker rada vas imam (Because I love you)


This week has been pretty beautiful in the fact that the concert we were holding turned out to be a huge success. We had a ton of in-actives come and our potential families and friends as well. I was astounded how blessed we were and could see all their faces before Sestra Porter and I would have to go. On Monday I found out I would be going to a new location and also be training. I admit I feel ultimate peace. Which is way cool that I know what is going to happen these next few days is the right thing. It's going to be good. I will learn a lot this next transfer and I am ready to begin.

At the concert I sat by one of my friends he began to ask questions about our church. He asked about our prayers and how different it looked than the other religions he had seen before. He asked the question,''Why do you fold your arms the way you do when you pray?'' I didn't know exactly the right answer to give him. This whole week was leading up to this very night to finally be able to bare my heart to this person we have been trying to meet with for a while now and my mind was at a complete loss of just what to conjure up to this man. I started to look around me and see the people that had come to the concert. The room was dimmed and lit where the performers would be playing. The keys of the piano were dancing and bringing a wave of utter peace. It was a hymn that was being played and arriving in our ears and the families around us seemed to gather together and spread their arms to wrap their families a little closer . The smiles began to scatter and fill in every part of the room. I paused at how beautiful the scene was being placed before me and I looked at the people's faces. Many people that we had asked to come. Non-members, investigators... People who wouldn't have ever been seen at the church were now in view sitting in the chapel and the spirit was lulling us to be in the arms of God. I felt so good here and something whispered to me, '' You are loved. You all are loved'' I could be wrong, but I think when we pray to God our Dear Heavenly Father He is so happy. He is very loving and always wants us to be wrapped in his embrace. I figured as we pray, and as we fold the arms like we do it almost looks like our arms are in the emotion of hugging. The reverence of bowing our head and into the arms of the one whom loves us most. As we pray we are but hugging God. As a child that was always the most comforting place to be. The peace and safety you would feel as you were enveloped in the arms of your father and mother. That is where God wants us to be. Always in His arms and to be in His arms we must be always praying. I like that thought that we are all so loved and we can smile in every moment because of just that.There is something real magically about that.

I can't believe the time passing and the new things in store. Especially for you and all your seeing and doing. It is going well here in Slovenija. I can't express how much I have come to love and adore the people here in my area. They are incredible and have such good hearts. It really is just sharing God's love and opening each other's hearts to new and greater power that only we can receive through our Heavenly Father. Sestra Porter and I had beautiful moments this week. A lot of laughs, a lot of little moments where we got to witness God touch someones life. Everything is changing again, but it will be good. Because I have the experiences and memories that got me to be where I am. I love where I am and I can't wait to grow a little more.

Thanks for the updates. I love you all and I am excited about all your lives and what is going on. Always praying for you.

Rada vas imam,
Sestra Cuthbert

I will miss this Sweet Lady. Thank you Sestra Hannah Porter for all your kindness, love, patience, generosity, support and friendship, you are in my heart forever!

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